Constitutional Emergency

Dumb Ass Muslim Refugees Burn Down a $10 Million Dollar Building Because They Ran Out of Gummy Bears

Dumb Ass Muslim Refugees Burn Down a $10 Million Dollar Building Because They Ran Out of Gummy Bears.

 Posted by Hank Jordan,

UN Global Migration Compact at its best..:)-

Watch out now, this lady is mad, and has a mouth for the f words for the German Government.

You Go Girl, tell it like it is.

German Teen Raped and Killed by Muslim Refugee- YouTube

Migrant Who Raped and Killed EU Official's Daughter- UN Global Compact

The EU Global Migration Compact, by the United Nations, no one cared no one gave a sh*t when it was common people being killed and women raped. Now a EU Official's Daughter, and the rage is being seen.

  • Hussein Khavari, 22, is accused of raping and drowning Maria Ladenburger, 19
  • 'When I saw how pretty she was, I wanted to have sex with her,' he told the court 
  • Allegedly ambushed her as she cycled home after party in Freiburg last October  
  • 'Afghanistan-born' Khavari was linked to medical student Maria through his DNA
  • He was previously jailed for throwing a woman, 20, off a cliff in Corfu in 2013 

A bogus refugee who raped and murdered the daughter of a top EU official broke down and asked for forgiveness at his trial in Germany today.

Self-pitying Hussein Khavari was linked to the murder of Maria Ladenburger through his DNA but remained silent after his arrest last year.

On Monday that changed as he wept in the Freiburg District Court as he recalled how he smoked hashish the night he ambushed 19-year-old Maria, raped her and drowned her in the knee-deep water of a nearby river.

He said he took her to the water to wash her blood from his body and clothes and claimed the incident had destroyed his life. 

Sentenced: Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari, pictured during his trial last year, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Maria Ladenburger
 Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari wept in the Freiburg District Court as he recalled how he murdered Maria Ladenburger while he was drunk last October
Hussein Khavari (pictured), 22, has been accused of ambushing Maria Ladenburger, 19, as she cycled home after a party, raping her and then drowning her in a river last October
Maria's body was found in the Dreisam River less than one mile from the student accommodation where she lived
  Hussein Khavari (left), 22, has been charged with raping and murdering Maria Ladenburger (left photo), 19,  in Germany. He said the night of the killing he was so drunk he was ejected from a bar and left alone by his friends in town.

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Have the German's lined up to hang this ass yet?  or Are they going to give him a free pass out of Prison because he is a muslim?   Best thing for him, the FIRING SQUAD with several bullets fired into his head or better yet, do a beheading like they do to any Christian.......Actually bring him over to the US, we will do it for FREE......

 The underground militia in the EU over open borders, over 100 million and growing. The EU is looking at a war.



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