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Remember all these leaks caused the deaths of these SEALS and others with them on Extortion 17.

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Earlier this week, Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc., a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces personnel, launched a campaign criticizing President Barack Obama for unfairly taking credit for killing Osama bin Laden and leaking national security information for political gain. This is the second high-profile attack on the president from ex-elite military operatives. Last month, Ryan Zinke, a Montana State Senator and former commander of Navy SEAL Team Six, started a super PACSpecial Operations for America, which is dedicated to supporting Mitt Romney and hitting President Obama on leaks and on politicizing Bin Laden’s death. According to Mr. Zinke, these two super PACs are just the first salvo in what will be a sustained assault on the president by high-level ex-soldiers.

Watch the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. video, “Dishonorable Disclosures,” below.

“There’s a number of groups out there,” Mr. Zinke told Politicker this morning. “I think what it demonstrates is, there’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of concern among the former military community.”

Mr. Zinke said he believes these feelings of anger were fueled by a series of White House leaks and an Obama campaign commercial featuring President Bill Clinton that questioned whether Mr. Romney would have ordered the SEAL Team Six raid that killed Bin Laden.

“I think there is huge concern that the administration is using and continues to leak class documents for less than–well, for political gain,” said Mr. Zinke. “I think when the commercial came out with President Clinton and President Obama, and they talked about the political ramifications of failure, they didn’t talk about the families that would be left without a father. They talked about political consequences—that was a bridge too far.”

Mr. Zinke also pointed to White House leaks about the Bin Laden raid to a pair of filmmakers who are making a movie about the operation as something that was upsetting to military personnel.

“There’s a lot of reasons you can release classified information, a lot of justifiable reasons, but making a movie for political gain isn’t one of them,” Mr. Zinke said.

According to Mr. Zinke, there are currently at least four other anti-Obama groups made up of former elite military operatives: Special Operations Speaks, Veterans for a Strong America, Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. and his group, Special Operations for America. He said he expects that number to climb. Because active-duty soldiers are barred from engaging in political activity, Mr. Zinke believes it is especially important for retired military personnel to speak up.

“It’s really incumbent upon the retired guys to articulate a message. You look at the approval ratings of the president, Congress is in single-digits, the president is not far behind, and I think Americans still appreciate the credibility of our military,” he said.

(For the record, the president’s approval rating actually currently stands at over 40 percent.)

Mr. Zinke described his group and VSA as “kind of sisters” and said he knows some of the officers involved in other groups from his days in the SEALs, but said SOFA doesn’t coordinate with any other groups.

“We’re trying to link many of these organizations for a unified effort and, to a degree, they’re like herding cats,” said Mr. Zinke.

Though he knows there’s “power in a unified message,” Mr. Zinke said part of his reluctance to associate his group with other similar organizations is because, “SOFA is a little more cautious; we don’t want to editorialize.”

The Obama campaign criticized Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. as being akin to the “swift boat” attacks that smeared John Kerry in 2004 and noted that, despite claims of nonpartisanship, the group has ties to the GOP.  Mr. Zinke dismissed these criticisms of the former military groups attacking President Obama.

“There’s going to be attempts to discredit,” Mr. Zinke said. “I guess when you take a stand, you expose yourself to rocks. And so be it.”

For his part, Mr. Zinke said his organization is “not swift boat.”

“I can speak for SOFA—we are not swift boat in that what we are articulat[ing] is factual, and we’re very careful not to make personal attacks. We are making a complete argument of why the administration’s actions and policies are not in the best interests of national defense and national security,” said Mr. Zinke.

Special Operations for America’s upcoming plans include a television commercial. Mr. Zinke said the ad would be “edgy,” but wouldn’t be “a personal attack.”

“I don’t stoop to personal attacks,” he said. “You know, I’m not from Chicago. In Montana, we do things a little differently.”

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These men and women lived and died by a CREED that NO POLITICIAN can even comprehend .... Especially, the man who is supposedly the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. He has retired, fired or ask for the resignations of 200 Leaders of our Military since he has taken that OATH OF OFFICE . An OATH that he blantantly disregards everytime he makes policy. He thinks that he can change the US CONSTITUTION like its the hands on a watch. He has no clue that there is an underlying soul that rests with the 3 Founding Documents that make them sacred. I will also include many who are currently in our Congress. These documents are the Foundations of Freedom . They need not be tampered with ... but we have those that seem to think that they are above the OATH that they took ... Let me say this . If our military leaders understand that the FREEDOMS of their children and their childrens children are at stake ... then they must do what they must do ! That is LIVE and DIE by the CREED that they so righteously inherited from the Leaders that came before them .

God Bless our Men and Women in our Military who HONOR THEIR OATHS OF DUTY !~!!!!!

You certainly speak for me as well Marty!

Call me if you get the call first Marty.  It's time to bring the tyrants down.

Just beginning-- well if it come to a dance I'll volunteer to  do whatever I can. God knows America needs to be rid of the enemy for the good of the people.

"...dedicated to supporting Mitt Romney..."?  Kinda stale news, no?

I aqree. What the hell is the original timing of this article?

I'm thinking that it was September 2012.

Wow.  You have no idea...

The video was posted to youtube on August 12, 2012.  I have alerted you to the efforts of trolls to make trouble on the Site several times.  I have also been doing a lot of work locally, through my morning show and by handing out literature and so on in public and door-to-door.

You might recall this exchange we had last June:

From Ed Watts to Twana Blevins
Sent Jun 18


I don't remember Jaydem, but I am thinking that he might have hypoplastic left heart syndrome from your description of his need for several surgeries.  Is this so?  I lost a son to that malady in 1983; I still miss him, although the "blue" periods grow farther apart as the years go by.  Either way, you and yours are in our prayers.

I just returned to the Site about a month ago after being absent for a while.  My daughter, Tracy, who was born with Down syndrome, suffered a "stroke" (really, a huge cerebral hemorrhage), and died on her twenty-eighth birthday a few months ago.  One of her older sisters (I have been, in Jeb's words, "fertile"!) was her caretaker with a relationship more like that of a mother/child than sister/sister, and she has been having a terrible time emotionally since.

At any rate, it appears that my family dynamics might be taking a bit of a rest for a while, and I am interested in helping you out with the work here.  I am self-employed, so I can usually spend a bit of time on the Site three or four times a day.  Usually.

Please let me know what I can do to help.

Thank you,

Ed Watts

Thank you Ed,

What I am looking for are folks who will monitor PFA of course in the vein of guiding direction of conversation into action instead of just talking about it among ourselves on this site. There are many actions I bet we can all come up with and each person will have different abilities that they can contribute.


I am now precinct chair, I'm on country executive board as State Committee Person (This oversees election workers placement in my county, plus other duties).

Three people are growing the Logan County GOP fast, but we're growing it in a true conservative way. The County Chair, A lady that just got involved several months ago and myself. We have the help of state head quarters. We have also been blessed to put a helper to work at state headquarters. Thus much help there.

Since redistricting has occurred I found myself with a fence sitting liberal republican. He's being term limited out and thus we are now working on setting up meetings with other county chairs in this State Rep. District seat to work together to find an conservative to run that we can all support. Mine was Jason Murphey but I lost him due to redistricting and it was hard for me to go from a staunch Constutitonalist to a man who ran n the wrong party ticket, but even more disheartening was to know folks voted him in. Anyway, there is a work to be done.

There are all kinds of works to do. That we can encourage others to do. I understand nationally some states they will not have successes like Oklahoma. So I recommend those in very liberal states, to work with neighboring states that can make a success. If not neighboring, then in other states.

I'm also thinking about home parties and meetings etc. We on PFA are / should be very well educated on many subjects now. We should also reach out to folks surrounding us in different ways.

Also let me know any ideas you have.


Apparently, you didn't need any help on the Site at the time because I never heard back from you about monitoring and so on.  By the way, I would have noticed that the article, although posted two days ago, was from over a year ago.

Now, you have unjustifiably berated me in a public forum, and I don't really need that.  Maybe you should remove me from the membership.



If those expelled generals would make the call, I'll sure fall in ranks to do what has to be done.

Zip the lips and SHUT UP, Mr President  (otherwise said, keep your mouth shut azzhole. The more people that see this, the better it will be. I don't think we have any wise politicians. A very small percentage at the most. Pray for these people for God to protect them. They will need protection, not from the enemy so much as from the politicians



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