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Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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              I agree! You mentioned the States. Obama should have been stopped from running for President by at least one State AG. However, none of them did their job and/or where bribe one way or another to look the other way and rubber stamp his eligibility to be on the State's ballot. Imagine if just one or two States did their job and the citizens couldn't vote for him? It should have happened in the rural "Red States". However, all were to willing to let him run rather that being called Racist when race had nothing to do with it.

I  heard on Fox about an hour ago, obama says he will veto this if it gets to his desk.

Yeap, and he probably will.   That is why the people are going to have to take care of the problem.   OAS will be one way to make a statement and get attention.    Just wish our lamestream media would start reporting on what is really happening and quit working for the Administration who is corrupt and lying about everything!

Check the Market, America is not happy, and certainly not feeling secure.  Shaky...............maybe Wall Street will notice!

Every last one of these turds is crooked and needs to be slathered with tar and rolled in turkey feathers

How about following the Law of the Land - our Constitution - and challenge the usurper's eligibility and legal right to continue to occupy our White House? Obama is NOT a natural-born citizen as defined by the SCOTUS precedent ruling, Minor vs. Happersett (1875). Read it: a natural-born citizen is one born of parents - parents - who are US citizens. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was never a US citizen, but an exchange student from the British colony to become Kenya. We need to all work on our public servants in the House to form a special investigative committee to challenge Obama's eligibility, and start getting it done before the May 16th rally. Forget impeachment which the left will love to see and turn it into a circus. You cannot impeach a fraudulent usurper who is NOT - and never was - the President of the United States. Obama is a pResident of our Oval Office - not eligible, not legal, not qualified. We in New York are working to make this happen. What you all think about this??

William Homolka, Editor & CEO,

You know it, and I know it, but no one in congress seems to know it. I think they should learn it the next election. They need to learn we don't want idiots in our legislature.

You're correct, William. A usurper can't be impeached. He must be arrested and tried for treason as a traitor. You have be an elected official in office to be impeached. If Obama could be impeached, all of the crap (laws) he's ordered would stand. Being arrested and convicted of treason would nullify everything he's done in office. That means those two appointed to the Supreme would be 'sent home'.

And everyone in congress that has accepted him as their 'superior' would be subjects to impeachment for knowingly allowing him to usurp that office.

Whether he was elected legally or not he must be removed from office in order to be charged because it is the office that is protected, not the person. Therefore he must be impeached first or he must resign or reach the end of his term before being charged.

He isn't eligible for impeachment, Johnny. To be impeached one must be in the office legally by an authentic election. If he was ousted by impeachment all the 'crap' he's pulled would be legal.

The charges must be brought up and he must be arrested and tried for treason as a traitor. When (not if in his matter) he is found guilty, every law he has ordered become null and void and every appointment he has made also becomes invalid. The means those to women (who are known to be communist) would be booted out of the Supreme Court. Remember, the ones the Senate approved for him? Who, in the Senate, voted 'no' on their appointment?

So right Paul.   You hit that right on the head of the nail.   But how do you get those out of there that are not doing their job to protect this Country and the People of this Country?   The only way is the American People because we cannot have it done by Congress or anyone else.   It is up to us the American People, and that is going to lead to a civil war, I have a feeling.   They are not going to go without a problem.   I do believe and have heard that some of the Senator's are actually members of the Militia on another forum.   I believe that some of them know what is happening, but they have to have many who feel the same way in order to change it.  I imagine it would be very depressing to be involved in all of this, and not be able to do anything you need to because the rest of Congress is not seeing it, or on the wrong side of the Country.

I  respect Trey Gowdy, I like what he stands for and I applaud him for his efforts. It seems sad to me that they have to pass a law that says. The law must be enforced. That's why laws are made, so that people follow them and the Justice Department and "Law Enforcement"Local Police, State Police, FBI, DHS. enforce them. 

You can make as many laws as you want, that say you must enforce the law. If you have a corrupt Justice Dept. and a corrupt President that will not follow the law and a corrupt senate that will not hold him accountable. You are stuck with laws that will not effect anything. We need a law enforcement Individual that is Not under the jurisdiction of the justice dept ore the President, that cannot be bribed or threatened and can arrest and ENFORCE the laws,. The power to arrest the President, or anyone else for that matter and bring that person. before the Supreme Court to be tried. JMO



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