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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Editorial Staff

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Why We Fought In Vietnam

A few weeks ago we got a great deal of pictures from Nguyen Trong Tan, a fan of the American Military Facebook page, illustrating why we were in Vietnam. Below are her words and we want to share those photos with you in an American Military News exclusive. She makes the point that we Americans were there to protect lives, especially the futures of their children. Many of these pictures show U.S. troops saving children and getting them out of harms way as the Communists tried blowing them up. We found her words and these pictures touching.

That’s Why They Fought In Vietnam

Terrorist bombing by VC outside US Embassy in Saigon (March 30, 1965). Innocent civilians were killed and wounded, lying on the street and waiting for help after terrorist bombing by the communists.


Communist terrorists bombs before Saigon City Hall, 7 innocent civilians killed, 47 wounded (26-10-1962) (Associated Press)


Center Saigon terrorist attack by communists in Saigon 1966. Many innocent civilians were killed and injured.


Vietnamese students indignation hanged effigies De Gaulle and Ho Chi Minh who signed Geneva Accords, divided Vietnam, always tried to destroy all of the other parties for one dictatorial communist power and avoid any free democratic election to reunite with South Vietnam! Before that, Ho Chi Minh signed the traitorous Preliminary Agreement with France (confirming that Vietnam is a free but not independent country within the French Union blocks) for the green light to return to France colonized Vietnam!


Below are additional photos:




























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And yet they were called baby killers. Pictures tell the truth.

I'm so ashamed of the leftist media. Walter Kronkite was a stooge.

strange how no matter what the war the pictures are the same.

I am a Vietnam veteran and was an infantry combat medic. We were told to avoid causing civilian casualties if possible. At times I even patched up civilian wounded. I NEVER saw any baby-killing by members of my unit. I was there to fight Communism. You can never go wrong fighting Communism. I am proud to have served my Country and will do it again if need be against foreign or domestic enemies. My oath never expires.

James Duncan

Thank you for our service!!!  God Bless you.  My father served in Vietnam too!!!  Thank you for making it clear that our guys were not baby killers!!! 

Thanks for sharing these pics. I plan to show these to my grandchildren (as well as others) to try to shed light on what many call a dark spot in our history. US soldiers are the best.

What I continue to see, is the same thing repeated. The same fight is Communist terrorism. Just different Countries.

The same old evil against good.  How is it that people forget? Education is the key, we must know our History. Our Founding Father's were fighting the same thing.

Thanks for these photos, we will pass along.

Amazing pics... thank the Lord they were preserved

I was a US Navy hospital Corpsman with Marine infantry companies G/2/26 and D/1/4 July 1966 to June 1967.  I saw the absolute brutality of the Viet Cong and NVA to the civilian Vietnamese population!!  Communism, AKA re distribution of wealth spells heart ache, tyranny, death and destruction of all that is good!!!  Now it is present in America in the form of the so called progressive movement, AKA the democratic party!!!!!  Wake up AMERICA an toss the traitorous Bastard, Barack Obama and all of his water boys out of office!!!  If we do not do this at the ballot box it will be determined by massive blood shed in our streets!!  

I wish the photo journalists would compile their photos of the non battle results.



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