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Fort Hood Survivor Goes Off on Eric Holder: ‘Not Only Am I Disappointed, I’m Embarrassed

The muslim trojan horse in the whitehouse refuses to file terrorism charges against this jihadi Nidal Hasan for his terrorist attack upon Fort Hood!



As jury selection officially began in the “workplace violence” trial of the Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage, Maj. Nidal Hasan on Wednesday told potential jurors he supports the Taliban and a radical Islamist who killed a U.S. soldier.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Fort Hood survivor Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford blasted Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department for allowing the incident to be labeled as “workplace violence” rather than the act of terrorism it clearly was. Because of the distinction, the brave men and women who were injured in the terrorist attack are not eligible for decorations, such as a Purple Heart, or combat-related benefits.

Fort Hood Survivor Scolds Eric Holder Over Hassan Case

(Fox News)

“Not only am I disappointed, I’m embarrassed. Mr. Holder needs to understand the repercussions of his actions…that’s a proven fact that he is a terrorist,” he said. “For Mr. Holder to even make a suggestion from the Department of Justice going to DoD’s business, that’s not his lane.”

Lunsford then pointed out that Holder has “never served in uniform.”

“Has he ever visited our troops in theater? So maybe he might want to go to Afghanistan to visit our troops so he can get an up-close-and-personal feel of the reason we are doing the job that we are doing before he decided to make a decision that he is making that is just preposterous,” he added.

“For Mr. Holder, every time he goes home and he shuts his door and he lays down to go to sleep and he can do that in peace, he needs to understand that he’s able to do that because of the blood that’s being shed by service members on foreign soil,” Lunsford scolded.

The constant delaying of the Fort Hood trial, Lunsford explained, represents “justice denied” to him and the other survivors.

“I just want justice served,” he said.

Watch the interview via Fox News and read the rest of this article here.

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Personally, I think Sergeant Lunsford is being too nice.  He should be more truthful and less political...  Holder is nothing more than a lying sack of fecal matter and is constantly breaking every law he can in support of his and Barry Sotero's, aka barak hussein obama, agenda, which is to destroy this country and our old way of life.  Based on all that I read and hear, methinks they may yet succeed! - Semper Fi!  Gunny

Until the masses decide to pull their Heads out of the sand, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL GET DONE.  If we the people want the dirty deed to be done, then those of us, Patriots, Ex-veterans and others that don't like where we are headed will have to Organize and prepare to abide by our OATH's and Defend this great Nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. We will be the minority, because the rest of the masses are afraid to get blood on their hands or risk dying in the cause to liberate this country from Tyrannical Government. I also declare,  "BRING IT ON, MOLON LABE..... AND LET'S TAKE THE ARMED FIGHT TO WHERE IT BELONGS, IN WASHINGTON, D.C..  Let me know when, we all agree, it is time for the fight to begin and where I am suppose to be.....

Clois,  I agree with you.  I have been writing about this for a long time to many audiences.  I say we lock and load, but as a group.  We veterans, there are no "EX" veterans, took an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.  I am a veteran and I never unOathed.  Then we have have the Secret Service that also took an Oath much like ours.  They are treasonous as far as I am concerned because the illegal alien, and, anti-American, is still in the White House committing crimes against the people.  I try to get all real American patriots to read about Athens, TN in 1946 so they can learn for themselves, WE can do it once the word is passed that we should all rise up together and take on the White House garbage.  But do not think it is only in Washington, DC.  It is in most major cities along both coasts and some inland areas, too.  Semper Fi!  Gunny  P.S. I have one like the one on the left...

I have read the Athen's story, that is precisely what will need to be done in this country, Starting at the top and working our way down to the Local governments that are out of control. I think once the TOP is gone, that maybe the states and Locals will get their act together or they will risk being done to them as happened in Athens, Tennessee.....

I am ready for it.  A simple rule to live by if we get to go on the march:  Keep your powder dry, your bayonet sharp, and your head down...Rogers Rangers from the French & Indian War.  Our Americans patriots kicked some butt then, and I believe we can do it again! - Semper Fi!  Gunny

More people in the active militar need to speak out against illegal actions. I know they are restricted from criticizing their superiors, but illegal actions are exceptions, and these are dire and unusual times. If enough spoke out, they would get upper rank traction and cooperation due to public pressure.

Betsy--I appreciate your sentiments--but I remember what a young US Army Medic named Michael G.New  spoke out concerning the illegal actions of the Clinton Administration--the illegal order for th men to fall out in battle dress uniform illegally altered to  reflect foreign allegiance. Our Military was in like manner ordered to surrender their US Military ID and carry one that identified them as serving the United Nations and the illegal foreign Command.Michael New was shamefully treated by his Military superiors--even charged with cowardice? And to this day has NOT been allowed Justice--that would have occurred if he had been discharged for being homosexual.Then Congress acted to protect the illegal actions of the President-- just as they have protected the usurper.Then there were others who agreed with Michael G.New who did likewise speak against the illegal actions but their cases were suppressed even more quickly as the military feared rebellion in the ranks. Our Military is trained to OBEY ALL ORDERS first.They are given No option to speak out against illegal actions as ALL Orders are considered Lawful. In some respects such seems reasonable for no-one would choose to be a party to War if the troops were allowed o question their orders.And once one is trained to  shut up and just obey  all orders without  question--it becomes even more difficult to speak out later. I genuinely believe John f.Kerry is a Traitor. His actions when he came back from Vietnam gave aid and comfort to the enemy.I can recall as the FNG at Ft.Carson watching him tell National TV that he saw, and he committed War  Crimes --and that War Crimes were so common and nobody ever reported them A bid part of my problem with Hanoi John F.Kerry is he did not report any War Crimes as Military protocol demands. Until he manufactured his accounts of action in them them SE Asian War games.another big problem I have with Kerry is he is a pathological LIAR.But I mention him as yet another example of how difficult your suggestion is to follow.

   We have a sorry excuse for a President and the head of the DOJ . They know this was a terrorist attack one our Military Base. Not only those 2 are blowing smoke, where are our Congressmen and Senators , they are just as bad as they are selling the Military out with all their ass kissing. America is heading for a deep pit that we will never come back from if the American People don't Wake The Hell Up and Clean up the Government we have today. 98% of them are nothing but a bunch of cowards who have been bought and paid for , for way to many years.

This is just a small example. You have to knit all together to see that everything what is going on is deliberate, planned well ahead actions to destroy US from within. Another good example of the White House and puppet Eric Holder is their push of Zimmerman case. From the beginning it was clear, that he should not be charged. But charging Zimmermann the target was racial hate, which would come out either way.

Sgt., don't wait for Holder to promote justice.  Work to have him indicted for perjury, malfeasance of duty and other provable crimes.



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