Constitutional Emergency

Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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We need more like him to stand up and tell them what is wrong.

But Mr. Gowdy (nor any other member of Congress) has not made one statement or raised one question on the man who has refused to identify himself to sit in our Oval Office.

Do we need more like him? Do we need anyone like the ones in our present congress, in our congress? They certainly aren't representing us according to the oath they took to do so.

Talk is talk. Action is action. We're only getting talk our of this congress.

Finally a American Hero ready and willing to stand up to King Obama

Too bad i do not feel obama will sign it he does not care about the laws as it is and the supreme law the us constitution he could care less he commits treason to this nation every day and it it time for a bill like this if the Senate Dem marxists cannot support boy how can they deal w/that the pres is supposed to enforce the laws NOT MAKE THEM OR CHANGE THEM AT HIS WILL OR IGNORE WHAT HE DOES NOT LIKE.    GOWDY IS RIGHT 

Gowdy is right on his "argument", so why hasn't he raised the question on Obama's constitutional eligibility?

Trey Gowdy is a good man who loves his country..Unfortunately he is slowly becoming a needle in a haystack..I would have one question for any democrat in the senate who would not vote this through..Do you not believe that the SO CALLED PRESIDENT  should follow our laws? If a certain % of senators pass this bill it cannot be vetoed ..Maybe America should light up their phone lines and Emails demanding that they pass it..What good reason would there be for not passing this bill..We need to call all these senators and demand an answer ..America is being eaten from the inside out by this administration and its followers..The arrogance of this HUSSIEN is getting nauseating..Enough is enough..

George, we know it, and they know it; but no one in congress has demanded Barry prove his constitutional eligibility for that office. Why not? Why has no one in Congress questioned Obama's anti-constitutional acts? Why have they supported him from 'day one'?

My thoughts? They are all "in the game" with him. If he succeeds in filling his goal in his takeover as dictator they will be in power with him.

I believe before that happens there will be a "hot damn, drag 'um out" rebellion by we Americans.

Questions: Why do you think he 'announced' his intent on forming a (his) "civilian" army (like Hitler's 'brown shirt' army) to become as strong as out regular army? Why is he making every effort to reduce our Military today? Why has he fired over 200 superior officers since he's usurped that office?

Osumbag has lied about everything that comes out of his mouth and his brow shirt army is just like Hitler.   and you believe him. He hates our country and is doing everything he can to destroy it he is following Hitler

Wake up and smell the coffee and go somewhere else

 You are free to believe anything you want as I am and oscumbag is following in Hitler foot steps.    

 I served my country for 29 yrs so you could have the freedom to think anything you want to did you ever serve and if you think my statement was dump so was your post as far as I'm concern and how anyone could support a pile of crap like is beyond me

So it starts...........rather than discussing in mature fashion. we start calling each other names or other divisive comments..............division, one of the reasons we're in the mess we're in..........there's no reason to resort to personal attacks........opinions are fine, we can disagree with courtesy.

Bob ..After reading your post Iam just kind of wondering just why you joined OAS..Please dont take me wrong Iam sincerely asking your motive for joining the movement..If you are happy with Obama and the way he is handling America what is your reason for joining OAS..Some of us have put a great deal of time and effort into this ..What concerns you if it is not Obama and the way he is ruining America..Do you honestly believe anything that comes out of his mouth..He is a NARCCISSISTof the worst kind..

All I've asked for on Obama is proof he is constitutionally eligible for that office. Do you have any? I didn't think so because he refuses to identify himself. 

He advertised he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii for 16 years. Was he lying? He identified his father as a British subject. Does that make him a natural born citizen of the USA? 

Why did he make the comment he was "proud to be back home" on a trip to Kenya when in the Senate? Why did his wife say they had to take certain medical shots to go through Africa to his homeland of Kenya?

Why has he refused to prove he's who he wants you to believe he's who he claims to be?

I'd appreciate any proof he's who you think he is.



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