Oklahoma legislaters will have English as our offical language on the ballot next year for a vote. It is about time we had a chance to vote on so get the word out because you no all of the Haspanics will vote against it.

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I agree, I don't think that there will be enough votes to stop this legislation. The question, of course, is what kind of smear campaign will be launched before this comes up on the ballot in 2010?
I would be willing to bet that the leftist loons will raise all kinds of stink about this, saying that this in done to discriminate against the good Oklahoma citizens who do not have good English skills, be blatantly biased towards the poorer people in the state, farmers will come out saying that they can't get good help to tend the crops, and other assorted blasts that this is only for the rich, certain businesses, and the elite of Oklahoma.
Be prepared for some kind of battle on this one. The attorneys that have sued the state and other business because someone supposedly didn't understand English have way too much invested in these law suits to not make a big fuss either.
I am sure your right but the fact we past resolutions about hiring illegals last year is an indication people are getting fed up. It can not be discrimanation to the contrary, unless we print all languages on everything and push 1 for eng, 2 for espanic, for german, 4 for chinese, 5, for poliish, 6. for scadinavia and so on. It is already discrimanation toward all the other ethnicities in this country which is why up until we tried to appease the Mexicans everything was in English. One language.



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