Constitutional Emergency

Our government is more corrupt than Mexico.

I guess it is easier to be the great pretender about what is going on in Iraq than to face the heat for lying.
Hey everybody. I just wanted to send a quick update and give Y'all the REAL story on what's going on over here with the troop withdrawal. The
picture is of my crew and me on a break during a mission. The guy to
the far left is my gunner (Burks) and the guy in the middle is my driver
(Mizell). They go with me on every mission and are great guys. The
reason I'm sending this out is because I have had a few people ask if I
left Iraq early because all of the combat troops are out of Iraq and I
wanted to let everyone know the real deal. It's kind of ridiculous how
the news is saying that the last of the "combat" troops are out of Iraq
because of Pres Osama ( I mean Obama ). He says that it was his
campaign promise. Take our Brigade for example. We were originally
called a HBCT ( Heavy Brigade Combat Team). Well since Obama said he
would pull all of the "combat" troops out by August, all they did before
we left was change our name from a HBCT to a AAB ( Advise and Assist
Brigade ). We have the same personnel/equipment layout as before and
are doing the same missions. The ONLY difference is that they changed
our name from a HBCT to an AAB and that's how he is getting away with
saying that he has pulled all of the "combat" troops out. It is really
ridiculous what he's doing and he has ticked a lot of people off. And
it's funny how the media is buying all of it, too. So no the last
combat troops are not out of Iraq, we are still here. There are other
Brigades just like ours that are doing the same missions that are still
over here. Sorry for going on about it but we are just sitting over
here watching it and are like "You've got to be kidding me!" So anyway
now you know the REAL story so that's why I'm not coming back early.
You have to watch those liberals, they are sneaky! Anyways I hope
everyone is doing well and I'll see you soon!
In God We Trust

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Awesome! I'm so proud of these guys! True warriors. So the libs just lied again? They are telling everyone we are pulling out,when we are not? I'm not surprised. Libs/lies, one one letters difference.
that's why my 18yr old and his buddies from Ft Hood will be there in iraq on monday.Taken their tank's and stuff with them just for fun i suppose.
Viet Nam. We had been flying support for the 1st Cavalry for two weeks in Cambodia. Nixon came on the News one night and said "It has been rumored that we have Troops in Cambodia. That is not true."
I turned to Bear and said "Hey, Bear, where have we been flying for the past two weeks?" His answer was "I don't know, but it can't be Cambodia."
Within ten days, it was announced that we had 20,000 Troops in Cambodia. Must have waited until after Nixons announcment and stepped over the border.
I don't want to call bull unnecessarily, but I received this message in my inbox. It was forwarded from someone I know and the message states the person who forwarded it to them was (in exact words):
I personally know a pilot who flies a combat aircraft who is deploying to Iraq
this month.

John McCormack

This just seemed unusual and I want to make sure it's true. Without truth, we are nothing.

Thanks all!
Well I guess now it would be called an Aid and Assist Aircraft SOMFAL so it can't be called a "Combat" aircraft any longer.....



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