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by  Kyle Olson

The wounded ACORN snake continues writhing.  This time, the group has been barred from the entire state of Ohio, a swing state where the organization was very active in the last presidential election.

So active, in fact, it received an “Unsung Hero” award from the Communist Party USA for its “critical but  generally unrecognized role of organized labor and grassroots voter registration efforts in winning Ohio for Barack Obama,” according to a document on

But now, ACORN has reached a settlement under the Ohio Corrupt Activities Act, similar to the federal RICO Act  –  the same law that’s used to prosecute mobsters and drug kingpins.  Under the settlement, ACORN,  along with Project Vote, agreed “to file a certificate permanently surrendering its business license in Ohio by June 1,” according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The next part of the settlement was critical: it bars ACORN from simply changing its name and moving back into the state. From the Dispatch:

    The center’s lawyer, Maurice A. Thompson, said the settlement is mostly confidential but permanently bars ACORN from doing business in Ohio or reconstituting as another group and perpetuating its practices.

A 2008 press release from the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law said this:

 Plaintiffs Jennifer Miller of Mason, Ohio and Kimberly Grant of Loveland, allege that ACORN’s actions deprived them of the right to participate in an honest and effective elections process. They allege fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN dilute the votes of legally registered voters.

“The right to cast a vote that is not diluted by fraudulent votes is a fundamental individual right,” Buckeye Institute President David Hansen said.

“ACORN appears to be recklessly disregarding Ohio laws and adding thousands of fraudulent voters to the state’s roles in the process,” Maurice Thompson, Director of the Buckeye Institute’s 1851 Center for Constitutional Law said. “Such voter fraud erodes the value of legally cast votes,” he added.

The 1851 Center is no longer affiliated with the Buckeye Institute.  A copy of the original court filing can be found here.

Despite the ruling, ACORN’s lawyer, Alfonse Gerhardstein, said that it didn’t mean much because it was inactive already “for reasons unrelated to this litigation.”

As ACORN reconstitutes itself in other states, watchdogs are tracking its every move and sounding the alarm so such activities don’t occur again.

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THEY WILL JUST CHANGE THEIR NAME AND GO RIGHT ON .............They just have to keep their records intact ......That's what they are doing elsewhere ..........
It's about time people are waking up to the corruption, suctioned by corrupt political mobsters. We need to encourage people at ALL levels to monitor ACORN's movement's and activitie's and bring it to everyone's attention from your neighbor's to newspapers, radio and TV stations. ( know matter what name or title they use ) They ( ACORN ) will try anything as they have in the past. We need to start forming teams to work at polling place's, legally, to make sure these thugs aren't bullying anyone, also to make sure that our TROOPS absentee ballets are safely guarded AND counted. Don't buy or take the crap, we have enough help. We have a right to observe and make sure no violations occur.
Not in Ohio, Peggy:

The next part of the settlement was critical: it bars ACORN from simply changing its name and moving back into the state. From the Dispatch:

"The center’s lawyer, Maurice A. Thompson, said the settlement is mostly confidential but permanently bars ACORN from doing business in Ohio or reconstituting as another group and perpetuating its practices."
I hope your right. I know that their just changing their name in most States and its business as the same.
Example in Cal. they changed their name as ACCE, New york changed their name, but the people are the same.
I am glad to hear that Ohio is successfully moving against ACORN. This is a good sign.The acorn has become the American symbol of corruption and rottenness (and Obama). But we will have to continue the fight against this ugly hydra (even Ohio won't have heard the last of it--alas).

However, there is distressing news coming out of Ohio--and that is that the Ohio state govenrment is being infiltrated by radical Islam and is veering towards sharia. Anyone who has been following the trial of Rifqa Bary (the young Muslim girl from Sri Lanka who courageously converted ouf of Islam to Christianity and found her life in danger from her family members (her brother poked her eye out!!!!!!) and ihas been repeatedly unable to get a fair trial in Ohio (the court system continues to atempt to force her to move back with her family which under islamic law is REQUIRED TO KILL HER!!!).

The ohio court system apparently has no problems caving in to the Bary family's lawyers hired by the Council on American-Islamic relations (which is known to be tied to such enemy jihadist organizations as al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood) but somehow the Ohio courts keep siding against Ms. Bary whose life continues to be threatened by her family and the Islamic community she keeps trying to escape. This is indicative of sharia leaning by the courts--leaving Islam is a capital offense in Islam and ms. bary is being ounished by both the Islamic community and now the Ohio court system. Rifqa has committed no crime but is being held a virtual prisoner and her mail is periodically being confiscated. yet her family has repeatedly threatened her life--and the courts are PROTECTING them and not Rifqa.

For more information follow Rifqa's unfortunately true mis-adventures through the Ohio Court system on ATLAS SHRUGS. it is shameful that the people are being treated by the courts as Ms. Bary is being treated! And Rifqa is such a courageous and promising seventeen year old girl!
Twana, this is great for us in Ohio. We do have a far greater problem developing here in the Buckeye State. The Tea Party has been betrayed by the Ohio Republican Committee ( ORC ). This is a little long so bare with me. First Tea Party backed Dave Yost sold out to Kevin DeWine Ohio RC chairman for $70,000.00 and stepped aside so RINO Mike DeWine could run for Attorney General. Yost is now running against T-Party backed Seth Morgan for Auditor using the $70,000.00 he got from the ORC. The T-Party had to scramble to collect enough signatures to replace Yost with T-Party candidate Steve Christopher. 1,000 signatures were needed and over 2750 were turned in by the deadline. The Ohio Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner has rejected over 2,000 of Christopher's signatures with a shove from the ORC and disqualified Steve for the primary. Both the Democrats and Republicans do not want an honest Candidate either in the AGs or Auditors office. The backlash has been profound and talk of a THIRD party is escalating throughout the State. Steve is taking this to court but his chances are slim at best with a Republican State Supreme Court and little time before the ballots are printed. I have contacted John Boehner's office but as usual only got a staffer and this guy wants to be the next Speaker of the House, what a joke. How long are we going to be used and abused by the Republicans. The time to make a stand is NOW. I marched with 2 million 9-12-09 in DC who would gladly join a Third party. If this is allowed to happen we will form a Third Party and run Steve and any others who want for all offices here in Ohio. If this is what the Republicans want this is what they will get. Change the Republican Party from within with our support is a JOKE, they are just as corrupt as the Democrat's and will never change. One is as bad as the other and I am done with both of them. Luke Patrino Tea Party Patriot member of one, anybody want to join me.
I agree with the corruption of the RINO Party maybe change it to the Constitution Party,
I'm Sorry
you don"t like the Constitution, that's why their are choices. Maybe a Progressive Democrat or Progressive Rino Party better suites you. I don't like the RINO Party anymore either.
We already have a Constitution Party., They were in the last election. Need to come up with another name unless you want to go along with the present Constitution Party. I don't want to go along with the Constitution Party.
Way to go Buck-eyes! More states need to follow suit!

yes more states need to follow, but we need to stop them from changing their name. Make them disperse the
group and charge them for crimes already committed and do this in all 50 states.
ALL other states need to follow suit!



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