It would seem that the EPA is now using drones to spy on America's cattlemen.  Members of Congress from the state of Nebraska have sent a letter to the EPA with over two dozen questions regarding EPA's deployment of drones to spy on ranchers in Nebraska.  The drones are supposedly unarmed, however, of much greater concern is how these drones can be used to collect information about every aspect of our lives.  We know that NSA has the ability to listen in on whispered telephone conversations from  22,000 miles up in space.  Some time ago I recall reading that police departments are now beginning to obtain radar which can penetrate our homes.  If state and local police are able to obtain this radar technology imagine what the Feds can do with these drones.  Perhaps the most frightening thing about these drones is that once having deployed them, arming them is only a very short step away.  I am by no means a historian, but I am an avid history buff and I cannot recall a previous time in our history when the federal government has deployed such military grade hardware against the civilian population.  Upon further consideration I would imagine that this should really not come as a surprise since even if one were to take the marxist/socialist/progressive usurper out of the equation the vast majority of our federal bureaucracy are of the same ilk as the usurper.  I would hope that some Nebraska cattleman would spot one of these things flying too low and shoot it down.  Were that to happen he would be a national hero although the feds would probably try to charge him with something.  The bottom line is that we are much further along the road to a police state than any of us might have imagined.

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Yes I tend to agree with you. We are into a police state. Our Freedoms are gone, for now.

All of this is to implement Agenda 21 which is all about oil.

Agenda 21 is about much more than oil. It is about the total control over all our lives, where we live, what we eat, how many children we have, even down to what we think. Agenda 21 is the plan to rule over the world with an iron fist in the name of  social justice and saving the world from the human species. As for the drones, I would say that the police state has arrived in the form of the EPA, FDA, DHS, and all those other alphabet soup agencies and departments. The drones are surely an intrusion on our rights to illegal search, I would agree that if they fly over within range, drop them. I would even go so far as to arm myself with a LARGE caliber long distance rifle for the express purpose, of hunting deer of course.

Right On J.S. - To Augment Your Statement - , where the reader can get a broader picture.  


I can not believe that no one has taken the feds to task over the drones. It is intrusion to our lives and it can not be legal. I keep hoping they fly over our place so we can do a bit of target practice.

Why would anyone want to spy on a bunch of cows??

As another way to collect information on personal, family and business assets: For taxation purposes, and perhaps even to find food to feed the U.N. Troops when they invade

In order to enforce the ridiculous EPA rules about how much dust farmers or ranchers can create.  Between the EPA and the Dept. of Agriculture they have got farmers and ranchers jumping through hoops.  I don't recall the specifics but I remember an interview of a large commercial farmer some time ago and it was costing him something like $50,000 a year just to comply with federal regulations.  Why do they have to raid Amish farms at 4 in the morning with SWAT teams because the farmer sells fresh whole milk to folks who don't want the grocery store pasteurized and homogenized stuff.  A number of years ago they tried to stop the Amish farmers in Pennsylvania from using manure as fertilizer because they claimed that the farmers were polluting Chesapeake Bay.

Red Dawn?

I've already seen them flying over our place and all we have is two old nags!...Very stinking scary! They are quiet, but very recognizable...I live in Colorado and there are numerous military installations in my area...

I live in the Springs myself and I have seen them flying out of Peterson AFB

How do we undo the drones? aside from removing Obama?



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