Elites fear Trump much more than 'Wicked Witch of the Left' by Larry Klayman


GOP establishment wants Hillary as president!

Exclusive: Larry Klayman says elites fear Trump much more than 'Wicked Witch of the Left'

Published: 2 days ago

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I carry greatest respect for Larry Klayman--If you don't know him, study up before casting aspersions. He is a great conservative. . I cordially agree with his every word on this topic.

Witnessed Karl Rove on a speech ---He might as well used a teleprompter. Read every word from his pages, stepped off his podium and exited the building...Had No personality what-so-ever---No time for questions from the "lowly" audience.

Homework on him is far from desirable as opposed to Mr. Klayman

Usually I can agree with Klayman on most of his opinions. But... that's what they are opinions. I have my own and sometimes I am true to my own for my own reasons. I'm not a follower. I have my own thoughts and opinions of what I see happening in the world. These people get on TV and give their opinions because they know a great number of viewers are followers and will say "Yea! What he said" That's what I think too!" I even agree with some parts of what he has to say while not the other parts. People need to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Trump has said very disturbing comments and a couple are this. He said the night of the protesters in Chicago he did not know this group moveon which had been named as one involved. Give me a break!  He knows Soros and I did a check and in 2004 an article listing him with Trump on the Chicago tower. Where was he during Soros occupy wall street. He also said that he has never seen protesters this violent. Whattttttt again where was he during Vietnam, Nixon....ect. He is 69 so he was an adult during those times. Trump cannot be trusted !

Where was he during all that?  He was forming businesses all over the world and creating jobs here in America.  Why don't you do some research about "the establishment" - You should be welcoming Trump, not dissing him because he didn't know something you knnew 10 years ago.  He's a busy man, and has never been involved in politics except to make contributions to Republicans and Democrats so that they might not stand in his way of building businesses.  Why don't you try doing some reading: 

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Duh!!! At that time we didn't have twitter and the internet as it is today. I was there at those times and Moveon was not present. All I saw was what they wanted you to see on regular tv stations. Nobody that wasn't there on the street as the thing went down knows anything about it except what the tv and radio media wanted you to see and hear. Then most of those just copied off each other and used the same clips because we didn't have cell phones with video to get different views of it. To get it on camera was hard because video cameras were huge and very heavy having to be carried around on the shoulder. Before that a tv station had to go out and set up a whole set to get any information. Maybe Donald Trump was working when all that went down and only heard a little bit about it one night on the late late show like it wasn't a big deal like the rest of us did.

I put the numbers together for the Republican Primary so far and this is what we have, 3 runners Donald Trump / Ted Cruz / John Kaisch. these are the only ones that count anymore as the rest have dropped out of the race.
Total votes cast for these three : 15,988,894
Trump has : 7,549,351 equal to 47.22%
Cruz has : 5,714,793 equal to 35.74%
Kasich has : 2,724,750 equal to 17.04%

So for Trump to bring this over the line of 51% he needs 3.78% more
Cruz needs : 15.26%
Kasich needs: 33.96%
These are People votes, forget the RNC crap of Delegates if Trump gets 51% of the vote from the people and the GOP / RNC tries to pull some crap. We the People will be in Columbus for the Republican convention in person and they wont like the outcome.

The only Primary not in here is Puerto Rico because they didn't see fit to include numbers in their election.

State Total R Voted Trump Cruz Kasich
Iowa 186,755 45,427 51,666 3,474
NH 279263 100406 33189 44,909
MA 614668 311313 60473 113783
Maine 18382 6070 8550 2270
VT 58762 19968 5929 18543
GA 1275601 501707 305109 72303
VA 1012807 355960 173193 96519
NC 1109048 458151 418740 144299
SC 737917 239851 164790 56206
FL 2276926 1077221 636653 159412
MS 395405 191755 147065 35817
AL 837632 371735 180608 37970
LA 291926 124818 113949 19355
Tx 2737248 757618 1239370 120257
TN 834939 332702 211159 45243
KY 232709 89493 72503 33134
OH 2011357 727585 267592 956762
MI 1259094 483751 330015 321655
NV 74878 34531 16079 2709
MN 112549 24018 32684 6488
OK 452731 130141 157941 16515
KS 72253 17062 35207 7795
AR 396523 133144 123873 15098
IL 1398396 556916 434038 282874
Missouri 911999 382093 380367 92533
WY 903 70 644 0
Idaho 215284 62478 100942 16517
AK 21930 7346 7973 892
HI 13228 5677 4379 1413
Marianas 471 344 113 5

7549351 5714793 2724750
19,841,584 cast 15,988,894 Counting in race

15988894 47.22% 35.74% 17.04%


Thanks for the numbers.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the total numbers will get Trump the nomination.  He needs 1327 delegates which are determined by each State. If no one gets 1237 the total would be important.   A total number would be an impressive factor but I'm not sure the "elite/establishment RINOs" would give much weight to total numbers.  As I see it right now they are trying to beat Trump out of delegates and will do everything, undershanded, criminal, etc to knock Trump out.  It's up to "we the people" to deny the "elite/establishment" their back-room shenanigans.

I would say a million or 2 million Trump supporters showing up outside the convention would be the Patriot Guards needed to protect against evil doings.

Harry, that is the number of delegates to date, until they change it.. Come hell or high water, they are not

going to allow Trump. These people are so evil, it makes me want to find a new country, but we shall stay.

Same here.  If I were a little younger, I would have no hesitation at all about finding a new country to call home.  This is absolutely not the country that I grew up in and loved.

Linda, while I understand your despair/disgust at the state of our once great country, may I suggest that fighting for our Country is a better option than fleeing regardless of ones age? After all, many, many Veterans and citizens have fought and died for it so WE would have the opportunity to live freely without fear of our own government.

There are ways we can ALL fight that do not involve bearing arms. While voting is one of those options, it is not anywhere close to being able to solve our problems as the two parties and our government are so utterly corrupt that they have and will continue to manipulate the voting process to their advantage as Ovomit did in 2012 UNTIL we stop them.

We should all become involved at the local level as that is where we can have a realistic chance of beating the feds and the traitors in the two parties.  They cannot control activities at that level as long as we are united in purpose and work with sufficient numbers. take control of your precincts and county party entities, then put people in at every level to control what recommendations are made tot he state level. If enough of us did that, we could take the two parties back (not that I want anything to do with the liberal scum in the dnc) then force the feds to follow the law.

In the end, we retain the right and DUTY to "alter or abolish" the government as WE SEE FIT. The traitors in government know this which is why they are so desperate to steal our weapons and our rights, for they KNOW if they push us too far, which they have, we CAN rise up and use force of arms against them.  That time is fast approaching and while I pray it does not come to that, I also accept the fact that it is all but inevitable as no tyrant to my knowledge has ever voluntarily released his grasp on power, so we MUST be prepared for that possibility.

So instead of US leaving, let's force the ILLEGALS and MU-SLIME animals to leave, execute the traitors in government and the judiciary under the law, then start the long but NECESSARY process of restoring our Constitutional Republic to its original state as our Founders designed it to be.

I urge you to consider this as the best option, not only for us but more importantly for our children and their descendants. In Jesus' name I pray.

I agee. Running away isn't going to help anybody.We have to stand up and the best local place is electing people we know are on the same page as the people. Senate positions are coming up, local positions are coming up. I think Trump has inspired even some of the congress to grow a backbone such as not appointing Garner for supreme Court. He's known to be against the  2nd amendment gun rights of citizens. He thinks it only applies to Military and police. I for one will vote out the stale Obama Senator in office now. He has voted for everything Obama wanted and though he does answer my emails he speaks to me like I'm and uneducated idiot that doesn't understand what's happening. I think be the number of new voters and the number of people crossing over and voting for Trump millions more are awake now. If this many had been awake when we marched on Washington before I think it would have had a greater impact. It was just the wrong time and not enough people were awake.

small correction. It's 1237 not 1327. TRUMP HAS OVER HALF THE 1237 NOW.



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