It would seem that the EPA is now using drones to spy on America's cattlemen.  Members of Congress from the state of Nebraska have sent a letter to the EPA with over two dozen questions regarding EPA's deployment of drones to spy on ranchers in Nebraska.  The drones are supposedly unarmed, however, of much greater concern is how these drones can be used to collect information about every aspect of our lives.  We know that NSA has the ability to listen in on whispered telephone conversations from  22,000 miles up in space.  Some time ago I recall reading that police departments are now beginning to obtain radar which can penetrate our homes.  If state and local police are able to obtain this radar technology imagine what the Feds can do with these drones.  Perhaps the most frightening thing about these drones is that once having deployed them, arming them is only a very short step away.  I am by no means a historian, but I am an avid history buff and I cannot recall a previous time in our history when the federal government has deployed such military grade hardware against the civilian population.  Upon further consideration I would imagine that this should really not come as a surprise since even if one were to take the marxist/socialist/progressive usurper out of the equation the vast majority of our federal bureaucracy are of the same ilk as the usurper.  I would hope that some Nebraska cattleman would spot one of these things flying too low and shoot it down.  Were that to happen he would be a national hero although the feds would probably try to charge him with something.  The bottom line is that we are much further along the road to a police state than any of us might have imagined.

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Build a 10 watt transmitter that broadcasts on 1.32 Ghz. in FM.

Do your own further research.

Microwave technology has TREMENDOUS weapons potential!

Deport the Kenyen!

Amen!...We are working on that!

My  Brother  is  a  Pastor,  said  the  same  words,  and  got  a  standing  Ovation..``859  Strong..!!

I believe things are turning.The call has been heard. Things will get better if we demand our leaders be honest and the media report the truth. No hidden agendas, no power plays. Teaching and adhering to the Constitution is our best defense against these liberal/progressive/socialist/marxist/communist athiest types.

Burying your assets won't do you any good.

Drones are able to carry ground penetrating Radar.

With the technology at Big Brother's fingertips, I have no idea how we little people can protect ourselves!

This has been escalating for years and years. I remember being alarmed at the installation of cameras in cities and towns to watch the population. It seems now that they can justify it in that they very often can review a crime such as kidnapping, rape, murder etc., simply by reviewing the camera footage during the time the crime was committed. That is just a very very small part of the surveillance they are using on us and have been using on us for a very long time. I recall my phone being tapped (without a court order) by persons or parties unknown years ago when I was a Federal employee. I could never prove that it had been done but when I called in an expert, the tap went away and did not come back on. Now we not only have cameras everywhere, we have drones carrying them and overflying our homes and properties everywhere. They can today come in take down anyone they deem a threat. Even if they are not a threat but the threatened, they have the means to determine who fired a shot, what caliber was used and exactly where it was used. Yes, I would tend to agree that big brother is not only watching but tracking anyone he thinks will be, is, or is likely to become a threat. I also agree that the next step is indeed arming the drones. But folks remember one thing: What goes around, comes around and usually in spades....

if i saw a drone flying over my property... i'd shoot it out of the sky. 

We like your spunk Annie!

My grandfather was a Nebraska farmer and I guarantee he would have shot one down if it came over his farm.  They have no right to invade our privacy like that so if you see one over your property a 12 ga should do the trick for you.

Time to get rid of Obama and the EPA - neither is worth anything.

And following the same line of surveillance, here is an article about San Francisco to install "pre-crime" surveillance cameras to catch people who might just be thinking about a crime or are acting suspiciously.  (what is acting suspiciously anyway)?



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