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Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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barry soetoro and all that helped him usurp the highest office in our land, or found out later and did nothing, should first be removed and then brought up on charges. They should be tried and sentenced to life at hard labor with no chance of parole. Each penny they earn, every book deal, etc,  returned to the treasury from which they've stolen so much, so that not another red cent is wasted upon liars, the likes of these. And so they also serve as living, incarcerated, reminders of what is waiting for those who would cheat Americans out of the nation the founders gave us! 

None of them found out later, Wade. It was too obvious and too many citizens had asked the question as soon as Barry changed his birthplace from Kenya to Hawaii and 'threw his hat in the ring'. 

I wrote my senators asking why the Senate held a special session to ask John McCain about his constitutional eligibility but didn't question Barack Obama. I never heard from Bob Corker but Lamar Alexander wrote back stating he was "investigated" and was eligible. I wrote him back asking where they had received that information and why it wasn't passed down to the public that would obviously want to know. That was in early 2009 and I'm still waiting for an answer.

It was obvious McCain was a natural born citizen, and it was obvious Obama wasn't with a British subject father. Even if his father was Frank Marshall Davis as some claimed, why did he refuse to let it be known.

Also, if he was a natural born citizen, he lost that status when he was adopted into Indonesian citizenship. Hell, is he even a naturalized citizen? Wouldn't a politician let the world know his citizenship? 

I hope you're right and no one else knew, but I think when it all comes out we'll find that a few close, key people knew. I don't think barry could have pulled this off by himself. I am not intelligent enough to carry the reasoning through to its conclusion, of why this was done, other than money. As is said truthfully for the most part, "Its always about the money". . I just don't see, short of the intended socialising/communizing of the nation, and the money, why this was done. Unless its simply that corruption cannot flourish well enough in a truly free Republic? And what about the ones that know now, and still refuse to do anything about it? 

There's no way he could pull that off by himself. If you remember Allen West commented there was over 80 communists in congress. I would argue there's many more than 80. Why do you think West's district was reformed to get him out of Congress?

Thinking they would never have a chance at winning the White House, a career in Congress for power hungry egomaniacs would tend for them to help anyone in a 'run' for it. They can only win or loose and it won't cost them their career in power hunger.

Wade follow the money, who has it............................SOROS!   He broke the Bank of England with his evilness, and said he's bring down this Country.  He, IMHO is the head of the snake.

Hey Paul, I hope you haven't been holding your breath while you waited for the answer........something tells me Corker is an Idiot, or  "Here We Go Again' , a LIAR........................

Hey, Jo, you can't call Corker I liar if he won't answer your question. He just doesn't want you to know he 'screwed up'. I don't think he's too stupid to think Barry is in that office legally.

In all due respect to all opinions here, Trey Gowdy is the real deal--one of the few fighting on our behalf.

If Trey Gowdy is the "real deal", why hasn't he brought the subject of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama being in that office illegally up? He obviously knows the Constitution well. Why hasn't anyone in congress brought the constitutional eligibility issue up?

Thanks for putting these up.  It is great to hear a real gentleman speak the truth with determination and force.

Yeah, sounds real good, doesn't it?  I really do like Trey Gowdy; however, all this is just more kabuki theatre at its best.  The Congress needs this law to "have standing?"  WTF?  If that isn't about the most stupid thing I have ever heard.  And what makes ANYONE think that, even if they can get enough votes in the Senate to override Obama's veto, he will now decide to start following the law?  Oh, ok, this will give the Congress "standing" with the court.  Exactly what good will that do with a Supreme Court that has quite obviously been compromised?  Not to mention - how many years would you all like to wait while this wiles its way through the judicial system?  Oh, yeah - that same judicial system that is overseen by who?  Holder?  REALLY?  Yeah, well - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

See you on May 16 in DC, people!!!!



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