Constitutional Emergency

Enemy of America

First let me state for all to know that I am NOT anti-American Government.
Quite the contrary, I believe that our American system of a Constitutional Free Republic is the best form of Government ever devised by man.

For more than two-hundred and forty years (240), the American people have sustained and preserved our Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. A Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

It is this form of Government, A Constitutional Free Republic, that is now facing it’s most dangerous enemy in all of its history.

This enemy is within our own borders, and is in fact in many cases a large part of our own Government.

The enemy within is now known as the Democrat Party.

This is not new, The Democrat party has been in transition into it’s current form for over 50 years.
And what’s worse is that it is not only the Democrat party. Many people who are also Anti-Government, Anti-American stem from both political parties, Democrat and Republican. Plus there are also many people within our Federal Government who would rather see America fall than to see Republican President Donald John Trump succeed or to be re-elected in November 2020.

The corruption in Washington is immeasurable, beyond measure or description. Under the previous Obama administration members of nearly the entire list of all Federal Government agencies was used as a weapon against Candidate and now President Donald J. Trump. The FBI was used to launch investigations into Trump based on false accusations that he “Colluded” with the Russians.

A fake “Russian Dossier” written by someone working for a company called Fusion-GPS as a spy-novel was rewritten and edited, names and places were changed and the spy-novel was released by both members of Congress and by the CIA and the FBI. This spy-novel was used as the basis for accusations that Trump and his campaign were actually Russian agents. This Fake spy-novel was used as the grounds for the FBI to begin investigations into the Trump campaign. The Federal FISA courts were lied to and also used to launch those investigations based on the accusations that the Trump campaign posed a national intelligence and security threat to the Nation.

The Democrat lead House of Representatives and Democrat members of the US Senate attempted to use this known false Dossier and false accusations as the basis of impeachment and removal from office of a President that they didn’t like – President Donald J. Trump.
It was and still is a genuine and very real Coup D’Etat against the Republican President Donald J. Trump, and also against the American people who elected him in 2016.
This Coup D’Etat continues to this day and shows no signs of ending.

One unintended consequences of these attacks against the President is that the level of corruption, deceit, and treason within our own Government has now been reveled and exposed for the first time.

In November of 2016 the American people voted for Donald J. Trump over then Democrat candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Clinton was selected by the Democrat party to succeed the 44th President Barack H. Obama for the specific purpose of continuing and advancing the “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a full fledged Communist State. The American people recognized the level of corruption and refused to allow Hillary Clinton to be elected, they instead chose Donald J. Trump. But the Democrats refuse to accept the results of that election and immediately began their campaign of character assassination and the attacks against President Trump.

The attacks and assault against America is not limited to President Donald Trump. The Democrat party, aided by the Communist party, has forced and coerced their way into the offices of hundreds of State and local Governments. Under the controls of these Democrats, “Liberal” politicians, and Communists sympathizers such as State Governors, States Attorney Generals, and State and Federal courts these Democrats have assaulted and attacked nearly every aspect of our Constitution.
The Bill-of-Rights under the Constitution and the Rights of the people are an affront and a threat to their power according to these Democrats. According to these Democrats the Constitution itself is a threat to their power and authority just as it should be.

The framers of the Constitution and our Constitutional Republic form of Government deliberately constructed that Constitution with the specific intention in mind that at some point in time people would attempt to seize power and control over the Government.

The US Constitution was designed specifically to stop anyone from seizing full control of our Government, whether it be State and local or Federal. The Constitution serves as a barrier against tyranny and any form of oligarchy or dictatorships.
THIS is what the Democrat party opposes today. And it is why they hate President Donald J. Trump so much.

The American people must preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND Domestic. It IS our FIRST, our LAST, and our ONLY line of defense against tyranny and oppression.

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