Tonight I was watching Glenn Beck show on The Blaze TV, and if you don't have it you can go to and get  a membership for $9.99 per month with a 14 day free trial and I recommend it to all, and he had David Barton of talking about Executive Orders. Now what I had not known until tonight we have a way to stop these "Executive Orders" simply by getting the House of Reps to defund them. Remember under the Constitution the Government purse strings belong to the House of Reps ONLY. So if they say we will not fund this "Executive Order" the President can not implement these orders. David Barton says to call your Reps and tell them you want them to defund these orders and they will go away because they do not have the money to support them. The Senate can not control that purse string, only the House of Reps have that right.

Again I recommend everyone try The Blaze TV, right now Dish Network is the only TV that has it on Channel 212, if you have Roku you can get it if you have a membership to The Blaze TV or on the computer. Like I said it is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Glenn Beck's 5pm Eastern Time show has some really good history on it and David Barton is a regular on there and he is one smart man when it comes to the Constitution. Again call your Congressman (House Member) and demand they defund these Executive Orders AND they can defund ObamaCare as well. Food for Thought folks so check it out and contact your Members.

Thank You

Ron Whaley


Whitesburg, Ga

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We also watch the GBTV-The Blaze. And Given the alternatives I guess I'm going to have to agree with this attempt at a solution.

If Repubs and conservatives own the House then you would think we might be able to exert a little pressure.

Like I said, Given the alternatives......

1)Shut up, sit back, and take it......

2) Start shooting people. (Hummmmmmm !! ???)

3) Or try to get your reps to defund these EOs and also to make sure those new gun control bills don't get passed.

Well I had never heard this before RP until tonight and this sounds like the perfect plan but you have to get those Lazy SOB's off their Butts to do this. Enough is enough and if this works then go for it dang it.... The second one is not a good idea well not a practical one cause they would just get crazy again like they did this time.



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