Ethical Ways To Post On Others Sites As Posts and Comments About OAS

We need as much help as we can get to help promote Operation American Spring. It would be helpful for us to promote OAS and recruit as many people as we can if we will show respect on all Websites we go to.

We should all be spreading OAS information. We should all ask website owners if we can post an article about Operation American Spring on their website? Showing the site owner that respect will get us further on that site then barging in. We should seek permission to share links and use their sites to explain the mission of OAS.

It is good to share Operation American Spring online and it is also very important to share OAS with everyone we have an opening to in person. Since we all have computers, we can make up very basic business cards with our name, phone number and Operation American Spring with this website address on it. As we talk with folks some will be interested but may forget spoken information by the time they get home. If we give them a card like described above, they will have a reminder and details to explore OAS for themselves and come aboard. We could also leave the person several cards so the said person could then share with a few friends and maybe even end up being recruited and make some of his own.

If we show respect to each person, God willing, most will respectfully receive us and our message.

Best wishes,

Savannah Brown

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I live near Breezewood, PA.  If anyone wants to contact me, my email address is

Can I suggest that everyone who has a twitter account tweet as often as you can about Col Riley's interview on Fox News today. Some might listen and join up as well.

Excellent courtesy in posting OAS info other places.............

I am part of overpasses for America renamed from overpasses for Obama's impeachment. I regularly post the rallies in my laundromat. Do you guys have a flyer or bumper sticker I can get to help spread the message. I would be glad to be a messenger.
Ps. Saving my money so I can come support the effort in DC.

Tracy.........check out OAS Flyers.  Tab at the top of the page.......

I actually posted it on the Fox page last week maybe that's why we got the interview...I was thinking about doing the whitehouse page too ,but have decided against it ....LOL

W.H. page!! Go to not collect $200.00 . No get out of jail free cards for that!! LOL!

Stay in peace, it gives the government no authority to use military or police against us. Our freedom of religion and our US Constitution guarantee our rights. Non-violent, non-compliance is the strength our enemies cannot overcome.

There are entities that want us to MASS ASSEMBLE so that radicals can stir violence and we get swept up in the media portrayal and get hauled off to jail or worse with no benefits to us. People talk of getting President Obama and administration out of office, but don’t say who they will put in, just like Arab Spring.

Unless we turn back to the land as God guides in all holy books, we will continue to be enslaved for a lifetime to pay salaries of government employees to do what we should do ourselves. We could quickly have a garden paradise lifestyle that heals our air, water, land, food and our bodies with our families enjoying thanksgiving daily for God’s goodness. Cry out for God’s wisdom as written in the Bible to rule our nation and establish the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. The way is prepared. has information showing Communist activities is our nation that we can only overcome by wanting God’s wisdom and commandments to rule our nation.

May I add we should discus our presentation. One person with a confederate flag or people with signs about our rights, such as 2nd amendment or abortion, will only give the mainstream media the excuse they need to label the movement as nothing more than a bunch of racist or whatever.

I think it is very important that we stay focused on the issue at hand and not try to make statements about any believes we have other than a just and accountable government.

I don't know the wisdom of this so you guys throw it around a bit. 

I think  you are 100% right!!!  We must stick to the subject and put out any hint of violence, it would just give the Anti-American libs and excuse!




we the people,who are the real government.i posted this on the wh petition site,to come and join we the people,for oas{operation American spring}may 16,2014 in Washington,and to also join us with sheriff joe in phoenix on feb 21-22 2014,and to fb and twitter,and also sent an e mail to wayne-nra.and will keep telling everyone I know.



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