Fox & Google GOP ‘debate’ to be turned over to Muslim YouTube Activist (Judi McLeod has a few thoughts on Megyn Kelly)

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I do not pay attention to Michael Moore. 

I would NOt want that fat  slimeball  to be the same interview with me-after the LIES he  told about Mr.Heston  --and the LIES he has told in every documentary he ever produced-it's a toss up who I can't stand more  Michael Moore -- or  Barack Hussein Obama.-at least Moore has NO power  Jabba the Hut has more sex appeal than Michael Moore.And Jar Jar Binks has more brains.

You're close to a bulls-eye Robert........

Do you suppose that Michael Moore is drinking the water of his home town in Flint, Michigan???  Lead has a terrible affect on the brain!

Paul-- in my estimation you would have to have a brain  before that could happen--I have neve rheard Michael Moore  say anything to suggest he had a brain for the  Flint Water to affect.

Good point Robert,  you have to have one first before anything can destroy it......Hopefully, he goes back to Flint to continue drinking the water (and kool-aid) to keep him from ever getting one eh?

I do not watch Megyn Kelly.  Turned off this shrill Witch.

I am loving it that Trump has pulled out of the debate and is now going to hold a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors in IA instead!  Hopefully, another station will air it, maybe NEWSMAX?  In any case, it will be live-streamed on the internet.  Ailes is making phone calls to Trump's daughter and wife to try to get The Donald to talk to him - Donald will ONLY speak to Murdoch himself!!!   Chaos at Fox news!!!!

Greta polls her viewers - 83% will NOT watch debate w/o Trump:

WTH???   Is Fox news now FIX news?

Why is this woman even part of the debate?

Perhaps Trump's team got wind of the moderators' 'guest' and made the best decision ever -- bow out.

He smells a set up and so do I.

Kathleen, you need to read the following -


At a press event Tuesday evening, Trump seemed to cite disparate treatment from the network as his reasoning for not participating. “What’s wrong over there, something’s wrong,” Trump said of the “games” Roger Ailes and the network are “playing.”

In asking the question of “what’s wrong over there?” Trump has shined a spotlight on one of Washington’s best kept secrets: namely, Fox’s role via its founder Rupert Murdoch in pushing an open borders agenda. The Trump campaign is a direct threat to Murdoch’s efforts to open America’s borders. Well-concealed from virtually all reporting on Fox’s treatment of Trump is the fact that Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

Also, check out the people at PNAE:

On the board is the CEO of Disney, Chairman of the Board of Marriott, CEO of Boeing, Julian Castro Former Mayor of San Antonio, Chairman Rupert Murdoch of Fox Corps., Former mayor of Pennsylvania; Former CEO of Microsoft.

Michael is an anti-American buffoon & perhaps Kelly is one as well. I do not receive FOX News over my antenna so I am not up on all their rating schemes. Besides FOX News' parent company has a Saudi prince that owns part of that company & you know controls what is broadcast. For Youtube muslims to have anything to do with the debate is pure evil.

It seems that muslims are using the PC term of  islamophobia to control our freedom of speech to hide their hideous plans. The requirement of islam jihad is to convert everyone, charge them $$$ to become an islamic slave or to be murdered. Warlike jihad in the form in the previous sentence or in migration jihad where muslims swarm into non-muslim nations to take over the government so they can then perform the first jihad mentioned. Make no mistake, there is not such creature as a moderate muslim, only a non-practicing muslim. 

The koran appears to be full of contradictions where mohammad taught love & peace only to later teach war & death. The muslims use the law of Abrogation to show there are no koran contradictions. The first mohammad teachings of peace must be replaced by his later teachings of jihad & every muslim must comply. 

The muslim invasion uses three phases to accomplish their goals.

3-Phases of islam immigration

  • Few in number- oppressed islam, play the victim, claim islamophobia, more tolerant of others
  • Large minority- indignant islam, threatening, demand sharia law, intolerant of infidels
  • Clear majority, dominant islam, militant, strict sharia law, kill . subdue all infidels

For 1400 years this pattern has not changed


Have you noticed this method here & around the world? They never come out publicly about what they are or what they are doing. They come as a moderate, keep it quiet but pass laws and their agenda step by step.


Americans must wake up to their methods since the government cares not about our safety & it  is definitely king obamass' goal to turn the US & world into all third world nations until their is only one nation. We appear to be on our own without help from anyone except true patriots. God bless America

UPDATE:  Apparently, CNN will be airing Trump's Wounded Warriors fund-raiser.



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