Constitutional Emergency

By Hank Jordan- Fascist Bitch Queen of England's Government has all most destroyed their own people with Islam, Jews as well as whites. A video below, about the city that should be Mark's home. What a mixed up world. Thanks Mark Collett for this fine video. "London is a city where the indigenous people are now a minority, you are free to celebrate this fact, but if you dare to utter even the mildest criticism of this, you are attacked and vilified."

Long live the Fascist Bitch Queen of England, as they control America through their banking.

 It is only a matter of time before they figure out she is Jewish also, but they are building a mix race that God separated.

  Time, in time, all she was will be deposed of, personally I can not wait until the day comes when she rots in the grave.

 A better look for the Fascist Bitch Queen of England...:)-


London - A City that Used to Be English by Mark Collett- YouTube

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It wasn't the Queen that let the Muslims into the UK, It was the EU and the United Nations. THAT is one of the reasons UK has been trying to get out of the EU alliance.


And we've got the same damned problem here in the US. This invasion from all over the planet is caused by the UN.

AND the Communist party, That includes Obama bastard.

Big problem, the network just pulled some files, the United Nation founders is America and the British that have parked their butts into the US Congress, as well as the EU.

 Does the Global Rothschild Banking in America ring a bell alone with CFR.

 Sorry but this turns out to be true.


America is about to crumble because of our UN involvement, the scourge of Islam encouraged by the American Communist Party (Democrats) led by the usurping bastard Obama and ilk and the general complacency of every day Americans.

Democrats, ok fine, what was the Republicans doing when the Jewish Federal Reserve took over America?

 Obama was Jewish and Muslim, fancy that...:)

I believe the usurper is Moslem. Do you have irrefutable evidence of him being any part Jewish. Be careful with the "Jewish" claims, you could prove you're anti-Semitic. Judaism is as mixed up "religion" as Christianity is as there are various sects of both "religions" and they teach and believe many non-Biblical messages and doctrines, one example of a false Christian teaching is the going to heaven/ hell when one dies; Plato taught that and you won't find that anywhere in the Holy Bible.

Posted by Hank Jordan-

President Obama is Half Jewish

After asking several times Is Obama Jewish and Muslim, everyone ducked it. But In Israel, the Jewish People do have a voice. LMAO....They do not speak well of the man, I wonder why?

Most people consider Barack Obama to be a Black president… these people are half right.  Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is a Jewish child of the CIA.  Joel Gilbert, who is also Jewish, has documented this CIA connection in his video titled, Dreams from My Real Father.  Gilbert however, fails to mention that Obama’s mother is Jewish… leaving out this most pertinent fact.

Obama is the 44th president… 4 is the number of death, and exactly what Obama plans for the plight of the middle class, all American’s and ultimately the entire planet.  Gilbert consistently refers to number 44 in his video, yet fails to give us the full explanation as to why.

I highly recommend you view this entire video (see video trailer below):


Obama, unbeknownst to himself, is a Manchurian candidate who according to John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, will be assassinated to justify the confiscating of guns under imposed gun control.  His assassination will also set off race wars on the streets all across America.

This will trigger a Jewish CIA imposed plot to depopulate the planet, modeled after the 1917 Soviet communist blueprint.  As Gilbert points out in his video, Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist, making Obama a Red Diaper Baby and communist himself.

The destruction of the middle class is the real dream Obama has obtained from his real father, and why we are seeing the middle class breakdown take place at this very moment.

Cap and Trade, Obamacare and the rise in food stamps are all signs America is heading towards communist style socialism.  Giving up our rights to privacy, free speech and the assault on journalism are other clues of Obama’s real dream and true intentions for America.

Ann Dunham Is Jewish:

To be honest I really don't care if Obama is part Jewish or not but I DO know that he is a Muslim Communist and he absolutely HATES America. He also hates the UK and Israel.
You don't have to take my word for that at all, just read his book, Dreams FROM my Father.
And anyone who thinks just because he is now out of the White House that he is out of the business of destroying America is foolish or naive or totally blind. That bastard is hard at work stirring up as much trouble as he can. You can be assured he is working at things we could never imagine. Is he working to get the UN stirred up and involved with this illegal immigration crap ? Damn Right he is.
Is he involved with stirring up the Democrats and their impeachment drives? Yes - Damn right he is.
Is he involved with tell other world leaders to ignore Trump policies and US foreign affairs plans? Of course he is.
Is he involved with actions of sedition, espionage, treason, and many other crimes against America???
...........YES HE IS.......................

And for all that he should be dragged over to Ft. Leavenworth Ks and made to stand and face a military firing squad.


 Can't do that he is a part of the UN Global Migration Compact, Islam for a better America...:)

Boy- America's allies have been busy building the NWO...) its all very British and Jewish you know???




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