Elites fear Trump much more than 'Wicked Witch of the Left' by Larry Klayman


GOP establishment wants Hillary as president!

Exclusive: Larry Klayman says elites fear Trump much more than 'Wicked Witch of the Left'

Published: 2 days ago

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/gop-establishment-wants-hillary-as-presi...

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Exactly, and we have a chance to do it very soon by voting the sitting culprits out as they come to the end of their terms very soon. I wouldn't reelect not one that voted for common core, TPP, this outrageous budget,Obamacare and a host of other atrocities they have cast upon us.

The Corruption is SO  MUCH DEEPER and WIDESPREAD under the OBAMA and DHS ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE than 99% of  the PEOPLE can even Imagine.

Activist Targeted for Crimes: Gangstalking, Surveillance, Burglaries,Vandalism,Hacking, Other Crimes


LOL - I can believe that they want Hillary. She will do anything for money.





We are going the wrong way. We are making life more dangerous and difficult than it has to be. Employment is not the goal; it enslaves our people to pay bills we would not have if we followed God's wisdom in the Bible. He guides to a garden paradise lifestyle with edible landscaping and useful pets; that solves world problems of global warming, pollution, diseases, inequality, wars, famine, poverty, immigration, and gives us an abundant life of fresh healthy foods, stress free lifestyle, peace, good health, and family togetherness... TRUE RICHES. 

We need to change direction while we still have time to choose a new candidate who knows Yahuveh-God of Israel and the whole world's wisdom to transition us in peace and cooperation to receive the blessings Yahuveh. has  promised us.
There is no future in our future, only extinction is certain until we turn back to wisdom..

YES, however

YOUR  ideal will not be achieved , there are evil forces against us.

confusion is pervasive...

we are the current day Sodom n Gomorrah.

Dream on, my dear, dream on....

I saw this on Starwars show. the perfect place of love, peace natural botanicals and gardening with nature. The perfect Utopia. But it happened because their planet was destroyed. In the end they were living in a bubble. It was all artificial and they were being controlled and monitored by the elite. The establishment had set it all up as an experiment.

Marie Devine ~~ Interesting name, ":Divine" and while your thoughts are divine and good, we are operating in the world of Christians and Lions.  They too preached the good word and until you cleanse the sewer of Washington, DC, it will remain the modern Rome and turn the lions loose.  Hopefully, this time we can shoot the damned lions before they savage what is left of our country!

It is difficult to fully grasp the width, depth if the deprevation of the very soul of our once beautiful Nation so blessed, protected, loved by The One True God. **I knew only when O was running for Senator, something evil was amiss. I didn't fathom just how evil, but his human spirit was relaying something that sickened my stomach. **Having admitted that, the opposite was true when Trump and his wife entered the Presidential race.**No, I never considered a "savior" was laying down his life for our Nation, for me. **My True Savior, Jesus Christ, has been 'voicing' since, His continued love for His Creation, not just Mr. Trump.**After 9 mos. of query to God, I (even if alone) am satisfied to believe God alone sets in place AND removes Authorities, including O.**I see only for myself, not even for friends, family, Sisters and Brothers in Christ. **Is Mr. Trump all he will be before God removes him from the Earth? NO! Or me, or you? Not ever. It's never over until Our Father ends our lives. **As a long-term US citizen, I see in Mr Trump a determined soul to obey even Him tho he can't fathom the why's, or how's. He may never understand his place in History is ordained, being ordered. When I vote after all this, I am not seeing a broken man, yet we all have broken places God Our Father will heal and use as He Wills. Mr Trump is a part of our present, if not our future.

the fact one must grasp to understand our dire situation IS

when SCOTUS rebuked FATHER in 1963 and HIS FAITHFUL failed to rebel , GOD turned away from this

nation,,Here we are today a broken / deceived people...

God never turned away from this Nation. The people just got comfortable as they were eased into the well designed plan of corruption. We saw the sex and language exploited on tv and just waved our hand at it as modern times. We heard the rap songs say kill, kill, kill and waved it away as the new times we're living in. we bought into the video games and the cell phones and lost contact with each other and just waved it off as out world today. We bought into all of it and just waved it off as it was designed for us to do. Now we're so far into it and they have come out and publicly laughed at us to our faces over it humiliating us for falling into their trap while offering more of the same. We are waking up to it now and almost too late trying to do something about it. No Gary, God never turned away from us. We turned away from God. He's still there as always.  



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