Constitutional Emergency

Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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Not sure what Bob meant.

It is clear Obama will veto this even if it does get through the Senate. What it will prove is he is not acting in the best interest of the United States of America because he refuses to support our laws. If the President of the United States refuses to support our laws, then why do we have to abide by the laws? He is no better than any of us. Elected Government Officials are voted into office to serve the American citizenry. This does not make him better than anyone.

Here is an article where Obama has already stated he will veto this bill:

All I can say is American Spring cannot happen fast enough...

Did you not see Jonathan Turley speak to Congress on February 26th?

I DO NOT agree with Turley's political point of view, but I DO support his views on the U.S. Constitution and how our government is supposed to follow it.

There is no provision in our constitution to act solo.  Obscumbo has been a one man act since he screwed up taking the oath of office in 2009.  "If Congress will not act, I will..."  That is not a threat - that statement only underscores that he has been ruling by fiat through EO's for a good long time. That is nonsense to believe that there is no evidence of violations of the Constitution -

I'll argue he didn't "screw up" in taking that oath, Carlos. I'll argue he mistook that oath intentionally. He was supposed to have taken the actual oath later; Did he?

If you remember; he 'laughed' about [his] mistake. Was it a laugh of a mistake or was it a laugh knowing he had just "screwed" the USA? We're finding out the hard way, aren't we?

Impeachment is the only tool available when Obama has a rabidly corrupt Attorney General on his side. To Impeach, you need the Senate to ratify the House Impeachment in order to eject Obama. That is never going to happen while Ried and the Dems hold the Senate. Obama just waved his wand and did another illegal act by ordering the Border Patrol agents to "stand down" when they meet illegals crossing "our" border. It doesn't matter if they are human traffickers, drug mules or any category of illegal crossing. The lack of Border Control and the Agriculture Dept active recruitment of illegals to sign up for food stamps "EBT" cards with no questions asked about citizenship is reason enough for me to remove Obama.

Exactly Dan! If he doesn't follow the laws, then he puts himself in a state of war with the people, and we are "absolved". The quote I just put up in my home state forum goes well here too: “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.” ~ John Locke

Maryland seems to be the furthest along in the Agenda 21 quest to destroy personal property rights. They have enacted a law that prohibits a land owner from building on his property if he can not hook up to a central sewage system. Septic systems are no longer allowed by the same law. Hence, no more suburban or rural development! Talk about arbitrary power! I doubt you would find many citizens of Maryland in favor of this law. Yet, those same Representatives will probably get reelected again. Talk about apathy!

WOW!!! There's nothing left to say, Harry...nailed on the head. God bless America. I've really been feeling

caught in another, wicked Nation, not the one in  which I have loved from my birth. klm

I love it!

its just a damn shame this will never go anywhere

Great Job SC!!!!!!!!!

SC has been the fore runner in many history changing events for the USA and even as recently as the last real internal conflict ? Remember the conflict of 1861 "The War Between the States" SC was the 1st to suseed fro the Union and would you believe I don't even know what the total # of states there were when they made this bold move ?

However I donot see the next revolution be the states from a certain area againt the total Union ot the 50 states . Rather the Patriots and even a portion of our military and police force againt members of the Govt that have made the choice to commint treason against the United States ?



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