Constitutional Emergency

http:// If i somehow missed the news i apologise for being redundant,but if you have not heard the so called president has signed into law that it is a felony to protest anywhere that the secret service is present and protecting the president or anyone who is under the protection of the secret service.Please just watch the video from Fox news.I am so angry i could spit!!!.

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I hate to tell you Joe, you are behind the times. You missed a few weeks back, but that is OK, our rights are being slowly eroded and soon they will pay for the erosion.

Thanks Clois,I guess i was to busy handing out fliers and posting copies of other reports that i somehow missed that one-bad joe bad LOL. So if i carry a sign and not say a word to the usurper am i in violation of his law?.Honestly  i,m prepared to challenge that law if and when i ever get close enough to express my disgust.What a hell of a mess has this fool got us into,and the sad thing is a lot of the people that voted for him the 1st time haven,t learned from that mistake,if you have i applaud you,not you Clois LOL. the 46% who said they will vote for him again.To quote"Stupid is as Stupid does".

Well, I saw the writing on the wall and DID NOT vote for the Usurper in the Office of the Presidency. Thank God, but you are right I know people at work that are so entrenched Liberals, they think that what OBAMA inherited was from George Bush and still to this day, believe BO can do no wrong. It is really SAD, because those people can't see the Trees for the Forest.  SAD Indeed and nothing you say will change their perspective and most of these people are receiving Money from the Government in some way....It will be SAD when we as an organized movement reset the Government back to the "Original Constitution" and these people if they survive find out they will have to provide for all their needs because the government will NOT be providing "FREE MONEY"....



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