Constitutional Emergency

DHS preparing for massive civil war, Exposing Obamas game plan.
 The Democrats (and Obama) strategy seems to be coming more and more clearly into focus.

We’ve all seen the TV news (and Glenn Beck) showing the civil unrest in Greece. Now we are being told that the unrest is being caused by elected officials who are trying to fix the world financial situations. Greece, and all of Europe (and the US) have all been spending huge amounts of money on civil and social programs. They (and we) have spent themselves into so much debt that there is almost no possible way to pay it all off. And the deficit spending is so large that there is no way to continue the current path.

So the more conservative wings of governments have been making attempts to correct the deficit spending by making huge cuts in just about every aspect of their governments programs. The results of all these shortages and budget cuts, (according to the socialists) is the extents of civil unrest we see going on all around Europe, and especially in Greece.

We are also being warned (mostly by Glenn Beck) that the US is next and that within a year we will be where Greece is today. Budget cuts resulting in massive civil unrest. But unlike Europe the American people are all armed and dangerous. That’s why the DHS is preparing for “massive civil war”.

Well congratulations Barack Hussein Obama, they think the game is all but over, they have won.

If Obama is defeated in November the conservatives will begin the same types of austerity cuts as the Europeans tried, which of course will have the same results they were able to produce in Greece. Step two is to blame the conservatives for the budget cuts and the unrest and the whole system will collapse (at the hands of the conservatives of course.) If Obama wins re-election, - done deal, it's over. Greece has already elected the Marxists into office.

Except for one thing, we know what their game plan is and if we can expose it widely enough we can still beat them. We need to make sure everyone in America knows what they are up to and how they plan to finish the job of a total destruction of America right along with the destruction of Europe, (all of the western nations).

This kind of plan is far too big and sophisticated for someone like Barack Obama himself. This type of plan has taken years of preparation, (forty five years to be more precise) and it would take the financial expertise of someone like George Soros.

It’s beginning to look more and more like Glenn Beck has been right all along.

Copy and paste this letter and send it to everybody you know, (twice).


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Ron, I agree with your ideology whole-heartedly.  We have few avenues through which we may traverse at this point to affect a different outcome.  I only wish more people would understand what exactly is going on.  I also want to know WHY FOX TOOK GLENN BECK OFF THE AIR?!  He was, by himself, the most informed and able-minded TV personality to expose the inner working of what is happening worldwide.  The People need to be awakened yesterday, today is too late. 

American "minorities" especially Blacks somehow think the government is giving them reparations for past transgressions, or something like that.  They think White-America "owes them" something, because of slavery.  This mindset is what's causing the "choke point" in allowing ALL-AMERICANS to band together and repel this Constitutional onslaught by our traitorous government.  If all of us cannot forgive and forget what happened generations ago, will will lose everything, and no one wins.  Our country's health and financial well-being should be paramount to all Americans.  I also know the Illegal-Aliens are taking HUGE sums from our Government System.  They, however, will never "do the right thing" because this is not, nor ever was, their country.  They come here directly to abuse us, take from us, and steal our earned livelihood.  We can only hope the Black community understands they are being played, in the worst show ever broadcast.  Blacks are Americans, and thus should understand they will also lose everything if things continue.

We are out of time, we must act in whatever way we see fit, we must speak the truth loudly in public, we must take a stand for our country NOW!  Too many people - better then us - have died for America to be what it once was, we cannot allow our country to be taken now, without firing a shot.  We owe it to those people to stop this from happening!

What are our options?  List them out here, then let's discuss them.

Reply to Steve Rogers: (3) sections if you don't mind.
Why did FOX take Glenn Beck off the air? They didn’t. The US commercial airways, (broadcast radio frequencies), are very heavily regulated. Under the Federal Communications Commission broadcasters (like FOX) must obey very strict rules of behavior. These rules govern the limits to which anyone can claim or make accusations about a sitting federal employee, particularly the President and a sitting administration or the military. But by moving his show over to a subscription only type of service Glenn Beck now has much more liberty in how far he can go in what he says, and also in who he invites as guests, and how far these guest are allowed to go in making any claims about what is actually happening in the world and in America. On a standard broadcast media frequency, (FOX), Glenn Beck could never call Obama a communist much less a Marxist. By using his internet subscription only service he has done both with no fear of the FCC. SiriusXM Radio is the same way, paid subscription only.

My attempt to respond, I say ‘attempt’ because you’ve covered a lot of ground here, (thanks for doing it Steve). But where do I even start?

First let me finish or add to my basic discussion about a potential civil war. I have several Viet Nam veteran friends. When I speak of these things that are happening now several of them simply shrug their hands and say “there’s nothing we can do about it, why worry about things we cannot fix”, or “I’ve already done my fighting and I’ve had enough, I’m sitting this one out”. “It’s just the same old thing that happened back in John Kennedy’s day”.

Well please allow me to issue a dire warning to everyone here. If the current Obama administration succeeds in getting re-elected in November (and possibly even if they lose) there will be no such thing as “sit this one out”.  One way or another (even if they win) we can indeed expect to see some civil unrest. Some people will call for a mass march on Washington. And many people may actually show up to participate. But unless we can somehow manage to muster several hundred sheriffs in uniform, several military retired officers in uniform, and about 5-10+ million angry Americans willing to do what will be necessary, not much else will ever really happen. (Of course the news media will claim we are the radical terrorists). Once that is over they will begin their program of divide and concur, search and destroy. Once all these vets and sheriffs return home, DHS will seek out and arrest or kill anyone they can identify, or simply anyone they suspect may have participated in the marches. By the time DHS personal figure out what is really happening to their fellow citizens it will be too late for them too. Only the truelly indoctrinated traitors will survive. (Hitler killed ¾’s of his SS youth brigade before the war actually started in Europe). The minute Obama is re-elected they will open the southern borders to allow thousands of Muslim fighters to enter the country. (they have already started coming in). The Muslim Brotherhood is already in the White House, (See Glenn Becks The Blaze). These are the real “brown-shirt” killers that will be used to hunt down and kill anyone who has not agreed to the “change” and “Transformation” of America. These are also the killers that will take out the remaining loyal (American) DHS forces. And then they will come for you and me and all those vets that decided to go home and wait for them.

I said the communists will use the Muslims to handle the actual killing of American citizens, you didn’t expect the Obama Chicago crowd to get their hands dirty did you?
The communists will eventually kill off the radical Muslims that were used to kill any remaining loyal Americans. Even the blacks will die. Communism requires a total transformation, total indoctrination, and total obedience to the masters. Mao killed 45-70 million of his own people; Stalin killed an estimated 70 million Russians. And GOD alone knows how many Hitler was responsible for killing.

I apologize for writing a novel here, perhaps a chat forum is not the best place for it, but here is where I am for the moment, and people want to know what to expect. If all of the above hasn’t scared you enough yet let me leave you with one more thought. The interim transformation period between the time that Obama administration regains full government power (November elections) and the point at which the communists decide it is time to rid themselves of the stupid useful idiots Muslim killers, (perhaps five years), we, (the Americans), will suffer atrocities unheard of in any written history. If nothing of what I have suggested here has scared you yet, consider this. Do you have any daughters? Any Grand Children, Grand Daughters? Ever heard of Muslim Female Circumcision?

Total time frame that I am referring to here is perhaps eight to ten years. It starts this November.

How do we defeat these communists/Marxists and the total transformation of America?
Boy there’s a ten-million dollar question if there ever was one.

Part of the answer is through education. Educate ourselves, our children, our veterans, every sheriff, judge, and law enforcement officer we can find.

Think about this for a minute. Back in the 1960’s Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and the left wing radical communists of those days, (the infamous weather under ground) wrote down their plans for the total takeover and destruction of America and the capitalist system of free enterprise. All this stuff is written down years ago, all we have to do is look it up.
Their plan included a massive financial crash of the housing market, the banking systems, Wall Street financial system, and a destruction of the American Dollar.
So what happened in 2007? Barney Frank and Chuck Schummer declared the California mortgage industry was in near total collapse. The Bush administration tried to get legislative reforms enacted at least eight different times. Each attempt was meet with fierce opposition from the then Democrat controlled congress. (LOOK IT UP, IT’S TRUE). You can actually print the congressional records if you try hard enough.

My point is that everything that is happening now, and everything that has happened since 2006, was ALL WRITTEN DOWN AS PART OF THEIR GAME PLAN.

The only real difference between their written plan (of the 1960’s) and what is happening now is the scope of which the entire free world has become involved in this financial collapse. Thanks in no small part to good old George Soros and his one-world-governance philosophy. How do you think your friends and neighbors will take the news that their 401k's and all their retirement savings was destroyed on purpose? What do you think happened to all their stocks in General Motors and Chrysler? It was all part of the plan, it just got larger as they progressed because they had to pay off the unions.

All I can suggest is that you educate yourselves, and everyone else you think might be worth educating.

And the last part ? PRAY a lot. Jesus Christ is the only one that really knows the answers.


OK, That's the end of my book for tonight, Thanks for asking Steve.

I hope Twana leaves this up long enough for someone to actually read it.



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