Constitutional Emergency

Lest we forget, watch this short video interview from Fox News with the Muslim Palestine female would-be suicide bomber that was released from Israel to Gaza in a prisoner exchange of one thousand convicted Palestinian terrorists for ONE Israel soldier held in Palestine!

Suicide Bomber Hopes for Another Chance to Kill

Do we need to know why Americans are concerned with the Muslims in our country? This interview says it all!

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So, what do we do about Bowe Bergdahl, taken prisoner by the Taliban in June of 09.....The Taliban want to trade Bowe Bergdahl for 22 insurgents that we are holding...I say trade em, like the Israelis did for one soldier and then lay them to rest before they can return to the battle field...That probably should have been done in this case.....................

They have been brain washed to believe that to be dead is to go to a better place.. I would say the moon would get another rock to cover the soil.... But who knows except the terrorist that only believe in the koran...

biden is so stupid and has his head up his ass so far he doesn't know whether to s$%#t or go blind.

If they're not our enemies I wouldn't want to be our friends. :.) Soldier language warning.

We are so naive and PC brain dead in this country that we are allowing, and even supporting, countless people into this country that believe in the Koran and Shari Law.  Without a doubt many of them are so dedicated that when they can they will do everything they can to destroy us including all sort of bombings, including suicide.  There is no defense against such attacks when they live among us and are accepted everywhere.  We either deport all who believe in the primitive insanity of the koran or eventually suffer more of the consequences, many of which will make Twin Towers destruction look like nothing.


Has anyone read anything about u.n. resolution 16/18? After reading of it on the Blaze, I did a web search and read that hillary clinton is holding meetings with arabic nationals this week to figure out how to implement it in the USA. It says that anyone who says anything about someone else which MIGHT ENCITE THEM TO COMMIT ACTS OF VIOLENCE has broken the law, AND CAN BE SENTENCED TO PRISON.  Her formal statement was that we would probably implement it in the normal way, THROUGH INTIMIDATION (shaming)  AND PEER PRESSURE. (It was one of the group pushed through the u.n. by the palistinian lobby group.)

An internet journalist attempting to cover the meeting this week was waiting in the State Dept lobby for the meetings to begin, when Security detained her saying she was a THREAT TO HILLARY! She was released afterward, but said it was shocking to her that to just attempt to cover a meeting at the State Dept would classify her as a THREAT TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE.

Not to be overly critical, but if you were an Arabic female and you had to live with the aftermath of khifiad (female circumcision), and a life of animalistic servitude, blowing yourself up, or any other short path to Heaven, might seem like a really good thing to do.

The world has reason to worry about mooslimes.

I tell my friends to purchase a comfortable handgun, then get a carry license for the handgun, then practice, practice, practice, and practice some more...  (Might even do some good to get involved in your local competitive shooting club.) 

The goal is to become proficient with the weapon to the point that using it is 'second nature'. 

Think 'protection' all the time.  Protect youself, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors.  If and when you run across this particular misguided individual in the video, or some other brainwashed follower of sharia and the corrupt cult of islam, you will be prepared to help them 'smell and taste paradise', ASAP.

Don't be alarmed... be prepared.  They want to die and to take as many innocents with them as possible.  Just think 'protection'... Who knows... You just might save a few folks from this cult's nightmarish belief?


For those that cant get to a range all the time-- Get a air pistol and set the target about 15 ft from you in a garage or open area,  and start there.. 1st shot from the hip and after that in a normal combat position.. The first shot is the one that counts the most to protect yourself.. The nice part is the cost is cheap but the results are great..when it come to protecting yourself and family... Also most people shoot but dont know how to hold a gun in the combat mode and after the 1st shot they are all over, so go to a club or range and have them show you how to control the gun while shooting...

Oh, and since we're on the subject of 'protection' and practice... One drill that has been around for years and years is called the El Presidente Drill.  It's a very good drill to run at least once each month to try and improve your time and your hits.

The PAR time for an "El Pres" drill is 10 seconds.  ( For your first few times, take it real slow and don't worry about the time.  Remember to follow all safety rules and keep your pistol pointed downrange! )  As you get better and better, think about beating that PAR time.

It's pretty much fun and VERY good practice!

HERE's A VIDEO from our friends over at Tactical Gear that explains "El Pres" pretty well..

Give it a try, the next time you get to the range...

All the best,




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