It would seem that the EPA is now using drones to spy on America's cattlemen.  Members of Congress from the state of Nebraska have sent a letter to the EPA with over two dozen questions regarding EPA's deployment of drones to spy on ranchers in Nebraska.  The drones are supposedly unarmed, however, of much greater concern is how these drones can be used to collect information about every aspect of our lives.  We know that NSA has the ability to listen in on whispered telephone conversations from  22,000 miles up in space.  Some time ago I recall reading that police departments are now beginning to obtain radar which can penetrate our homes.  If state and local police are able to obtain this radar technology imagine what the Feds can do with these drones.  Perhaps the most frightening thing about these drones is that once having deployed them, arming them is only a very short step away.  I am by no means a historian, but I am an avid history buff and I cannot recall a previous time in our history when the federal government has deployed such military grade hardware against the civilian population.  Upon further consideration I would imagine that this should really not come as a surprise since even if one were to take the marxist/socialist/progressive usurper out of the equation the vast majority of our federal bureaucracy are of the same ilk as the usurper.  I would hope that some Nebraska cattleman would spot one of these things flying too low and shoot it down.  Were that to happen he would be a national hero although the feds would probably try to charge him with something.  The bottom line is that we are much further along the road to a police state than any of us might have imagined.

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HOLY Minority Report!

The Hussain govt. ordered 500 x-ray vans for America.  These vans can see right into your home and the only way to defeat them is by lining your home with lead!  50 states, 500 x-ray vans, means all 50 states will be covered from border to border.  It was brought up on FOX news last week that many police depts. are going to arm their drones.  The enslavement is almost complete!  No privacy anywhere, not even in your home!  Hillary has comitted us to the UN small arms gun ban and get this folks, only the senate can vote on these treaties  and right now who makes up the senate??? Liberal loon progressives and one world govt. obots!  The land and sea treaty gives away our sovereignty to the UN.  The UN will decide our laws and will prosecute people even if our own courts say no crime was committed!  This treaty has got to be defeated!  Reagan refused to sign it for that very reason!  This treaty comes up for a vote this week!  These drones will fly to high for anyone to shoot them down with conventional weapons!

The ONLY hope of fighting against the Drones is to determine the Radio Frequency (ies) that control them.

Do anyone here REALLY think that Iran shot one down?

I'll say even money that the CHI COMS hacked the frequencies and took control of the craft, and LANDED it in Iran!

Why else would Chinese officials have been WAITING on hand in Terhan??!!!


If the Chinese can do it, WE can do it!


Perhaps its just the old CI agent in me, but I don't think it was an accident that the Iranians got that drone.  I think it was done to send the Chinese down a dead end rabbit trail.  Here's an example of what I mean, many years ago when the Brits and the French were working on the SST transport plane they knew the Soviets were getting close to stealing the plans.  They also knew that a certain tail design was unstable under certain conditions so they allowed the Soviets to steal the plans with the faulty tail design.  If I remember correctly the Soviets beat the Brits and French to the Paris Air Show or had an SST at the Paris Air Show the same year the Brits and French had their first aircraft there.  One big difference, the Soviet SST had the unstable tail design and crashed.  The Soviets never built another SST.  While I'm no longer in the intelligence business I suspect that a great deal of Chinese technology is stolen from the US and other Western countries.  Again, if my memory is correct, the loss of the drone happened after the Chinese had a look at the stealth chopper the Seals lost when they got Bin Laden.

Christine do you have a source for the X-ray vans?

Those drones were supposed to patrol the southwest border for invaders.

So they are actually being used to count cows instead?

I read an article this morning on Cowboy byte that said the administration said that they have been doing the flyovers for years. This actually has nothing to do with the drones, they use helicopters, and they said the reason for the flyovers was to ensure that the feed lots were not contaminating the water sources in their area. This all sounds reasonable to me, but then I don't know if any of this is factual? Why has this all of a sudden become a problem if it has been going on for years?

  I was out in the woods here in central Oregon and heard this noisy air 
Plane if I new what I was hearing I could have shot a picture but it was
Grey and slow and  noisy just above The tree line here in Bend Oregon 
They talk a out millions to repave bend airport so that my report 
Over and out
  I was out in the woods here in central Oregon and heard this noisy air 
Plane if I new what I was hearing I could have shot a picture but it was
Grey and slow and  noisy just above The tree line here in Bend Oregon 
They talk about millions to repave bend airport so that my report 
Over and out

Well, boys and girls, I spotted an RQ-1 Predator drone flying over I 20 just inside La from the MS state line the other day.  It was in a very rural area so I can only assume they were spying on farms.  Rand Paul has sponsored a bill which serves to remind these agencies about the fourth amendment which requires a search warrant for such spying.  I'd have never believed it but I saw it with my own two eyes.

Too bad you couldn't shoot it down.  Should I see one within striking distance I fully intend to make every effort to bring it down.

Only if it can be done without causing it to crash into somebody's house though please.



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