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Satan is in charge of our government and our military.

Two points -- First, the distribution of this document is stated to be only to US Armed Forces and DOD Employees -- not for public distribution. 

Second, before one reads anything into this particular document, one should look at its history.  In several editions, it has been around for something like thirty or forty years -- long before the current crisis.  To present it as something particularly noteworthy as newly created and particularly applicable to today's world is probably self-defeating considering the point that really needs to be made.

IMHO, we need to focus attention on the simple fact that the Liberty we all cherish and the Constitution we all took an oath to support and defend is at risk from within.  To use something as clearly inappropriate or disprovable as justification (similarly to the information about DHS buying 1.6 million rounds of ammunition and 2700 tanks) hurts our credibility when actually talking about real dangers.  And we must have credibility if we hope to influence the population and the Congress to restore the Constitutional Republic given us by our forefathers.

I think it would be wise to provide at least a couple of credible sources and some analysis prior to publishing "facts" that turn out to be less than accurate.  I have been guilty of similar errors in the past and will probably do it again, but at least from this time foreward, I will attempt to make sure that, like Paul Harvey, I do my best to tell "the rest of the story".


Robert D. Jones, LTC, USAF (Ret)

In hard times it appears that much is discovered that has been present all along... this link ( has a whole list of military publications (and I believe I saw the titled PDF on Amazon, not sure why).

We, the US and all patriotic Americans, are under pressure to find a 'course  of action' that is both pertinent to the present conditions and "lucid" in its foundations. I have numerous military and LE friends and associates and, given a long relationship with them, feel that (as citizens) we have less to fear from the majority of either than we do "rogue" gangs that 'could' appear in any social disruptions. I have reasons for believing that but the most common is that both military and LE live within communities (yes, some military are on bases) and those communities are made up of "us." Sort of 'we know where you live.'

We need to be prepared for social unrest and those numbers of individuals who will run amok in such a situation. We need to prepare for a small number of government controlled 'efforts' that will overstep "all" legal and constitutional boundaries and be ready to resist those greatly and in force.

We need to prepare for disruptions in all supplies of normally available products across the board.

When will this "all" occur? That is a pregnant question and I really don't think anyone knows for sure but readiness is now (!) a significant aspect of our (myself, family and friends locally) day to day existence.

Information on 'how' these things could present is important and so I read a lot of this PDF... it lists some interesting perspectives and actions. But I am still more focused on rogue groups and very small government sanctioned activities well outside of laws. Take care, be safe.


The publication is, indeed, listed on the web site you point out.  However, if you try to download the PDF you will encounter a block that you (or at least I) couldn't overcome.  The copy you and I actually saw was from a different (boodleg?) source.  I do not doubt its accuracy and don't think the limited distribution is due to any secrecy intent, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of such documents that deal with SOP's that are limited to DOD personnel.

You do bring up an important discussion item -- should there be some kind of "social unrest" problem which involved a federal intervention -- how about that for policially correct nomenclature? -- how much of the normal grid do you think would be available?   A lot of folks seem to think nothing would be available for civilian use.  I tend to disagree.  I think that water, communications, electricity, and similar facilities would be up and running.  The government would need them to be an effective force.  Since they(and their families) live among the rest of us, to deprive them of needed essentials (including food and water) would definitely be counter-productive.  Anyhow, I think that would be an interesting item for speculation.

I tend to agree with you. And I think 'certain' areas of the country would be "more" prone to a complete disconnect.

I've experienced 'three' large scale riots within the US and had to contend personally with two of 'em. Numerous people were killed in one of those (no LE) and, to my knowledge (just as an aside), no arrests were ever made. In short, 'law and order' goes to crap. But, a drive of 15 miles put me (at that time) in a serene area of normal everyday life.

Large cities "will" be negatively effected. I don't think we'll see troops dropped in but folks should realize that we've had "tanks" rolling thru major cities in the past. And that the (more recent) L.A. riots of Rodney fame actually prompted the US Marines to be on the ready from El Toro.

We've let the US (speaking corporately there) descend into this outrageous chasm of politically correct insanity and "too large" Federal government and all the mandates and over-stepping of the Constitutional boundaries by not vehemently protesting the beginnings well back in the 20th century. But then many Americans had just come back from war and only (understandably) wanted to 'get on with their lives.' From the '60s on we've lost control.

I personally believe we will have some major upheaval. I don't think anyone is really 'ready' for that but the focus for those who are even slightly prepared should be (IMHO) to 'survive the first conflicts', 'recover and take back government' and 'track down war criminals'... however that works out remains to be seen (I'm not going to define 'war criminals') All be safe.

Don't overlook the fact that if you have a Smart meter, they, the feds, can cut off individual homes as they see fit and still not penalize themselves with lack of resources.  If they wanted to issolate a person, or a beligerant community, they can do so.


Didn't say we shouldn't read it, I simply made the point that a record of doing so is actually a federal violation and downloading it for common distribution is not legal.  Do I think anything would come of it?  Nope, but on the other hand, the choice is theirs not ours -- and we don't have the 1st Amendment protection that the press claim when they divulge private information.

Some of the readers may simply not be aware of the potential risk and not informing them of it makes them unnecessarily vulnerable.

 It's not illegal to read it or download it. I never saw FOR EYES ONLY or any reference to ANY restrictions.

 First, IF this didn't become public then I would have made it so. Secondly WE took an oath to SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the United States against ALL enemies, foriegn and domestic, AND I WIL. I didn't spend @) years of my life to throw the constitution into a fire, I took that oath and I mean to live up to it. I am prepared to take up arms against these domestic enemies.

We need all the info about government operations/preparations that have been around for years like this one. The pattern is what is important to see. We have to know the history of the government that was always unavailable before the net.

 There is definitely long term preparation for seizing control by Washington. This kind of information is simply part of the pile of preparations that are culminating with this administration, the senate and SCOTUS that will finally remove all rights of the people.

  Collapse of the dollar will first destroy the large cities. That is where the mine resistant vehicles, the 7,ooo AR's, personal armor and ammo will first come into use.

no disrespect colonel...but ur misinformed ....I have two close friends and an aquaintence whos new command is one ...also ...I know first hand about the dhs purchases...its no if ur going to break down and analize in a negative way ..trying to discredit all the info that is posted on here ..I strongly suggest u find another group to harrass...the intell twana posted is corrrect ...and yes there are a few that have been around for 60 years but a lot have been built in the last five years ....I have drilled in a cpl ...thank you


No disrespect taken, however, if you will actually look at the numbers and who is actually buying the ammunition it isn't that unusual.  For example, there are a number of GSA contracts for huge numbers of assets to be available at a fixed price over a number of years (with only a minimum order for the inital purchase).  This is done all the time to lock in a relatively low price based on the numbers in play.  In the case of the largest ammo purchase, it is to be effective over five years, not immediate delivery.  You can also look up (or I can furnish if needed) the numbers by agency, compared with the number of armed personnel in that agency, and the numbers are mostly reasonable.  The fact that, say, the Social Security Administration has to have armed investigative personnel is a different question.  However, once you posit that the agents meet a valid need then the number of rounds to agent ratio is reasonable.

As to various exercises -- over a couple of decades, when I was not actually fighting a war or participating in some other kind of operation where real bullets were being fired, I must have flown in a hundred exercises, some based on pretty far fetched scenarios.  Ask anyone who has worked on or upgraded contingency plans how many far-out situations are being considered.  Most of my friends have heard me say that a competent combat officer must, repeat must, be a paid pessimist. 

As for "harrassing" you or anyone else -- if exposing less than truthful information is what you and others(?) on this site consider harrassment, then perhaps you are correct, I need to find another group.  Be interesting to see how the others feel about my thoughts.



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