Many of you know that I have maintained that America is under attack from two different 5th Columns.

One is Marxist led by the Islamic* Chairman Obama, his Abomination Administration and the Marxist (Progressive) Controlled Congress.

The Second is an Islamic 5th Column like those that have invaded Europe, Indonesia, England, etc. This second 5th Column has been financed primarily by the Saudi's with the Muslim Brotherhood and ALL OTHER ISLAMIC NATIONS.

Do not be misled, everyone that espouses Islam supports a new Caliphate, world rule by Islam. This includes financial support through their Mosques world wide of all Islamic terrorist like al Quida.

The only difference between Marxism, Fascism, etc and Islam, is that Islam advocates a "Godhead", otherwise their goals are the same - ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF EVERYONE.

This "Victory by these Imams and the Islamic CAIR" is typical of Victories in Europe, England etc THAT HAVE ADOPTED SOME SHIRA LAW - THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN IN AMERICA.

Note that the Obamanation Administration and the Marxist (Progressive) controlled Congress are allies of CAIR and this Islamic 5th Column, as is the Marxist ACLU, all are advancing their goal of creating the "USSR" of America. If successful will they still be allies is another question, I would bet that at that time they will suddenly be fighting over the PRIZE..

*(Islamic - the 'p'resident had demonstrated his support and allegiance to Islam)


IBD Editorials

Flying Imams Victory

Posted 10/26/2009 06:49 PM ET

Homeland Security: A suspect Islamist group is gloating that a cash settlement in the so-called Flying Imams case is a "victory for civil rights." If it's a victory, it's one for future hijackers.
Three years ago, six Islamic clerics sued US Airways and Minneapolis airport police for discrimination and false arrest after they were bounced from a Phoenix-bound flight for behaving much like the 9/11 hijackers.
Some yelled "Allah, Allah, Allah," and changed their seats while asking for seat belt extensions they never used. Though situated throughout the cabin, the six men appeared to be acting in concert. Witnesses also said they loudly cursed the U.S.
Also raising flags, half of them had no checked baggage and what appeared to be one-way tickets.
The imams didn't seem to have a case — until that is, they got liberal federal judge Ann Montgomery to hear it. A Clinton appointee, she denied the defendants' request for dismissal.
And her ruling, strongly worded in favor of the plaintiffs, made it clear law enforcement wasn't immune from being sued. Convinced they wouldn't succeed at trial, the defendants settled.
The imams' attorney — a board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which financed the case — says the deal involves an undisclosed amount paid to his clients by airport police. Details are sealed. The airport authority issued a statement saying insurance limits its liability to $50,000.
"The settlement of this case is a clear victory for justice and civil rights," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad.
These imams, whose leader admitted once supporting Osama bin Laden, are not the victims of discrimination. The victims are passengers who are now more vulnerable to terrorist attack.
The settlement threatens to have a chilling effect on security at our nation's airports. Even pilots will now think twice about removing anyone, but especially Arabs or Muslims, behaving in a suspicious or threatening manner.
Before the settlement, Awad tried to equate the case with a landmark civil-rights case. "If we win in this case," he intoned, "this will go down in history, like Rosa Parks did 50 years ago."
But CAIR's agenda goes far beyond civil rights. The FBI says CAIR is a Hamas front and has cut off formal ties to it. The Justice Department has blacklisted the group as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history.
And now some in Congress believe CAIR is a national security threat, and have called for an investigation into its aggressive lobbying against the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 security measures.
The Hill probe is based in part on internal CAIR documents revealed in "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America," an expose of the radical Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood in America and its network of terror-supporting fronts. Internal documents also show that CAIR used the Flying Imams case to push Congress to "criminalize" anti-terrorist profiling by airlines.
Despite the payoff, Minneapolis airport police insist they will remain "vigilant" in maintaining the security and safety of travelers. Thanks to CAIR, however, passengers will be left to wonder.

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We know B hussein O probably celebrated this event too. If anyone had any doubt where his loyalty lies they only need to take a peek at the video of him scraping and bowing to the Saudi princes. Also his "freudian slip" a while back when referring to the USA he said, "these 57 states" , interesting for sure since the Saudi's, (Arabs) do have 57 states. More time without his beloved teleprompter will lead to more slips, and more people waking up to what he really is, (not what his babbling lips say he is).



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