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Oh where, Oh where do I start with this one!!!  This article is going to be much shorter than my normal writing because I really am nearly speechless on this one.  It seems there was a “disagreement” on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives this morning over rules that say lobbyists are not allowed to speak on the House floor in favor of bills they are paying for, er supporting.  The combatants were two Republican House members, Harold Wright and Mike Reynolds.  I am not going to tell the entire story here as there is a link later in this article.  No determination has yet been made as to the disposition of the complaints filed by each child involved in the fracas.

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  The People of Oklahoma should file charges and prosecute these worthless cockroaches. It has to start somewhere to stop this nonsense by our Politicians. They are playing with our lives and the Future of America and it is time for We The People to get up off of our azzes and to FIGHT for what is rightfully Ours and thats OUR COUNTRY

Dave I wish we could. 

Somebody ought to take them outside and give them a good thrashing...just for openers and scrap the music therapy junk entirely.

Wingy, that is what upset me so much. It is one thing to act like 5 yr olds but over "music therapy month"? Harold Wright should be recalled for even intorducing such a stupid bill when there are so many serious issues to focus on, and they are ignoring the people's business for bovine scatology.

I agree Bob and with Wingy and Dave.. throw the bums out. I am voting in KY and I am voting the old crooks out and the new crooks in. just sayin...


As long as we have people with IQ's below 80 voting for people with IQ's below 80 we will have this.

Well at least we know there are a few Republicans that are willing to fight, too bad it's for the wrong reasons!

Bob, I'm wondering if it wouldn't serve the citizens of OK well to maybe clone you, and make enough copies to fill their state legislatures, because even if they'd have to do it on an old xerox machine, they'd have a whole lot more intelligent representation.

This proves, d or r next to the name makes no difference, they're all there to further the un agenda by putting a stick in the cogs of freedom.

Beverly, you are very kind. Liberals and fence sitting "moderates" wouldn't like that very much but I appreciate your kind words. We do need people who stand for the Constitution not a political party. The republicrats have shown us they cannot be trusted any more than can the demoncrats. What we need even more is grassroots people getting involved at the local level. We need you, your family, your neighbors, and your friends to get involved in the county Republican party. That is how we make a difference. My voice is being heard, as are others, at the local level and that translates into the state level, and eventually to the national level. We need people in every county in this nation to stand up and say ENOUGH OF THIS!!! and be a presence in the political spectrum. Each of us can make a difference if we will put out the effort to do so. I attend a county party meeting one night a month as an active member of the county party. I am also one of two state committee representatives from the county so I attend 4 district meetings and 4 state committee meetings(on Saturdays) per year. Not really much of a sacrifice to have my voice heard loud and clear by the party apparatus.  It can be done but government Of the People, By the People, and For the People NEED the People if it is to succeed. Right now we have the People sitting on the sidelines in many cases, complaining about problems instead of making an effort to solve the problems.

Its a shame and an embarrasement to the Republican Party and to us "the people" that this happened.

Where oh where are the good guys??? We are in such dire straits with this person in the white house.

Jarmelia, this isn't the fault of the guy sitting in the White House. These are republicans in the Oklahoma legislature fighting over "music therapy month". And the "good guys" for the most part are sitting on the sidelines complaining but not doing anything else. The "good guys" are We the People. If we don't vote and don't hold our elected representatives accountable when elected we get only what we demand, NOTHING!!! Everyone can make a difference if everyone will take the time and put out a little effort to make things different. Our county republican party meeting usually has about a dozen people show up out of about 37,000 or so people in the county, and a republican registration about 60%5 of that. Not a good ratio for We the People, "the good guys".  If our founding fathers were as active as most people are today we would still be singing "God Save the King" and "Hail Britannia".


You are so right. At our Republican Women's meetings we have v ery few show up. Our last Flag Day celebration was pitiful. There are Republicians that should not be in office and that should not be there they need to be thrown out. I pray for my country every night. I have never been afraid of a president before but sure am of this one.

God save America.



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