Constitutional Emergency

I am in Federal Court in Boston over Obama. I am also sending the attached DEMAND to my elected officials. If all us and our friends sent it  they may get the message. Read it and you will agree Obama is screwing this whole country. Please send and forward under your own name.


"You have nothing to lose so why don’t you do what we sent you there to do. That is work for us and this Nation."



Whereas:Since April 30, 2008 Senate Resolution 511 JOHN S. McCAIN, III CITIZENSHIP -- (Senate - April 30, 2008) we are questioning the veracity of the Senators who signed and voted for this Resolution/Document..

Whereas: The proof they relied on was the First Congress's own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen': Herein Included


the `natural born Citizen' clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress's own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen':

Whereas: They deliberately, with forethought, and in collusion did not apply the same criteria to “THEIR CANDIDATE” they have committed TREASON against the Constitution.

Whereas: They stopped Quoting the First Congress one sentence to soon, “{“Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States”}”. This sentence is proof that Mr. Obama is not eligible for the Presidency of this Great Republic.

Section I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any common law court of record, in any one of the states wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the constitution of the United States, which oath or affirmation such court shall administer; and the clerk of such court shall record such application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a citizen of the United States. And the children of such persons so
naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided Also, That no person heretofore proscribed by any state, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an act of the legislature of the state in which such person was proscribed.(a)
Approved, March 26, 1790.

Whereas: Mr. Obama has, by his own declaration, and by the information contained on his Birth Record, has declared to the people that he was born a British Citizen, by inheritance, and is therefore not a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” as stated by the First Congress.

Whereas: No Supreme Court ruling has been made to rescind the Congressional statement defining "Natural

Born Citizen," nor has any legislation or Constitutionalamendment addressed changing this Congressional

statement of definition. The"Naturalization Act of 1795", also included:

{“Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States”}”

they removed the words "natural born", but did not change the definition that both parents must be citizens. And

this act alone is unconstitutional..."natural born Citizen" is a statement within our Constitution, and therefore

requires a Constitutional Amendment to change.

Whereas: All of the facts stated above being true and irrefutable we the people

Demand that:

  1. That all of elected representatives, collectively, impeach and try for treason all

those persons who were involved in the 2008 and 2012 certification of Barack H. Obama as being “Constitutionally Qualified” and/or any form of this certification. This is to include the Supreme Court Justices, who by admitted Nonfeasance are complicit in the Treasonous Act.

  1. Barring a proper and Lawful response by the Congress WE THE PEOPLE will declare the results of a CITIZENS GRAND JURY as proof that the present administration is “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. As provided for in our constitution

We The People


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The writer of this document has failed to advise the public (I)for one as to what remedy must be taken to pursue all and any action against one Barry Sotoroe Aka: barack hussein obama,this document though well written can only represent the writer. I therefore ask what must i( Joe Citizen) do to let Congress know that the United States of America is not open for business for a better choice of words,but since the leadership has no power to execute orders that in part do effect the daily lives of millions of Americans.

In short what must i do to put my name in the hat to have the usurper president removed,by any stroke of the imagination  will this be an easy task,but i am willing to spill my blood for the sake of this country as i have done in the past and so have the followers of the Tea Party Command Center and Constitutional Emergency.

I believe in the American'w who will stand out.  I don't believe most American's will give up their civil rights.

We don’t want government to tell us what we can and cannot do, and if the people who have been elected to represent our voices in the highest governmental bodies in the land don’t do that the way that we think they should, we have a Constitutional right to invite them to spend more time with their families while someone else gets a chance to represent the will of the people.

Whether career politicians like it or not, a political office is still very much a free market commodity, and in this country, people still have the right to pick and choose who they want to represent them. There are no guarantees that a person will be re-elected, and the past couple of years we have seen some big names – on both sides of the aisle – go down.

A little late isn't it..........we've been trying to get this done for at least 2 years.

An unqualified individual has been elected to the highest office in the land TWICE and you want to petition a part of the government which has allowed this to happen to give you a hearing?   The game of government (and that's what its become) in this Country has been rigged by the powers that be.  YOU CANNOT WIN IN A RIGGED GAME BY PLAYING BY THE RULES!  The only viable alternative is to flip the table, along with the cards and the chips, on the floor and put the "riggers" up against the wall.  They will not allow you to disempower them! 

Clarence, You have spoken like a true gambler and i applaud you for the manner in which you have delivered your message. Now having said that i began to wonder what can we do other then follow the rules and go by the book.The audience here is made up of mostly retired military,active military and a very concerned civilian group of people who want answers to the many questions,that have been asked for many years now.

I managed Hotels/Casinos for some 37 years and have a good idea about pushing people to the wall,and in so doing i have found that the more information you have on someone the easier it is to take them down; Which reminds me of an old saying" It,s not who you know that opens the door,it,s what you know about who you know that opens the door to justice" I think we have enough on this fraud usurper, we just have to find that person or persons that will let us in. I think we might have an ally in Washington,i think Senator Sessions would be the one to assist us,i hope i got his name and title right,but anyway i  have a gut feeling this would be our man,there might be a woman or two out there but i,m not aware of any- Joe Vietnam vet 1969 LIB                                                          CYA!


I want to know why more people who lost the election didn't do what Allen West did.  He took it to court right away for a recount, found 300 uncounted votes and the military counts to still be added.  Darn it!  Obama has been a liar and fraud since he showed up on the political scene.He said to use any means necessary to win.  Guess what his means usually mean?????He lies and cheats.  I would be willing to bet that if Romney demanded a recount instead of actually assuming Obama won fair and square, we might just find our truth.  I mean how can anyone be ignorant enough to accidently send the military votes to Afghanistan instead of to their home states to be counted.  And sent in Ammunition boxes>>>Give me a break!  That is the first order of action.  Get the House to begin proceedings to make Obama prove his citizenship and right to be in office and demand recounts of all votes.  Contact the losers and get them to fight for their votes like Allen West did.  Romney should!  and demand that all military votes be allowed to count.  Even the ones that just accidently showed up too late to be counted!!! You all just accepted the least obvious situation as being true and valid!  That Obama actually won by the accurate counting of votes!?!?!  That no one voted several times, and that the machines didn't vote for democrats or Obama himself instead of Romney or other republicans even though the machine were built in a factory owned by George Soros!. There is enough reasonable doubt with all the games played for 4 years, that probably the vote count was not real.  The election was rigged!! Has everyone lost their bloomin minds????

I'm with you a 100%!  And why are we lying down and thinking we can't do anything?  IMPEACH OBAMA or -------------?


Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE In Congress July 4, 1776......"becomes necessary for one people to dissolve political bonds.....natures God.............their Creature................
The recent election clearly demonstrates without any controversy or doubt whatsoever that our former Christian Constitutional Republic is doomed. What to do? Organize Constitutional Posse-Sheriff Brigades March on Washington, D.C., during the week; arrest every Anti-American/Um-American: and try them-if guilty deport them. This I believe must be done very soon or we will not be able to restore America, and there will be Civil War!


hi i tried to open the page you want us to be able to communicate if something happens it would not open up? also i heard Lt.. cmd. Walter Fitzpatrick again is sending the same letter the 1st one they arrested him as be crazy put him in jail for over a year, now he is out and is doing it again he will not give up God bless him we need the same tenacity, Amen go with God all

The job losses from Obamacare are just beginning and will soon increase as more and more businesses either cut employees loose or cut them to part time to avoid the costs. The founder of Papa Johns is being attacked by the left for stating the truth ...that employees will have to be let go. Friday is support Papa Johns day ..please do.  Maybe people will wake up when they start losing their jobs and then we can unite in mass. Election fraud is leading our Country to a very divisive split .  People in 30 States want to secede and if we can't force Washington to act ...maybe that is the path to saving our Founders Constitution and our Country !

now i just got robo call saying BO just gave the right for UN to taxs us what on use of water air ??? he will give them the right to take away our guns we must not let this President get in he is a fraud used to destroy our country lets not obey this evil in the WH demand nullification the cowards in WH that won't do anything they also should go amen, lets not let him steal this election story upon stories how they infiltrated the system, we must have a recall do not let him get sworn in as President if he gets in all there is left is putting a bomb in the middle of our country may God help us all



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