VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: ‘Shut up and listen to my answer’

The long hours and grueling pace of the presidential campaign may be finally catching up with a rapidly aging Bill Clinton.

During an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA.

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton said in a raspy voice, turning the question back on him and yielding the floor.

“The thing is, we had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the Marine responded, eliciting boos and jeers from the crowd.

As the man continued to talk, audience members yelled at him to sit down. “Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton asked. “This is America. I get to answer,” he said. “You listen to me. I heard you,” Clinton snapped as the man turned around and began addressing the crowd.

“I heard your speech. They heard your speech. You listen to me now,” Clinton said, his voice cracking.

“Am I allowed to answer? I’m not your commander in chief anymore but if I were, I’d tell you to be more polite and sit down.”

“I wouldn’t listen!” the man shouted in return.

“Do you have the courage to listen to my answer? Don’t throw him out. Shut up and listen to my answer. I’ll answer it,” Clinton said as the man was pushed out of the gymnasium by sheriff’s deputies.

“Can I just saying something? That’s what’s wrong: his mind has been poisoned by lies and he won’t listen,” Clinton said.

A woman just jumped up and began shouting at the former president.

“Hillary lied over four coffins,” she said as a man near her yelled “Bullshit.”

“She lied and she lied to those families. So all those families are liars?” she said as Clinton tried to stop her and a Secret Service agent moved closer to the former president.

“Did she lie?” the woman said as Clinton responded, “Will you let me answer?”

“No,” he said. “Why are you afraid to listen to my answer?” Clinton said.

“Are you afraid?” he asked her. “No I’m not afraid because I know you’re going to lie,” she responded.

The video shows her then forcibly removed from the room. Clinton never did answer.

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Oh, I plan on voting for Trump, I will take that get our country out of the hands of the Clintons, or any other Dem.  It is just something I found, 

I understand.

Trump said on tv he is Presbyterian. But like myself he doesn't go much because I'm sure he uses this time to rest and spend time with his wife and family. When I was working Sunday was my only day off all week and the only day I had to spend time with my 2 grandchildren who live with me. Sorry but I don't open and close the doors of the church every time they are there although I am a Christian and try to live my life as one daily. My good deeds are done every chance I get in this world and every day. I tend to believe one carries God to church in their heart when they go rather than he's there waiting for you to walk through the door.

Lynn, You are absolutely correct in your assessment of God and his people.

I remind you, and all others do not understand God, that it is your Heart he wants, not your body.

When our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, was on the cross, to die for our sins, there were two thieves on the crosses on either side of him. One of the thieves taunted Jesus, saying, If you are truly the Son of God, lift yourself down from this Cross, and us with you. The other thief told the first thief, we are here for our crimes, and deserve our fate. He has done nothing, yet they kill him. He looked at Jesus, and said to him, Lord please remember me when you come into your Kingdom.

This thief probably had never in his life, set foot in a Church, but Jesus said to him " I tell you this day, you will be with me in Paradise". Why, because the thief believed in him, and that was sufficient, with his faith, to save him. God does not care where your body is, he only cares where your heart is, and the life you live for him.

ROMANS 10:13                                                                                                                             Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Romans 10:10-                                                                                                                                For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Hebrews 9;28                                                                                                                                   So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

John 3;17                                                                                                                                        For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

Ephesians 2;8,9                                                                                                                               For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

This is a time in America to return to McCarthyism. 

Demand for the indictment on government officials on charges in violation of 1940 Smith Act, that is currently a national law on the books today. It was a law that was to prevent and perge U.S. government from being infiltrated by foreign nation loyalists and sympathisers who could take government over for their own political agenda.

Also, 1954 Anti-Communist Act by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower was established to prevent Communist political supporters from campaining and taking office in US government because they would cause havoc and disfunction in the US political system to get you to support them in their agendas. 

1948 Taft and Hartley Act was established to prevent Communist dictator from taking control over U.S. Labor unions becsuse they would create hardship and discourage earners that capitalism is no longer working for the labor and try to convince the society that Socialism is the way to fix and help support the working class.

The Commie tactics are working as Americans are loosing ability to fully possess private property ownership which is necessary for a free society

I wanted to share this,"We the People" petition, with you:

Individual citizens, get the Court to indict and press charges. If they will not, then do so according to US Constitutional Law by the Court of Common Law. Under this court system, the citizens form a trial jury of 25 members who have a right to indict, investigate and judge over the Admiralty Court systems established by the Corporate courts currently (illegally) practiced by the judicial systemstoday!!!

When an elected judge goes against the taken oath of office to practice law according to the Constitution and does not keep to that oath, according to Blacks Law, they are guilty of purgury and can be imprisoned for such violation.

Punish by Capital punishment to set a good example and send a clear message that there will be harsh consequence put upon wrongdoers. Capitalist society must enforce capital punishment!!!

American Citizens, take back you Nation, you are the Governing Republic.

The US Government has taken 280 million acres from private farm owners during Obama's reign. 

A government that does not reallocate this land and retains it, is an example of how a nation becomes communist, were the people will no longer have a right to gain or possess private property as written as the peoples right in the US Constitution! !!!

That petition states it was archived for lack of signatures. I guess nobody knew about it.

In 1963, the first task of Democrat president Johnson after he first assumed his presidency position, after the assassination of JFK, was to push through a 25% tax cut on annual income revenue of America's high earners and the Corporations.

From FDR New Deal policy, the tax base was 91% on America's wealthiest and 55% on the Corporations. He changed the taxes to 71% on the wealthy and 45% on the Corporations.

He cut taxes just before sending in a heavy wave of military to fight in the Vietnam war, in 1965 and began the NASA space program to race the russians to the moon.

You need to ask, why a Democrat cut taxes on corporations and the rich and notice that he did this when two very expensive political projects began?

America just ended the Cuban Missle Crisis and McCarthyism in th err 50's, this tax cut looks as though a Commie wanted to destroy Americas treasury reserve, and it did!!!

Get this, Nixon on the other hand, 1971, establishes the OSHA, NIOSHA and the EPA agencies which put very strong regulations on US Industrial Corporations for consumer, employee safety as well as emissions restrictions. Then he opened trade relations and deregulated the transport restrictions on Russia, and then China under president Ford and Carter, whom completed the trade agreement with China in 1979.

Here again, you have to ask, why a Republican, Nixon, would create strong regulations on American corporations, which put American businesses at a disadvantage in international trade?

The 1973 iranian oil embargo, doesn't it only make sence that there was a retaliation from OPEC nations because the US found Russia to be a new oil supplier to buy from? Since this time, Russia has become the largest oil exporter in the world and still remains free from OPEC regulations and control which gives them full control over global market supply and inventories allowing them to dictate global prices.

Was this sabotage from within to take America down? It sure looks that way to me!!! 

America schools and roads were the best in the world up until this time, these only degraded going foreward.

Communist laborers dont have a right and can never afford to own private property on their wages. That is why they live as tenants of state owned property and the people are considered an asset of the state (because of their labor value).

This is quite the opposite in America, because in America, the working class generally have to pay on mortgages to acquire affordable land and homestead property. As this is a given right established in the US Constitution. In order to be free citizens, they have to have a right to own and acquire affordable private property and government is to protect this right. 

For this reason, the two government economic systems do not react the same in a longer then usual economic slowdown that would exceed the allowable unemployment insurance period for a US citizen to collect on such benefits, resulting in a property foreclose because of delinquent mortgage payments.

This disadvantage to America businesses and homeowners will require a transition to Socialism or Communism economic and political system or bust. Which us exactly what the federal reserve or Central Bankers are trying to do to the US and European Countries.

Reports show that they retain and manage close to 1/3 of the nations lands, when population is growing but available land is not, this hoarding is causing an artificial inflation on land prices which makes it harder for average common citizens to be able to afford to purchase the land property.

They are controlling prices and it is not based on a free market.For this reason, US Government should not hoarders or possessers of large quantities of national land. This is what Communist nations, assets owned by the state government have done in the past.


They have destroyed OUR Lady so badly to this point HER neglect and decaying infrastructure is crumbling before our very eyes! Our children of today have been turned to an evil sexual frame of mind leaving behind our traditions of God and humanity, every day respect for our country and it's people, the idea that a good days work is the reward of the body mind and soul that makes us who we are and the dream of a successful future for ourselves and a better one for our children has been stolen from all of us! If people have nothing to look forward and to strive to do a better job with the rewards of their labor be it now o later but knowing it is reachable what do we have to live for? We older people know that feeling but our young people have never felt this and have no idea the satisfaction it can bring. We have to get that back. They have literally stolen our future and our culture from us.

Harney county judge's brother is a BLM high ranking official of the region.

I dont know if you put it all together, about the sale of uranium one, a North America mining operations that had been sold to Russia. 

The sale would not happened without approval by the state department signing off on the deal. Mrs Clinton is that state department official who signed and she had monies contributed into her Campaign fund from the deal.

Remember the Hammond and Other ranchers out west. The mineral that are identified in the soil was rich in mercury, URANIUM and other valuable resources. 

The stories are connected!!!

Below article, said Jeb Bush is also being investigated.

The US Government has taken 280 million acres from private farm owners during Obama's reign. 

A government that does not reallocate this land and retains it, is an example of how a nation becomes communist, were the people will no longer have a right to gain or possess private property as written as the peoples right in the US Constitution! !!!

I wanted to share this We the People petition with you:

Being that the western states is being handed over to the Commies to mine, lets stage a government land takeover to draw together the patriots all in one place,offsight, to make create or stage a civil unrest or armed rebellion situation, to allow for martial law or military intervention.

Jade Helm is the preparation for such an uprising and civil unrest that can occur from this.

Perfect plan unless you catch on and spoil the plot.

Establish in 1940, and still law on the books today, is the Smith Act, which was a law to perge foreign loyalists and sympathizers from the US government. 

In 1954, the Anti-Communist Act by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower was established to prevent Communist dictator from campaining and taking over U.S. political system because they would want to change us social and economic policy to transition the country to communism. It is time to demand for and rekindle these laws!!!

I applaud the effort of the petition,but we all know that zero laughs at them. To understand what has happened,you need to read Clear Horizon. Zero used the U.S. for collateral & the debts are being payed with American land & resources.

Smoke and Mirrors Book, click on Clear Horizon. It's 19 pgs. of the truth.

Please pass this on to all you know. America has to know!!!

After checking out that link, I believe Bill, Hellery, their foundation, Reid, and his Son, and any others found selling out lands to foreign Countries, should be put into Prison for crimes against the USA. This is a big reason I am so adamantly for Trump, as he is not a politician, does would not need to be bribed, receive kick backs, or deliberately, knowingly, sell off any us lands to foreign interests, especially those who are not allied with us, but are more our enemies. I do not believe he would fall into the pit, in which all politicians have dug for themselves, and into the selling out of our Country. I believe he is a true American Patriot, and he owes a lot to this Country, a land where one is free to build a empire, if they have the desire and knowledge to do so. Cruz is illegal to run for the Presidency, as far as I can see, or dind out, and he is just ANOTHER Politician. There is a vast difference between saying something, and doing that something, as we have all seen with our current PINO. He promised us the moon, then took away it's shine.

Personally, I believe this is a very small piece of a very big pie, which is being consumed by all the elites in this Country. Nobama has made our debt so large, at least 20 Trillion dollars, that if those we owe the money to were to call their loans, much of our lands would be sacrificed to pay off those loans. In my opinion, in the very near future, America is going to loose the position as the worlds reserve currency. When this happens, our dollar will be down valued to a fraction of it’s current value structure, and when those we owe demand payment, they will demand it in Gold, Silver, other precious minerals, or our lands. I am sure, since we went off the Gold standard, Fort Knox is nearly, if not completely empty. Cleared out by those who were able to take the Gold, and use it at their will, for whatever they wanted it for. I have heard that a ship load of it was sent to Africa, although I have no links of proof of this.

The federal bank, and fort Knox have not been audited for many years, so we are absolutely ignorant of how much, if any money or Gold is in either. I am sure Nobama, and others have completely drained any Gold we had, and sent it to God knows where. I am sure much of the value that was there, has been very well secured in various off shore accounts. I know Nobama has become a ultra millionaire since he entered office, and his own off shore accounts are fat as well. He walked into the Whitehouse with little more than pocket change, of his own money, and I know the position of President does not pay that well. He openly spends multi millions just on outings, vacations, and Golf time, all on our dime.

It is high time we put someone in office who does not need to play the politics as usual game. Someone who cannot be bought, bribed, or controlled by the elite clan surrounding out Government. It is time we the people vote out every RINO, and democrat we can, and try to fill those vacancies with strong Conservatives, including the Presidency, and fill those positions with non Politicians, who have not been pulled into that quagmire as of yet. We are swiftly running out of time, and options. We must act while we yet can. Let’s yank off the bandages, and let the fresh air heal our wounds.



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