I will support Donald Trump..He does not need their money and he loves America..They can blackmail him all they want and he will laugh at them..Trump will allow our military leaders to do what is best for our country..He wont put his nose where it does not belong, like Ohitler does..Trump is a patriot in all different ways..Maybe you guys are laughing at me ,but i will take an honest man anyday over a career politician..The republican party and the christian conservatives need to embrace this man..He is like a breath of fresh air...

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George I second your comments. He's the ONLY one who's telling it like it really is, no toeing the party line or political correctness with Donald. The Rebubs are saying he dosent represent them: GOOD! Both parties stink. What this country needs is someone who's not a career politician, a business man, Donald has done more for NY and America with Jobs and in business than all of these politicians put together. My wife and I are Trump supporters, call us crazy, say he dosent have a chance but he has our vote. He's coming here to Vagas and we plan to support him anyway we can. Time to kick these politically correct, party liners out.

Hey going rogue everybody makes mistakes..Trump is a good man ..The past is the past..Who do you prefer ? JEB THE ESTABLISHMENT BUSH..? I will support Trump all the way..And i hope the republican party wises up and does the same..I have reviewed his history and there is nothing that he cannot be forgiven for..He will turn this country around and PROTECT IT..He has more fortitude than all the rest of D.C. combined..He is a very smart man..Who is not afraid to speak his peice..A lot of people are starting to catch on he is leading in national and new hampshire polls..I personally am fed up with career politicians and that includes the phonies like Trey Gowdy..They are all full of BULLCRAP..

maybe so  and if that is the case why are the estab so scared of him

he is not lying about the illegal prob

the pres is ignoring the us constitution and not enforcing the laws this is the discussion.  even finally, bill o'reilly is outraged and that is not often.   

the REAL ISSUE IS the pres and his policies Bobby Jindal is tying hillary to that and greece.    I like him also.

People like Dr Carson, Trump and Fiorina are resonating is because they are NOT politicians.   people have had enough of the alphabet govt agencies being used by ohitler.

Trump is being honest about some things and has hit a nerve.    

I will vote for Trump.



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