Constitutional Emergency

Drudge Report:

US sees record number of new coronavirus cases in a day - but the mortality rate slows: 927,360 Americans have now been infected after a jump of 36,008 in 24 hours while death toll reaches 53,422

Understand something here folks; During and after the Communist take over of China, Mao murdered between 30-70 million Chinese people. Stalin murdered about the same amount of Russians after the Bolshevik revolution. Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground said they estimated they would have to kill 25 Million American decedents.
While I question the numbers reported on Drudge Report, People really are dying. The people who are attempting to take over America will not hesitate to murder half the US population or more if they have too.
In fact they would be happy too, it means they would have that many less to worry about and to feed.
I may question these numbers but I have no doubts these people will do this if and when they can.

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Here is a link to my latest version of the video Transformation War.
This war against America started in 1913 and continues to this day. OUR WAR is to defend, preserve, and protect America.
Hope this video link works.

Please note also that I have switched from Youtube to Brighteon video systems.
Youtube has become to much censorship and control against Patriots and conservative views.



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