Fox & Google GOP ‘debate’ to be turned over to Muslim YouTube Activist (Judi McLeod has a few thoughts on Megyn Kelly)

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When does Trump's event begin Judith??   Same time as the debate or earlier???

I don't have any details yet but it will be timed, I have no doubt, during the debate.  Will come back with more info when I get it.  Man, I am LOVING this!!!

Someone just posted on FB that CNN will air the fund-raiser at 9 PM Eastern time the night of the debate.  Haven't seen anything on CNN about it yet.

yup--but we agree on both.

No, just revealed yourself as a male, thinking with Lower Half of Body!!     Hey, go for it, I want men to still look at women, and act like men.

Personally, I am boycotting the debate myself. Mind you, I have eagerly awaited these Republican debates, trying to see just what each of these very fine candidates brings to the table. I even attempted to watch the first DNC debate, but that turned up front into a very syrupy love-fest that it made my stomach turn. I quickly turned it off again, in favor of something more interesting and palatable. So much for getting a first-hand view of what the 'other' side is all about.

When it comes to Megen Kelly, I really didn't care for the tone she struck in that first RNC debate on Fox News Channel. I do like the moderators to ask hard questions, but hers was more than merely a hard question. There was a very unfriendly attitude behind it. I have also seen her all but 'light up' when the topic turns to Hillari Clinton, which was very interesting. So much for her unbiased journalistic opinion. That in no way makes her a bad person. All of us have our biases, if we're honest enough with ourselves. But, she's a journalist. As a 'consumer' of her ware, I should not have a clue as to which way she's politically inclined.

I stopped watching her show and now have no interest in it, or her. It's laudable that her boss is standing behind her. He must be great to work for. I fear this is an attempt to put the spotlight on herself, making herself the 'story' which is a journalistic no-no. I don't give a fig about her career aspirations. In my mind, she has stepped out-of-bounds on this one. She should do the honorable thing and step down from the debate.

You tapped much of my concern regarding Kelly's approach in the first debate seems Kelly was the one that started the "this one said this about you, what do you say about him/her"?  Pitting one another against each other over "mouse manure" trivia.............

She seems very into "The Enquirer" type of Journalism.  Sensationalism, but, always comes back to the spotlight on her.      Her beauty, and her Spotlight will fade, and Donald will just keep on going............I think she is a poor representative,  for a Channel that is supposed to be "Fair & Balanced" what a laugh!!      Yellow, junk Journalism Ms Kelly, not buying, not watching............

I'll admit that I'm no longer a FOX fan, or even a FOX Watcher - and haven't been for a couple of years.  They're more closely monitored, have more Liberals in their fold than they used to, (shouldn't have had any), and thereby don't speak out like they used to.  

The GOP has rapidly declined to Moderate / Progressive.  They ain't conservative.  1) They overall 'politically' agree with the 20 week abortion ban - 'with medical 2nd opinion'.  89% of abortions occur by the 12 week, and 97% by the 20th week, so although not 100% - the medical 2nd opinion can add a little more to the 97%.  And although abortion is still legal - the 20 week ban has increased votes for the GOP.  2) With upwards to 70% of voters not wanting homosexuality illegalized, same sex marriage is more of an approach 'according to law'.  Whose law? Man's law, not GOD's LAW!  And it is Constitutionally Illegal for the Zoopreme Court to make law.  3)  The primary concern is wasteful spending, 2nd Amendment, Economy, Immigration Reform, Open Borders, Health-care and such.  Which is important; but:  Regardless of what Party is the Majority - the House continues to increase the 'debt ceiling', and the Senate continues to vote in favor of the President's Executive Orders. 4)  Health-care is very expensive for the working class; but is as well a 'Tax Law'. So whatever the 'savings' they talk about, there's still a matter of how much comes out of paychecks.  5)  Immigration Reform?  What we have in place has worked pretty good for several decades.  6)  2nd Amendment - what about the pistols, rifles, bullet magazines, and ammo bull crap that not many are really pushing against.  And ain't that many really pushing against Health-care concerning vets with PTSD having guns taken away from them in the near future.  7) What about those 8 super dooper computer plants, thousands of satellites, more cameras than we can count, GPS Tracking 'smart chips' in cell phones and computers, and overall the continual updating of monitoring to see what we're discussing and where we're at?   The GOP ain't planning on stopping us being 'monitored'.  8) There's many other things that I know come to your minds, which should be corrected; but ain't gonna be corrected. 

And although Muslims (ISIS) is an issue; but ISIL is not (same people) - Muslim is the fastest growing 'religion'.  Muslims are of the Sodomy Family.  1) Muslim Men can have sex with female sheep and goats, provided they kill the 'impure' animal they had sex with.  Bestial.  2) Muslim Men can marry a baby girl; but the father of the girl now monitors the marriage. For the Muslim man can't have sex with the girl until she begins her menstruation - which is mostly 10 years old; but sometimes as young as 8 years old.  Pedophile.  3). When a Muslim boy, young man is sewing his oats, if he happens to have sex with another male - he must be 'private', 'discreet' - or he is put to death.  Which once a man reaches the age of 31, and being now older than 30, and is not married - he is very carefully watched.   As Sodomites - Muslims are not just ungodly; but unholy.  4)  Indeed it's a matter with Muslims of 'convert or die'.  But they really don't care if those they classify as Jews and Christians have an abortion.  That's less population to worry about.  5)  Although there are some Middle Easterners who do lean with Russia, it's a matter of lean today and conquer them tomorrow.  One thing that Osama Bin Laden pointed out many years ago, concerning the Soviet - Afghan War: At least Jews and Christians worship a "god"; but Russians are atheist.  6)  The American version of being Muslim is different than the Middle Easterners.  For any of you reading this who was in Columbia, SC back when the Muslims and KKK were having a rally:  A friend of mine, my wife and myself had a crowd gathered around us, because we were preaching against sodomy and abortion.  And regardless of whether Muslim, KKK, Sodomites or Abortionists - they were big time united against us. America is a 'one-up country', and islam is different here than in the Middle East.  Imams here in America and Europe are kissing young boys who have obtained their 'puberty', (masturbation), which although mostly 11 and 12 - there's several at age 9.    

So with muslims, sodomites, and abortionists uniting in America, and although 'behind the scenes' a slight concern of the GOP - there's still a matter of VOTE FOR ME.  As far as I'm concerned, it's time to either very quickly secede from the union, or overthrow the evil despotism of tyranny.  Very Quickly?  Like we should have already done it years ago.  But likened to the old black and white godzilla movie - where the vast majority of people didn't evacuate Tokyo until the beast was chewing on buildings and stepping on the super traffic jam of cars - We The Christian, Conservative, Patriot People talk, rally, sign petitions, lobby, gather, prioritize election / after election / after election what we should have already done several years ago.   

T'anks ,Rick-- We agree-- I can add only Rev.Franklin Graham is touring with his Decision America rally-- We the people can help turn this nation around if we attend the rally--listen to Franklin Graham and act.

Is Fox Sick!  What the hell is the matter with them! I heard Trump would not participate, is that true?

Yes, he backed out - he is now holding a fund raiser in IA for Wounded Warriors - I heard CNN is going to air it. 



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