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Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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Paul........I think nearly everyone in the world knows enough about Obama to prove he's not eligible to serve as president.  The problem is that no court will allow anyone to qualify as having "standing" to challenge him in court.  Every case has been tossed. Congress is helpless.......the bottom line, it's up to "we the people" making a gigantic case in May as our last hope before all hell breaks loose.  I regret to think about the alternative if our OAS mission is not successful..........

The point no court would hear a case on him, and the Supreme Court will not hear any on him should scare the hell out of every citizen of the USA, Harry.

Question: Why did the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court have a private meeting with Barry just before he was 'sworn' in? Was that 'error' in his swearing of the oath an understandable error or an intentional error? Why wasn't it corrected when it was made. A simple repeat of the pledge would have been understood.

I've never known of anyone who made a mistake taking that oath.

I agree Colonel ..But what i do not understand is how is it that representatives of the people cannot have standing when it comes to a fradulent President..Who represents us?What is the purpose of the law if the highest official in the land does not have to follow it..Something has to give..This cannot continue..I to fear what may happen in this country if we are not successful..The last 6 years have been like a bad unbeleivable dream..

George, Our Founding Fathers created a utopien Republic where they thought Religion would be the centrepiece of the Republic for as long as it lived. I don't believe they could have ever fathomed the Republic with Religion band in just about all quarters except within a Church itself. They expected religion in its basic form to be taught in all schools to protect the moral fiber of the Country. Without basic Religion we have destroyed the family unit and the moral compass of the Republic. Yes, there were Atheist in their time. They had no standing then. Judges would not let them testify in Court because they could not swear on the bible to tell the truth. Back then as it should be now, your oath carried great weight. So here we are with a government that over the last Century has turned the Republic inside out. Our Constitution gets ignored and worse, its language gets twisted to use against us by dozens of "minority" groups. We don't have Representatives of the people anymore with the exception of a few that are powerless to do anything. That's where we come in.

Bob, keep your blinders on, all is well. Obama has Militarized more than 20 agencies in "his" government. Social Security, Department of Education, EPA, TSA, IRS and many more. They all have SWAT teams and equipment just like the Military. Obama has also Militarized most of the Police Departments across the nation by giving them lots of military equipment. Obama has in fact already created his Civilian Army by having all all these agencies and Police report to Homeland Security if/when he declares martial law. Police Departments are no longer the friend of the people they are suppose to protect. They are now trained to see us as the enemy. All of Obama's focus is on us God fearing civilians as the enemy, rather than criminals, terrorist, Illegals and more that destroy us from within.

Trey has been an outstanding Conservative, consistently, for a long time.  We owe him our Gratitude, as he has always been for America's Freedom & Justice.       If he'd been Chairman of the Committee, instead of Issa, Lois Lerner would have either told the truth or been in jail.    Trey having been a lawyer, had the knowledge, that Issa did not.    So Issa, not knowing what to do, let it go, while Trey was screaming the Law at him.     I want this man on my team, he is another TP to be proud of, he is fearless, and doesn't cower.     Now if the Party of Milk Toast, will just follow up, and do like Trey suggests, and do it in a timely manner, which would be yesterday!!  Drag this Imposter before the Supreme Court, and expose his Filthy Ways and  DirtyLaundry to one and all.     Then shut him down and try him for treason.

Robbing from Peter to pay Paul, eh? Why are they so willing to accuse Obama of not enforcing the laws when they don't admit their own crimes of not enforcing the laws? After all, isn't Congress (especially the Senate) supposed to make sure a person is constitutionally eligible for the Oval Office before they allow them to usurp it?

So give everyone in the Senate and the House (bar none) the blame for an illegal alien usurping the Oval Office and not enforcing the laws he "took an oath" to enforce (I say 'illegal alien because no one in Congress has required any evidence from Barry confirming he is an American citizen).

Some of the Jokers in the Dem controlled Senate are Incumbants, think they are Toast.  We have our hands tied with them in control, unless Weenie Boehner, Marxist McConnell, and Eric (the Enabler) Cantor don't act.  Cut off their funds, so some people suffer, in times of extreme disaster, always some suffer, but the Big Picture in the End, makes it worth it.        Lots suffered in Horoshima, and Nations were saved, and the World War stopped.  Drastic times call for drastic measure, and we must be willing to sacrifice.

If I am not mistaken the verification of his being eligible to run for the office falls not on congress as a whole, but on the democratic committee (Nancy Piglosi) and within each state and state AGs. Although I see no reason that the congress as a whole could not investigate and impeach him for obtaining the office through fraud and then try him for the attempted overthrow of the government through fraud and the country through espionage.

Any party placing someone up for nomination is responsible to make sure that person is constitutionally eligible for that office. The nomination form Nancy Pelosi sent to the Sec. of State of Hawaii was worded differently than the form sent to the other 49 Secretaries of State. Why? That should open the door for questions by anyone.

Also, the Electoral College voted him in office without affirming his constitutional eligibility. Why? The Senate approved their vote also without affirming his constitutional eligibility. Again, why?

Do we have that many traitors in DC now, or do we have that many communist in control? You can bet your a$$ if they take our guns away, we're done as a free nation.

Do not worry about them getting our guns..There are not enough Traitors to come and get them..Obama is not in as good of position as his NARCCISSIST SNAKE behind thinks he is..A gun grab is virtually impossible..Of course unless people just hand them over ..Which i doubt..If we stick to the plan in May one of two things will happen..Either we win..Or we set the stage for victory..The media would have you believe that these traitors in D.C have some support ..I do not consider a bunch of knucklehead OFA members as support..There are many many disgusted people ..Something is going to give and it is going to be this year..People are fed up..Think about it how many people do you know that are happy with the way things are going..Not many..All it will take is one incident for this whole situation to errupt..Then you will see who your freinds are..

You are so right! 



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