FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans

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Like the Judge said, who would have thought we would ever be in this situation.  Shameful!

Yikes!!!! This is good though, that this is on Fox, and Sam Shepard is the interviewer (he is liberal)- maybe if we can get this out there, some Democrats might believe us??
Commieblaster.com has posted on their site and interview with jim Darrow who says that soldiers are being asked by Obama if they will fore on Americans- Jim Darrow is a former Nobel PRize nominee because of his humanitarian work in China.

His name is Garrow and I posted a video "Obama to top brass; Will you Fire on American Citizens?" as a blog on PFA yesterday.  A possible litmus test for our military leaders. Maybe everyone should take the time to watch it.  It does give you a chill.

He's not just a liberal - he's a lizard.

This is something that needs to be watched for......

How can we encourage our children to strive to get educated when IDIOTS like him occupy high ofices???


This is one of the most amazing and disturbing posts on this site I have ever seen. Thank you for posting this and yes, how did we ever get to this situation. Drone strikes on American soil can't be to far off.

OH my.


The demonRATS have declared war on PATRIOTS.

If YOU haven't watched this, you'd better do it NOW! 1961 State Department document outlining total gun confiscation in PEACEFUL TIMES!


I want to know, who the Director of the FBI needs to check with to find out if it is permitted for Obama to order the killing of US Citizens on American soil!!!!???????  Could it be Valerie Jarrett, or Rahm Emanuel, or maybe George Soros, or maybe it's Michelle Obama, or could it be Allah!!!  "The Constitution!!! We don't need no stinking Constitution!!!"



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