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When was this video done?  Anyone know, because it sounds like it was just shortly that Assange was just on Fox, and Assange has been missing for some time now.  This must have been taped earlier, much earlier.

Wow, I just found the actual interview full interview on is dated that it was posted on 1/3/17, but I wonder when this interview took place?    Assange has been reported missing, not in Embassy as far as they know.

According to Fox, the interview took place over this last week-end.  One has to wonder, however, given the rumors of Wikileaks having been taken over by the CIA and that Julian was in CIA custody.  Nothing I can see from the video that tells exactly when it was taped.

I went to Fox News and the video was shown as 1/3/17, but you are right, except that Sean mentioned

He was on Hannity yesterday... You guys sleep much?

We only have antenna here, so we don't get the benefits of watching the Fox with Hannity which in only available via Satellite or

Define "sleep", please???

As I watch the Senate hearings on the exposing of Emails, most of what was released through unsecured servers I find it not only highly hypocritical but offensive that their only focus and desire to prosecute those who have brought the truth to light and totally shift their focus and the focus of the American people from those who committed these unamerican acts that are unconstitutional, illegal as they that failed to honor their oath to protect and defend as as a result that threatened our national security, failing in their appointed duties and have enriched themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. If they were lovers of the Truth and were interested in holding others accountable they should be thanking who ever exposed the truth and take the appropriate action to prosecute those who have committed these acts. What it shows me is that they are more offended that the truth has been exposed to the world than holding those accountable with reguards to what has been exposed. Not one of these emails has been proven to be false, not one has been proven to be made up. What's even more incredible is that the American people can't see through this misdirection. They have no desire to prosecute those who have broken the law but purposely consentrate all the attention on those who have revealed the truth of their illegal actions. If this continues America will continue to exist but it will no longer be a beacon of truth because the truth no longer is important, it is neither desired or sought after. They seek to kill the messenger instead of taking to heart the message.

The emails are LOADED with serious prosecutable crimes.

Let's say your daughter was being abused secretly and WikiLeaks revealed it to you.

Would you celebrate because you had the perp locked up???

Exactly... I wouldn't care how I got the information as long as I got it and it was the Truth.
Side note. I was recommended a book that's issued to all state dept employees working in the Middle East (don't know if it is still recommended) it's called the Haj by Lion Uris. You can down load it for $5.00. It's fictional but most of is contents are factual. I started reading it because the Dr. Who recommended it said: if you want to know the history, and how Arabs and Palistinians think and how they relate to their own and the world you need to read this book. Remember if you trace their origins they are decended from Esau. "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated says the Lord". You will learn about their familial upbringing and how having girls is a curse and having boys is a blessing. How young males can disrespect their mothers and older females in the family. How at a young age the males are seperated from their sisters and no longer can play with them. How education isn't a priority. could go on but it was a best seller and has become a literary classic. I have just started reading it and have gain a wealth of information on their culture which explains how they think and why they do what they do.
And how the Koran has shaped their Ideology and world view.

The Hadith and SIra are way more important than the Koran.

The Koran, Hadith and Sira are a seamless trilogy and no one book can be fully understood without the others. For a full explanation of the trilogy go to : Political Note the special hatred for the "people of the Book". (Christians and Jews). Their hatred is everlasting.
Their is no exception to their hatred and they hate the people of the Book more than any other Infidel. A must read to understand Islam and their adherents.



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