Constitutional Emergency

Federal judge halts Obama's amnesty orders...For Once A Judge Is Not Making Law but Upholding Law...


Federal judge halts Obama's amnesty orders

Government 'hereby enjoined from implementing any and all aspects'

Published: 8 hours ago

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Obama's throne, dictatorial actions, treasonous behavior, and destructive path for America is being chipped away.  The United States Constitution "will stand" the onslaught of criminal and self-serving motivations, no matter where they come from...why?  Because we are a nation of laws, endowed by our Creator, and trust God to give us the answers in His time.

I hope and pray you are right Sir. I was with you at "American Spring" of the few!

I too hope and pray u r right




Congress is just as guilty as Obama is for the demise of America.  They have tacitly permitted him to get away with his lawlessness for over 6 years now, with virtual impunity.  They knew before the 2008 election that he was not a natural born citizen of the U.S., and did nothing, despite the outcries from many of their constituents.  Since that election, he has committed well over 150 acts of lawlessness, many of which are treasonous.  Congress had the tools to stop him at every step, and failed to do so.  I also believe that our own military is responsible for not arresting and court martialing him years ago.  Now that Obama has purged most of the true American patriots from the military, I doubt that will ever happen.  Lastly, it is we, the people, who are responsible for twice electing a muslim alien to the highest office in the land, and failing to remove him from the White House by arresting him and trying him for treason.  This whole country, including the judicial system, is patently corrupt, and I can only pray that one or more of the groups planning to completely reorganize our government, thereby returning us to the system given to us by the founders of our amazing U.S. Constitution, will be successful.  The government that is in place now was usurped by criminals, and currently bears little resemblance to our Constitution.

It's about time

It won't stand. Another Judge will strike the ruling.

You are so right and if it does he will find another way to get around it because it will go to the Supreme court and that will take forever. In the meantime he will just continue to do what he wants. The Republicans have shown no backbone since giving such a big win so now they are doing their same old same old which is NOTHING> No way to win back this country, it is too late, people too damn lazy to fight for it. Not like in my day, being 81 I saw Americans that were ready to stand up and speak out but that is gone . All that is done is a lot of yadda, yadda, blogging and they think that is all they have to do. Got news for everyone, get some GUTS, get the hell out and go to town meetings, school board meetings and find out what your kids and grandkids are really learning. It has to start someplace and from the bottom up is a good start. Weed them out at that level and then maybe we can get our count ry back.

I don't even trust the SCOTUS to do the right thing. They've proven they've been bought out with rulings on Obamacare, Gay Marriage, etc.

As for what it will take to get the Republic back. It will take people to American up and hit the streets across America, in numbers so massive and willing to stay until the entire US Government is vacated and new elections are held to fill posts.

Every single member of Congress is culpable in usurpation and aiding and abetting an active Coup from within the White House. From Obama and Biden and all the way down the food chain, all must face justice and imprisonment. Those at the head of the usurpation and coup must be publicly tried, sentenced and executed for the World to see how we deal with such Treason. Silence is consent.

Some Conservatives are also planning their own usurpation, with a Ted Cruz candidacy. Marco Rubio, another ineligible is considering a run. If we are true to our rhetoric and Patriotism, we will oppose it with as much vigor as we will oppose Hillary Clinton and did Barack Obama's illegal candidacy.

We must stand and defend our children's and grandchildren's minds and futures. They have been brainwashed in to a complete misunderstanding of what this Country's core law and values are. The first being the separation of Church and State that is being used to take God out of everything, not only in Government, but in our own private lives. The second is that they have created the fallacy that we are a Democracy, when in fact we are a Republic. A Democracy rules by brute force of the majority and a Republic protects the minority by strict laws put in place that prevent the majority from imposing a Dictatorship and taking the rights of Americans.

Of course we must be involved in our children's schools and the Communities because this is where they are indoctrinating a generation and guaranteeing the sabotage of the Founder's intent and vision for this Country. However, the only way to begin the bigger job is for the people to unite in numbers so massive that the Federal Dictatorship will have no choice but to meet our will.

I fear however that we have gone too far down the worm hole, made too many excuses, are too afraid of our own shadows to do anything but what we have been doing, which is hiding in our own fake Worlds, doing the same old things that have proven failed over the last 6 years and waiting, hoping for a miracle to save us all. A miracle that will not happen.

Republicans are doing nothing? What do you think they just did in the house by passing funding for homeland security but NOT funding obama’s amnesty executive order? Nothing? The democrats intend to shut down the government over that in hopes the Republicans get the blame of course with the help of the main stream media they may. Because apathic Americans are not paying attention. But it is not the Republicans who are to blame for this it is the obama illegal actions. However, the real culprits are the idiots who elected obama not once but twice. They will have the blood of patriots on their hands if this usurper continues he misuse of authority.

There is only two ways this president will be stopped completely at this point. A constitutional convention and a war and the war will neither be quick or bloodless. The fundamental transformation the president promised, his supporters cheered wildly, and the main stream media seems to support will, in the long run, destroy the American constitution as well as our bill of rights. Who thinks patriotic Americans will just take that laying down, anyone? Well I do not!

To many Americans are ignoring what obama is doing and by not paying attention they are approving his actions and he has become emboldened to the point he sees himself as a king or dictator.

Who among us knows what that promised fundamental transformation is into? Anyone? Obama himself never explained that and yet his supporters cheered him anyway.

You are fooling yourself about the Republicans - they are part and parcel of the thorough corruption endemic throughout our Federal government.  They want this amnesty just as much as anyone else due to their need to pay back their corporate donors and maintain their positions of power.  They play these games to keep the wool pulled over all of our eyes and far too many fall for it, hook, line and sinker!  A Convention of the States is NOT the answer either - I would bet every dime I have that it would be taken over by leftists such as George Soros, Cass Sunstein and others of their ilk and we would end up losing our 2nd Amendment rights, among others.  Not to mention the time factor involved - no way it would have any affect on the current Muslim-in-Chief except after the fact, if then.  Sad to say, far too many Americans will take it laying down simply due to ignorance and lassitude.  The American populace has been drugged and educated into a stupor for far too many years for most to take any action now.

We must impeach and remove Obama in order to keep our Country free.  Nothing less will keep us in peril.

The main thing's the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. More and more powerful people are starting to bulk at this president usurper. I just hope we're not a day late and a dollar short...Semper Fi Nam 66-67



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