This is from the ACLU website so I do not want to link to it here. I don't want the rush of liberals including jihadi's coming in starting trouble. The way I track when PFA or a member here is put on a hit list - it is done by following the links back to who links to us or puts the hit on us. Anyway..............I don't want them here. You can go to their website to find it.



August 15, 2013

CONTACT: 212-549-2666,

OKLAHOMA CITY – A federal court today struck down an Oklahoma state constitutional amendment that would have prohibited state courts from considering what is broadly described as Islamic "Sharia law" and "international law."

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) challenged the amendment on behalf of Muneer Awad, executive director of CAIR's Oklahoma chapter. 

"We're very pleased with the result, which will help secure religious freedom and equality for all Oklahomans," said Daniel Mach, director of the ACLU's Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. "Throughout the case, the state couldn't present even a shred of evidence to justify this discriminatory, unnecessary measure."

The proposed constitutional amendment also would have barred state courts from applying or considering "international law."

"The court got it right," said Chandra Bhatnagar, senior attorney with the ACLU's Human Rights Program. "The Supreme Court has held that international law is part of our law. Moreover, our Constitution requires ratified treaties to be treated as the supreme law of the land. Preventing courts from considering foreign or international law raises serious questions about the separation of powers and the independence of courts and judges."

"This law unfairly singled out one faith and one faith only," said Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the ACLU of Oklahoma. "This amendment was nothing more than a solution in search of a problem. We’re thrilled that it has been struck down."

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What the hell!  First of all our laws are just and for Americans.  Sharia laws are a travesty for women and freedom-loving Americans.  The judge/court which judged in favor of the Muslim "terrorists" who want nothing more that complete rejection f our laws, our religion, our freedom and/or our lives.  This pitiful ruling is a complete denial of our God-given, Constitutionally-protected rights!

The ACLU and this court are in opposition to our Laws of the Land - our liberties, our Constitution. The ACLU has always been against our Constitutional principles.  They've been working for and towards communist goals.  They don't represent American Patriots -- we don't follow un-just laws!  We actually, as Americans, have a responsibility to deny, disobey, and obliterate these unholy and unjust laws against women!  Against freedom!  Against sanity!

As a woman, a Christian, a mother, a grandmother and an American Citizen, I say we take this case to the Supreme Court.  If they, like what  Rogers did with the ObamaCare bill, are also corrupt, than we invoke our individual States' Rights, our sovereignty and our OWN laws. 

Well, we need to clean up the entire federal government. We need to add the Liberty Amendments in toto as proposed by Mark Levin ASAP in order to save our nation. The federal judges who have lifetime appointments have been a disgrace to the average Americans. Maybe it time for our Average Americans to start acting like the Moslem Brotherhood and the Jidahists in Egypt with our federal government which is no longer following the Constitution. I didn't know the judge who did the Oklahoma ruling was a African American woman. Apparently, her decision proves to me that most African American officerholders is that they have proven themself to be incompetent. We are definitely getting that with Obama and Holder.

Well  Twana   YOU  got  the  attention  of  some  great  God's  warrior's These  folks  are  loud  & clear..!!

Twana, You had better get them to stand up and speak loudly for America, and they better do it fast.
Thanks for all you do girl.

I should have said most but not all African American office holders are incompentent. Of course this does not applied to those who ae conservative and likely Republican which is very small minority (Between 5 to 10%) of African American office holders.

I believe the reason the Oklahoma law singled out the one religion(?) is because it tis the only system designed to commit murder and treat women with less respect then they do their dogs.  For peaceful "religion", it is a good act on their part to attack the "infidels".  My thought is to find a couple of extremely sharp lawyers that cannot be bought and have them file a lawsuit against the aclu for causing offensive actions against the American citizens, such as, forcing a cross to be covered in the desert that was for honoring the WWI soldiers, making it illegal to discuss, display, or otherwise, honor God in public places even though Freedom of Religion was guaranteed, and, for interfering with States Rights like trying to stop the death penalty.  As far as I am concerned, as soon as children reach an appropriate age where they understand that which is told them, they should be read their "Miranda Rights", and every person should be read these rights that come here.  Since illegal aliens are not legal, they should not get these rights.  Then, when the police arrest someone, they already have their knowledge of their rights.  Semper Fi! - Gunny Lakin

This is fodder to be considered under a "Convention of the States"  to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

This is an article post that I submitted on another patriot web site this evening. I think it applies here just as well.

We need more. We need to BE more than we are. Are you kidding me - all I see right now is a bunch or computer key-board-warriors. This thread, - "Are We Prepared for What is about to Happen?" has really been very good, I hope it will keep going. I hope people will continue to talk about this subject. Because I'm here to tell you - NO WAY IN HELL are any of us prepared for what is about to happen. I’ve been on these forum boards for over four years. And by now many people know me as a belligerent, hard to get along with, loud mouth, that pretty much has too much to say and doesn’t agree with anybody. Have it your way – I don’t care. But one thing I’m going to tell you right now is that America is gone, lost, dead, and done. Relegated to the ash heaps of history. A history which the concorers of America will write, (and that is the Muslims in case you haven't figured that out). While Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and some others may occasionally speak about Barack Obama being a “Socialist”, Egypt is burning to the ground trying to get rid of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. A vicious radical bunch that our own president Barack Hussein Obama is trying to ‘install’ over there. No one is talking about the fact that Obama has already installed Islamic Muslim Brotherhood members into EVERY branch of our own Government. And not a single one of them was ever confirmed for office by our Congress. And Congress doesn’t seem to give a s__t anyway, as long as they get their paychecks and get reelected. And in the mean time 9/10th of the American public either don’t even listen to the news, or they listen to the left-wing Obama news dispatch, (MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. The rest of us sit here waging a war on our keyboards. (myself included), Hoping we can somehow figure out how we can save our families. Perhaps we can figure out how and where we could escape too if the world really does collapse around us. And all the while we are all really hoping, wishing, waiting, praying, that somewhere, somehow, somebody will actually wake up and do something to stop this systematic destruction of America. Well folks I hate to tell you – IT AINT GONA HAPPEN. Remember the Alamo? The cavalry is NOT coming. There will be NO reinforcements coming to help us. Like Telly Savalas used to say in what ever TV series that was, “Who Loves Ya Baby”, The answer now is  – NOBODY. We are on our own, You want to know where and who is the cavalry? It’s YOU and it’s me, and the people on this forum, (perhaps some of us anyway). So how does a keyboard warrior fight and win a real war? NUMBERS. Big NUMBERS. Numbers in the millions of people who are willing to stand and fight both in this electronic keyboard war, but also ready and willing to stand and fight in a REAL war. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are never going to say it, and Congress is either too busy or blind to see it, or they are totally complacent, or complicit to the destruction and demise of America. And then we have the 47 million deadheads who are ready and willing to sell their soul for a free cell phone. We need more people to fight this war. If your Congressman or Senators are home on summer vacation break, get in touch with them, face-to-face, and let them know we have had enough, no more. We will NOT stand idly by and allow this administration to destroy our nation. Get in their faces and tell them either stand up and defend America or face the consequences of what will come. Time to stop being a nice-guy. Time to stop being polite and friendly. Either our “Representatives” are going to stand up and stop this crap or they may be subject to a .357 retaliation. NO – I’m not joking or playing word games. They are either on our side or they are against America. Am I advocating violence? – NO. Am I advocating threatening our members of Congress? - NO. What I AM saying is that if they are not willing and ready to stand and defend America then they have joined the ranks of the enemy. THAT is their decision to make. I have sworn an oath to defend America and our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If that must include a member of Congress, or any other member of our Government, or any Federal agency of this government, then so be it. Let it be written, so let it be done.

Get in their face, and make damn sure they know this is the last chance. Time for political games is over. No more nice guy, no more keyboard wars.

RP, you seem to have it together.  Your comments are basically the same as mine.  You want to stop these buttholes, we need at least 1,000,000 armed U.S. citizens and do what the people of Athens, TN did in 1946.  Semper Fi! Gunny

Well, the Fed courts are currently controlled by Obozo's mooselem clown crowd so the decision is no surprise. However, no matter what the Fed court says, in any state court the state judge will apply state laws to any criminal case so the Fed court ruling is pretty much a moot decision and the status quo will remain in place. Any mooselem piece of shit criminal who tries to mount a defense using their asinine religious law as a defense will lose since mooselem religious law does NOT trump Oklahoma state law. All that this ruling did was prevent a change to the Oklahoma State Constitution. That same change can be re-written and passed again.

Will, I am not familiar with the Oklahoma State laws, but I sincerely hope you are correct.  Not being a lawyer, I cannot argue pro/con.  I can telll you how to put 10 out of 10 in the black at 500 yards!  Semper Fi! Gunny Lakin

Gunny, I'm a vet and a damn good shot - I can put 10 out of 10 in the black at 100 yards easily with my Lee Enfield. With my Marlin 30/30 saddle rifle - not so easy. Can do so at 50 yards with my .45 :)  We'll see how i do with my AR when I finish building it. I have the lower built.



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