Constitutional Emergency

I know President elect Donald Trump has laid out his plan for his first 100 days in office, and he has also said some things that he wants to try to correct or eliminate. And I'm quite sure you people here can come up with about 110 federal agencies and bureaucracies that should be eliminated.

But before we take a chain saw or a stick of C4 to the entire federal swamp let's try for a change to use our heads and do something that both works, and could actually be done. Let's look at some of these federal agencies and try to figure out why they were created in the first place. If we look at why these bureaucracies were created maybe we can find some real common sense. Maybe we can make this Government work for a change, and still drain the swamp of a bunch of useless corruption, waste, and thieves.

Here's my favourite pet peeve; The BLM; Boy would I like to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YA, me too.
Why was the BLM created in the first place?
The Dust Bowl; Way back in the early 1900's the American settlers plowed up huge tracts of prairie grass and created farms. They plowed up so much of the land to plant vegetables and corn that it literally changed to climate in the Mid and South west. (NO - I'm NOT talking about climate change or climate control)., But I AM talking more on the line of how cutting down the rain forest in South America can and has changed the rain forest and the amount of seasonal rain fall in some areas. Use your heads, a Rain Forest creates RAIN. Anyway the farmers plowed up so much of the prarie grasses that previously held the soil together that when the rains stopped and the winds started to blow, it literally blow much of the top soil away. It turned into what we now know as the dust bowl. So the Federal Government created the Bureau of Land Management to help educate the farmers on how to grow crops while at the same time preserving the land. (Unfortunately as in everything else, the road to hell is paved with good intentions). In this case, like so many others, it's a case of another Federal agency gone wild. While the original intention of the BLM might have been good, the present day result is an unmitigated disaster. Should we dissolve the BLM? my opinion ? NO. But it DOES need to be cut back to it's original charter and intention. AND it need to be cut back to around 20-30 employees nation wade. Take their powers of self regulation, and their powers to create and write laws and rules away from them, and return them to control under the legislature and Congress. Also make them accountable to the individual States and the people. The BLM was created to HELP people, not to screw them around like they have the Hammonds, Bundy's and so many other ranchers and farmers.

The same thing goes for the EPA, Can anyone remember a place called the Love Canal in up State New York? Do any of you remember when Lake Erie caught fire? (Yes - that's for real,  it actually happened) How about when the Hudson and East River was so polluted that you could smell them for 30 miles away, and there was no way in hell any body could ever swim in them. Should we eliminate the EPA? NO, but like the BLM they should be cut back to their original charter, and it should be scaled back to no more than 50-100 employees. Regulations should be rolled back to a reasonable point, (1995 or 1988).

FDA,and about 120 other federal bureaucracies. But we should also remember there is a reason to have a Government in the first place, we just need to make sure we have a GOOD Government. (If there is such a thing). It's up to us.

Government OF the people, BY the People, and FOR the People. We may never get a better chance.

Like the man says; DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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IMO, ALL of these duties must be returned to the States.  The Federal government must return to the original responsibilities as stated in our Constitution and envisioned by our Founders.  Control of ALL "public lands" should return to the States as well, with the Federal government perhaps acting as coordinator ONLY.  In the case of "public lands" that include more than one state, a multi-STATE commission should be established for those lands.  The Federal government must acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of each individual State.

Old Rooster, the use of common sense is a good idea . However, it has become only to obvious that in today's world, common sense is no longer common. Trump has said he will restore Constitutional law in the country, therefore, a look back to the beginning when the federal government was first established would naturally be the starting point. When the newly formed country was in its infancy as only a few states in the "union" and under the rule of the Constitution, the need for some form of governance was believed to be necessary. This is a natural part of the growth cycle. The following is an interesting point in history that illustrates the mindset of that period and, when compared to the role of that same government of today, we can see just how distorted that role has become, not to mention how overgrown and inflated. 

– Federalist Paper #45, paragraph #9:

The Constitution clearly says that the Feds’ role is only to provide for the common defense, manage foreign relations, protect citizens’ constitutional rights, establish federal courts; apply and explain federal law (in the judiciary’s case); and a few other minor issues. No branch of the Federal Government is authorized to handle any other issues. So the federal establishment should be strictly limited to these tasks; all others should be reassigned to the states, local governments, and individual Americans.

It goes without saying that the states have been deprived of many of the tasks they were intended to manage by an overpowering and controlling bureaucracy that has since that time continued to create whatever department it feels necessary which it lacks the Constitutional authority to do. That said, it would then be necessary to do away with these "federal agencies" and departments that are both unconstitutional and unnecessary and return the management of these areas of concern back to the states whose duties they are and have been since those early days of formation of the country. If that be the case then a return to Constitutional law would demand this as clearly the federal government by its design has no branch to administer any control over such departments and agencies. Drain the swamp and trim the branches of the overburdened bureaucracy and return the control over all requirements to their rightful responsibilities of the states.

PV And Judith, I agree with everything you've said. Most of these federal agencies are both UNConstitutional and un-necessary. Every branch of our Government has gotten out of control and over-bloated. Just the two examples I've listed above every division and branch has gone gestapo rouge out of control. (The department of Education could easily be eliminated). (Department of Energy is rouge and useless)>
However while the idea of returning the land back to the control of the States is always a good idea we should also remember what happened out in Nevada with Seantor Harry Reid. He managed to convince the Clark County administrators to deed over and sell that land to the BLM. It was the County and the State that allowed the troubles with the Bundy Ranch and others. Giving total control back to the States sounds good and makes sense but we need limits and restriction on how much can be sold or controlled to foreign entities and foreign regimes.
Yes, Common Sense really is very uncommon these days.

Control back to the States !!?? Florida tried to install Communist Common-Core education into their schools. Terry Trussell is in prison for trying to stop it.

Draining the swamp is going to take a lot of work, it's much bigger than just Washington D.C. area.

You have to take the bad with the good, Old Rooster.  You cannot have it both ways.  The states either have sovereignty or they don't.  Decisions for every state should be made by that states' residents and apply ONLY to that state.  Not Nebraska's business to tell Florida what their teaching standards should be.  If the residents don't like what their State reps have done, it is incumbent upon THEM to vote the people out of office, NOT for the Federal government to meddle, nor any other state.  Failing that, they have the ability to move to a state that is more in line with their own desires.  Terry Trussel attempted to stop the corruption occurring within FL, not Common Core itself.  And, yes, the draining must encompass everything from the very top down to the local cities and counties; however, it is incumbent on US, The People, to police our own states.  Do not forget that each of the 50 states verified the Muslim-in-Chief's eligibility to serve as President - the corruption and pay-to-play is evidenced throughout all levels of government.  IMO, NO American land should be sold or leased to ANY foreign entity at all.  I will admit to being somewhat isolationist on that front.  I also advocate for the un-incorporation of the United States of America - our country is NOT a "corporation" and we should not be forced to live our lives under corporate law!!!!  We need to return to the ORIGINAL Constitution!

Well once again we agree Judith. Restore the Tenth amendment and States rights. Perhaps the restrictions I'm looking for where it pertains to foreign corporations or governments owning lands here in the US could best be handled at the Federal level. No Foreign entity should be allowed to own our land here in the USA. Well now how do we handle China owning some of those sky scrapers in New York City?
The thing you mentioned here about States controlling their own educational systems (and all other things) is a no-brainer.

We need to drain the swamp and we need to go back to our original Constitution. To hell with the D.C. Corporation.

Yeah, *sigh* - I know.  And China is getting ready to buy Hollywood as well!!!  In reality, I guess that would be considered "foreign relations" anyway, so, you are right on that.

I don't want to assume that Trump knows that our constitution was superceeded by a new constitution when America was incorporated. You can bet everyone of these slime bags in government and in the court and Justice system know it. Maybe we need to contract Trump with a letter from PFA outline the history of what happened and where we now TRULY are as a nation. If there's ever been someone who would right this and return us to our origional constitution I believe it's Trump. Old Rooster your a great writer and you know the history, what do you think. He also needs to realize what happened to Lincioln and Kennedy because the Federal Reserve goes hand in hand with the Corporation and it needs to go.

I think that is an excellent idea, Michael - if we could get it to him, it would certainly pique his interest, IF he is not already aware of it. Mmmm......wonder if he was aware of OAS?









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