News coverage of the assassinations of Kaufman County, TX Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, District Attorney Mike McLelland, and McLelland's wife Cynthia has turned to the alleged involvement of a group named the Aryan Brotherhood (AB). 

Considering McLelland was part of a task force that investigated the Aryan Brotherhood, and in light of the recent killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements allegedly by a member of a white supremacist prison gang, this theory that the AB may have been involved in the murders clearly has some merit.

Yet in that coverage, the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to label ad-infinitum the Aryan Brotherhood as a “white supremacist” group, implying a racial motivation. The AB, even if involved at all, however, may have been motivated not by a "white supremacist” philosophy, but rather by something more mundane. Evidence suggests that the Aryan Brotherhood has morphed into what is primarily a drug-trafficking gang, and there is a more frightening possibility: that the Aryan Brotherhood is acting as a conduit, doing the dirty work for a Mexican drug cartel criminal insurgency into the United States.

In November of last year, for example, an Aryan Brotherhood member went on the record stating that he had helped smuggle hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine across the border from Mexico. According to the Mexican newswire Notimex, the AB member "stated that he had some important connections with Mexican drug cartels."  

On Tuesday of this week, a federal task force apprehended an Aryan Brotherhood "general" who "had ounces of crystal methamphetamine" on him at the time of his arrest

Moreover, since many Republicans and Democrats seek a compromise on immigration reform in short order, it is not surprising that politicians are themselves ignoring the possible connection between the murders and the Mexican cartels, with the notable exception of Governor Rick Perry. After all, if Americans were to find out that the Mexican cartels are operating on U.S. soil, it would likely change the immigration debate and could potentially delay a deal indefinitely.

In fact, ample evidence suggests that the AB does not typically operate under racial motivations, and they have a history of working with the Mexican cartels. On the condition on anonymity, several law enforcement personnel from the FBI and other agencies confirmed with Breitbart News that the Aryan Brotherhood's criminal activities are seldom driven by race; their focuses are drug and sex trafficking, as well as murder-for-hire. 

The FBI has declassified 156 pages of internal documents that shed light on the inner workings of the Aryan Brotherhood from its inception in the late 1960s through the 1980s. The documents show that the AB is known for engaging in brutal, high-profile killings to impress upon foreign narcotics cartels and other organized crime groups that they are the best organization to handle a domestic US ground game.

The clearest analysis of the AB’s motivations are revealed on page 56:

The purpose of the AB is now power and is not a racial organization as it has been deemed in the past. The AB’s continue to be aligned with members of the Mexican Mafia (EME) and certain motorcycle type inmates. [emphasis added]

This passage refers to the same US-based Mexican Mafia verifiably operating as hitmen and narcotics traffickers for various Mexican Drug cartels. It is the same US-based group that was hired by the Tijuana Cartel to assassinate the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, killing a priest in the process. The FBI documents reveal that the AB has kept an alliance with the US-based Mexican Mafia since 1968. The Mexican Mafia has used the AB as hitmen.

The National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC), a Congressionally-mandated effort led by the FBI, reports that the AB works directly with Mexican cartels. The FBI’s 2011 NGIC report states:

MDTOs (Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations) use street and prison gang members in Mexico, Texas, and California to protect smuggling routes, collect debts, transport illicit goods, including drugs and weapons, and execute rival traffickers...

The report specifically names the Aryan Brotherhood as working with the Mexican drug trafficking groups.

The lack of racial motivations for the AB is also indicated by the handbook of another prison-based organized crime group known as the Aryan Circle. The Aryan Circle is a splinter group that, by their own admission, broke away from the AB due to a the AB’s lack of racial motivations.

Other declassified FBI documents reveal the Aryan Circle’s handbook to assert:

The organization [Aryan Circle] was put together by a group of men who were fed up with other organizations within the system who claimed to be for the White race, but were in reality nothing more than radical prison gangs.

Another clear indicator of the lack of racial motivations or operational restrictions regarding the AB was reported in a 2010 article by the Hispanic news source La Opinion. They quoted Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Eric Ruble as stating:

In prison, divisions and racial problems are still strong, but on the street, the structure is different. Now it’s based on a union of power and economics where racial divisions are unnecessary.

The 156 pages of declassified FBI documents also reveal that the AB has an alliance with La Costra Nostra, otherwise known as the Italian mob. There is evidence on Page 41 that the AB has served as the Italian mob's hitmen inside prison walls. Also, according to the documents, the Aryan Brotherhood comprised an elite "hit squad" for assassinations that took place on the outside.

It is also revealed on page 43 of the FBI documents that a Thai national solicited the Aryan Brotherhood to assist him with a heroin running business.

The publicly available documents illustrate that the Aryan Brotherhood has aggressively pursued alliances with larger and more powerful crime organizations throughout its history. They have smuggled, trafficked, and killed on behalf of groups of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in order to turn a profit. They are hired guns (or fists, or knives, or prison shanks, depending on the situation).

It would be convenient for the media if the brutality in Texas turns out to be at the hands of a "white supremacist" group acting alone and on racial grounds. What would be less convenient is if a "white supremacist" group turned out to be working in conjunction with Mexican drug cartels in the middle of a politically charged debate on U.S. immigration policy.  

Photo: MS-13 is another independent gang which works for Mexico's Sinaloa cartel. Image credit: BorderLandBeat

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Not a big surprise.

I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before these rats join forces with the Chicago union mobsters.

(If they haven't already done so).

And then who do you think will be running this country. These rats will end up working as the Union (White House) enforcers.

I'm shocked they are in with the Mexican Mafia to be honest with you. The AB is a racist group and if your not white they are against you no matter what. Something is not right here and believe me they would NEVER join forces with a "Non-White" Group for any reason. They are that racist to the bone. It would be like the KKK joining forces with the Black Panthers, it ain't going to happen folks... I could be wrong but I'm willing to bet I'm not. Just saying......

Money talks.

Next step might be to connect the guns used with Fast and furious. Seems like Obama's private Army is doing what he wants.

I have been listening to this on the news.

Now don't get mad at me but think out side the box a minute ?

These guys are not working for the Govt. They are already classified by our Federal Govt the way POSSIBLY we will be in the not to distant future and when the hammer drops we may need some allies that possibly are not sitting on the front bench at Church every Sunday because the Govt. Will sooner than later come after us as a terrorist organization ? Sad but a possible reality and we will all be criminals in the Govts eyes no different from these guys or so the propaganda will state so when we can't buy firearms and we can't buy ammo where will we get it ?

SIDEBAR : In GA. North GA anyway Wal-Mart gets their Ammo Daily and they stock their shelves at 6:30 am fair priced or market price .45, 9mm, 410, 20 gauged, 12 gauged and ,22 sold out by 7:30 every day ! That is in Canton GA. They have 150 grain 30-06 ammo on the shelf and 12 gauged target rounds re load then with your choic they have same primer, also from time to time they will have 10 gauged been hard to find but still a shoulder operated heavy round . There were 10 gauged guns mounted on the bow of Navy boats in WWII. Very few .223 or 5.56. You can order reload kits in the store easier than on line ? They tell you a lot of time on line not availiable but good ole Joe at the local Wal-Mart knows how and where to get reload kits and up to you to find supplies but most gun shows sell all you need including non boxed ammo !

Dirt Cheap gun supplies sell fletchets for 12 gauged re loads at $100.00 for 10 lbs also lead fishing sinkers and paino wire make good reloads


I am not even for a second implying I agree with what these guys are doing just think our very own CIA deals with these ppl to get things to places they can't even go with a SWAT team ? When they label PFA a terrorist group , which could happen where will we turn ? I think we are dreaming to think we can count on the police to be our friends they draw a Govt pay check and we will be drawing no pay check when the fight hits the fan .

Now please don't go off on me and twist my words that I am for Mex Mafia or AB but the odds are very high that Obama will classifiy us as a group that is Anti Obama/ even Christians will be their enemy sooner than we relize ?

I meant nothing that I stated as a fact just food for thought things will get a lot worse before they get better and some of the things we have to do once they make PFA a terrorist org will change the landscape for ever ?

Sgt. Don't let me ever hear you appologize --unless you've done something stupid! and if you've done something stupid --you better know WHY. And if you know why -WHY in the good name of the USMC did you do something stupid enough you need appologize for? If this old Army medic can talk like that to a Sgt.with that USMC attached then I hope he paid attention.And I hope he don't mind Semper FI.

The government knows the Mexican drug gangs are killing the prosecurors.  Obama represents the Chicago crime mob and sanctions this type of things.  That's why we have so much crime under him including Fast and Furious and Bengazi.  

Lord help us JESUS! It just gets worse every day! Evil is evil! It's everywhere! I believe it's time we woke up and take America back! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Something stink's to me?? It smells of rot. My nose is often right, we will see??

If your skin is not white the AB is not your friend, they hate anybody that is not caucasian.




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