Constitutional Emergency

Doug and the Prez by David Tooker (When will the military brass tell Obama he's done?)

Nov 28th   
Doug and the Prez

Prima-Donnas abound in government service. They may not start out that way; after all, it’s hard to get your foot in the door as an E4/03/GS5 or so, especially if you have an ego the size of the Hoover Dam. But after you’ve worked your way up to some SES job, it’s OK to let your monumental self-esteem out of the burlap and show it off to all and sundry.

Wesley A. Clark was probably a pretty cool guy in high school and college (USMA – ‘66). He was good-looking, smart and athletic and apparently very competitive. But along the way, he learned that he was way above average, and many people along that way told him so. Soon enough, he believed in his own magic, and the Wesley Clark magical ego emerged.

Promotions and glory became his goal, and he achieved them to the position where there was no one in the Army who out ranked him – except the Commander in Chief.

Hard to believe but the President, as Commander in Chief, is commander of all United States militaria and things for national defense. Consider his rank on the order of a seven, nine or even 13-star general.

That is just in case some of the egos that it takes to get to those four-stars happens to disagree with their commander – because you simply cannot “pull rank” on the President.

Wes Took it upon himself, after completing a successful military career to see if he could get that one slot that was not available to him during his active duty years: the Presidency.

You see, it’s the basic tenant of the Republic of the United States of American that we are not a militarily-dominated country. We do not depend on the status of our armies to get us where we are going, although along the way, having a strong Army and Navy certainly stood up for what we believed would be our Country’s future. In fact, standing Armies are despised by average Americans, although they usually take quite kindly to the soldiers that make them up – go figure?!

Since the very beginning of the country when the First President had served as Commander of the Continental Armies, and the second President had no military experience at all. Because of the nature of our country, and the conditions surrounding the selection of Presidential candidates; having or not having military experience didn’t necessarily mean that he had or lacked the ability to guide our country in time of war, or peace. It was just a paragraph in the resume of the office holder.

In fact however, of the first 27 Presidents, from 1899 until 1907, only three elected Presidents came into office having no military experience at all. The next six presidents had no military experience – coincidentally all of whom would be considered foundational members of the liberal movement today – Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt – and they all felt called upon to attempt in some way to manipulated the economy of the US, and interfere with other countries’ affairs militarily or economically.

The first Liberal-progressive to be elected President was, until JFK, also the youngest person to serve as President, but he certainly had military experience – having served in combat as a Colonel of volunteers in the Spanish American War – Teddy Roosevelt, and he was a progressive meddler of the first order, too.

However, forgetting all the history, Generals always get to their position(s) by serving at the pleasure – not of the President – but of Congress. Flag officers receive congressional approval for promotion once they have been “selected and boarded” by their service.

With a few exceptions, Generals have generally obeyed their Commanders in Chiefs even when called upon to perform unpleasant services. Obedience and honorable service is ingrained into our military code – not so for politicians. They are effective in getting elected, but not necessarily in governing.

But politicians can be ruthless to the point of fatality when “people” don’t follow through on their desires.

One policy of highly effective people is to send a messenger to deliver a kill shot. Presidents avoid such nastiness by having their Secretary of War, or later Defense, deliver orders to their branches of service that were unpleasant to perform.

Most Liberals believe in their infallibility, and as such tend to lead the band in their own parade, heralding with trumpets and cornets as they execute policy after policy which they believe will lead America into the next phase of greatness.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first really truly Left-Wing Socialist to occupy the White House, and he came in on the failed tails of Herbert Hoover’s disastrous “Black Friday” the first – which initiated the Great Depression. Any Jackass could have run against Hoover and won, and one did.

I could really bore you with the details of Hoover’s political inheritance from Woodrow Wilson but that’s not my focus.

First elected in 1932, FDR believed that the power of the government was sufficient to end the depression, and he fiddled mightily. Each fiddle he made worsened the depression. Of course this was carefully hidden from the citizenry by fawning media, but by the end of his second year in office, the Depression had gotten worse and Democrats had to deal with FDR’s (in)ability to carry on. His press was getting bad, as well, and he needed a success in the public relations front.

Balancing the Federal Budget was high on their priority, and all eyes were focused on the President’s office for a solution.

FDR wanted credibility to slice the military pie smaller in order to increase the slice for his socialist agenda. Additionally, he had zero military experience, and it showed – so he turned to an acclaimed expert.

Douglas MacArthur, Chief of Staff of the Army was a well-known military hero, and had made some supportive mentions about a couple of Roosevelt’s plans – specifically the CCC – so Roosevelt called him to the White House in an attempt to get him to sign on with the new budget proposal:

Later on when the government needed to cut spending and directed the money for other things, Secretary of War George Dern asked for a conference with FDR and took MacArthur along with him. Roosevelt was adamant about the cuts. The General, his voice trembling with outrage, said: “When we lose the next war, and an American boy with an enemy bayonet through his belly and an enemy foot on his dying throat spits out his last curse, I want the name not to be MacArthur, but Roosevelt.” FDR, livid, said, “You must not talk that way to the President!” Mac Arthur would remember long afterward that he apologized, “but I thought my army career was at an end. I told him that he had my resignation as Chief of Staff.” He turned toward the door, but before he could leave Roosevelt said quietly, “Don’t be foolish, Douglas; you and the budget must get together on this.” Outside, Dern said jubilantly, “You’ve saved the Army.” The General, sick to his stomach, recalled: “But I just vomited on the steps of the White House.” (

It was not long after that MacArthur was eased out of his office, and “retired” from his position. In 1937 he was called to the Philippines as an advisor to their military.

My point here is that as long as B-Ho continues to get away with the decapitation and dissection of the DOD; as long as the Sycophants in the Pentagon continue to support the withering away of the military because they want to, he will do it.

Nothing will stop B-Ho, but at least some of the senior ranks could stand up and say, “Not on my watch; not to my Army/Navy/Air Force, you won’t.”

We need people of courage and honor to head our military services. As long as the Pentagon is run like a commercial business, and the senior commanders act like CEOs and treat officers and enlisted personnel like hirelings, then what we get is exactly what happened to Hagel. Well, at least we know that Hagel stood up to him about the threat of ISLAM/ISIS.

What about the guys in Uniform, what’s their excuse?

The whole of the Joint Chiefs from Chairman General Odierno, to the chiefs of the services from Admiral Greenert, General Welsh to General Dempsey. Cherish their positions at the joint table. They out-rank everybody. To keep their seats they must all be in full-fledged lip-lock to the Bamster’s Buttocks.

Those egotists are happy to be presiding over the demise of our military at the exact same time that the President is escalating US military presence in really hot spots around the world, and sending US forces into places where they have no business – fighting fake wars against diseases and famine.

Reducing today’s military in size and equipment is the equivalent of what Roosevelt tried to get MacArthur to do, but failed.

Where will that courage come from today? At present – nowhere up there.

Apparently people don’t want the job if they have to work for BHO, and don’t tell me it’s because he’s a lame duck, it’s because he’s on fire and doesn’t even know it.

Tuum Arida Pulveris Pyrii


Lame-Duck Obama Can't Woo Top-Flight Defense Secretary: Historians
By John Gizzi

"This certainly happened to [New York’s former Republican Gov.] George Pataki when he was completing his third term [2002-06]," he said, "Top people realized this was the end of his career and just wouldn’t come on board to work with him in Albany."

Irwin Gellman, author of the much-praised “The Contender” about Richard Nixon’s early political career, said that "it's the nature of Barack Obama, a lame-duck president without much background in management, to have difficulty getting the best people to serve in any government job."

Gellman recalled how Obama "convinced Robert Gates, who served in the Bush administration, to stay on as secretary of defense and he was an A-Team candidate. Then he replaced him with Leon Panetta, a Democrat with a long resume in government. And then he appointed Chuck Hagel, at best a controversial character who came into office under prejudicial circumstances," referring to Hagel’s background as a Republican senator who irked fellow party members by refusing to support John McCain against Obama in '08.

"So now, just who can [Obama] get to walk into the Department of Defense, deal with a military that is underfunded because of sequestration but required in situations such as Iraq and Libya?

"You’ll need perhaps a year to figure out how to operate under these circumstances. So if you’re a B-level politician or a corporate leader, why would you take the job?"

Gellman, whose next book on Nixon, dealing with his vice presidential years, will be released next year, also pointed out that Obama will be facing a Senate controlled by the opposition party that is certain to put any Cabinet appointment under strong scrutiny.

He recalled how Nixon, facing a Democratic-controlled Senate in his second term as the Watergate scandal began to metastasize in 1973, had to turn increasingly to people who could win Senate confirmation for major appointments.

"He wanted to name [former Texas Gov.] John Connally vice president but knew he wouldn’t be confirmed, so he named Gerald Ford, a veteran congressman," said Gellman, "and when he needed an attorney general, he turned to [Ohio Sen.] William Saxbe, someone he was not close to, because he would be confirmed.

(Saxbe once remarked of Nixon "he was out of his ******** mind)."

"President Obama will have to turn to similar people for appointments — if he can convince them to take it."

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Nailed--It  History  tells  the  truth..!!  

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Can we conclude military top brass have forgotten history?

Anybody see a way out of this without violence?

My prayer has always been and still is that America not be subjected to what I have seen in combat in other countries.....death general a Ferguson example, but worse all across America.

Unfortunately we may need a new Declaration of Independence to confront the corrupt, self-serving elite that is driving America further into ruin. 

At one time I was in marathon condition, in fact completed the 26 mile Marine Marathon in D.C. in about four hours...if I was in that condition, obviously younger, my cry would likely be a Patrick Henry moment with action.

Sir i too did the Marine Corp Marathon in 2001 and to date have done over 15 100 or more mile races but on to the msg




Think like Moses. He was so close to God that when he was 120 he had the vigor of a 25 year old.

Many high level military and ex-military I know see little chance to turn this around without another civil war.


Yet, there is 2 Chronicles 7:14. History does testify that if we turn back to God He will be faithful to His word.

My passion is to get as many as possible back into His Word. I know how hard that is so I developed a simpler solution.

Colonel, there are times in our history where it has been established, that the atempt to train a rabid dog is never a successful task.  As to the Declaration of Independence, there is nothing wrong with the one we have.

Our problem has always been those who will never understand that the Constitution is the Law of The Land.

Relinquishing our hold on the Corporate Model which has been around since the 1800s, would stop all of the executive junk which has been put into play, He will never understand that he is the President, not the CEO. 


We have never won a war by being peaceful, and none are ever a fun thing to participate in.  That may be our only course of action.


I should have said "refresh" the Declaration of Independence Top...................

YE  Sir,  I  just  thought the  same--thing,  a large  Red  Refresh  button  like  on  a  Fire-station..   Salute   Keep  on,  keepin  On  Ron

Yes we CAN PEACEFULLY & LAWFULLY reclaim America!  Is not the pen mightier than the sword?? Does not Love conquer/ win the Hearts of (wo)man??  Is there a comprehensive solution for so many concerning issues??  i say YES... what say U & what will U DO??

While attending a liberty conference one was invited by a state governor candidate to conduct live radio interview to introduce this comprehensive peaceful & lawful SOLUTION applicable to America & the world; to access recording:  select Just The Facts,  then 14-10-25 Just The Facts.mp3   Then see & hear what many are calling the “New NOW Declaration of INdependence" @  with reference to QW copy source for awareness & distribution for and by all.  Paul Revere here, too!

Blessings 2 ALL Liberty-lovers & those who benefit from BEing & DOing same   freeMom7   :D

"Anybody see a way out of this without violence?"

NO SIR !!!  If we don't start it ..... for sure we'll have to finish it.  It is my firm belief that the government will initiate violence and then typically twist the truth to blame it on "others".

OBAMA AND ALL OF HIS ILK MUST GO.........tomorrow isn't soon enough.  We've got IS/ISIS/ISIL/AL-QUAIDA-whatever you want to call the crazy ass ragheads to contend with and too many of them have infiltrated our government.....AND they have access to highly Classified Information.

We cannot allow ourselves to become another Rome in history. Our citizens must get off of their damn LazyBoy Recliners and raise hell with Washington, D.C.

Obama wants to cut our military, while secretly expanding forces placed in harms way......and the most rediculous thing of all is sending our Armed Forces "to assist treat Ebola victims in Africa".  Worse yet this idiot has proposed bringing more of them into the United States.  Is this what all the secret FEMA camps are about? (Jesse Ventura showed us all film of them and some just sat in a state of denial.)

NOW is not soon enough to rid ourselves of OBAMA.  Oh, bye the way, was he ever vetted in the first place - oh yeah, by none other than Nancy Pelosi who doesn't know the difference from shit and Shine-Ola.


Very well written.  You are correct,  history will show how Obama wrecked the national economy and OUR Armed Forces.

The same people we defend are attacking us a demon are extremist.  Maybe they should look in the mirror in the morning!

Thanks Kenneth,  for a while I had this USAF LtCol chapping my azz on the spelling of dog bisquit (biscuit).  Guess he just wasn't into what this whole board is about - specifically trying to find a way to get OBAMA out of our White House.



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