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With all the info on DHS Purchases and supplying Police Depts with modern equipment,etc.

Recently spotted a video on, about 4,000 UN vehicles on an airplane runway

in FLORIDA! It said they have since been moved. Also something about them in GA and CA?

What are they doing here ??? Too many negative things are coming down the Pike.

Continue to Prepare and have Plans. The Gov't is out of control or IS IT in CONTROL?

(that's the way it is to be?)  

I read some posts here which seemed to po po this FM as not pertaining to US territory.  My question therefore is this.  If this does not apply to such operations on US soil and US civilians could someone please tell me what the hell the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, the Transportation Department, the Department of Agriculture, etc. etc. have to do with internment and resettlement operations in some rat hole like Afghanistan.  Check out appendix E.  Let him who has eyes see.

sue ..look into it more ...the "tanks" are not tanks ..they are armored vehicles such as the ones used by eod units ....and they were purchased from the marines ...what u are refering to is this


Just take a look at who's running this country now.  Can't you see or haven't you read what's happening to America?  Do you believe in our Constitution?  In our 2nd Amendment rights?  Obama has his rules and regulations written (and can be found on the internet) in preparation for when he declares Martial Law in America during "peacetime".  The ammo purchases, including illegal hollow points, is documented and even admitted to by the DHS, Dept of Agriculture. etc. 

You'll also notice that no longer are the Muslims/Radical Islamists considered our terrorists, nor for that matter, our enemies.  Quite the contrary, they're sitting pretty (6 of them) working for various government departments to advise and bring to fruition their plans for our country.   Do you know what that means for Christians and Jews, not to mention women? 

Do you think a Bronze Star - newly minted and given to a military minister who is telling Americans we should "respect" the Muslim religion and sacred artifacts ---  how's that for kissing butt?  Has anyone spoken for Christians, Jews, and the many other religious believers in our country?  NO.  I say, as the Borg would say to the Muslims who want to "redefine" America - including our President - ...."Assimilate or Get Out of Dodge!"

Obama said in his book, "Dreams from my Father" - "....when push comes to shove, I'll be on the side of the Muslims."  Sounds like a good patriotic American, who loves and respects his country.

One day you'll see what we're desperately concerned about.

stephanie ...your talking to someone who knows this first hand need to get all fact ...yes I do ...I took an oath to defend it ...if ur talking about my. previous post I was not. disagreeing with it ..I was clearing up facts if u think I specifically said that the dhs did not purchase,vehicles ...well your wrong....I never said they did not. ....I am one of the good guys here so relax ....thank you

My apologies for coming on so strong.  Glad you're one of the good guys.  Just wanted to be sure you knew what was and is going on here in the US of Obama.

Thanks for the reply.


Stephanie worries fact I know a lil more than most what state are you case u were wondering I am one of the two state leaders in pa

Western Journalism posted a video on coming economic collapse and showed the document posted here- Internment Camps-



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