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Yes. Just did an event for Phil Haney and he nailed it.

Correction type in Hadith and Sira the second site listed is by political If you just type in political Islam you won't arrive at the thesis I'm recommending.

I was screaming in my head "what about US hacking all these other countries as well?  what about the Muslim-in-Chief giving funding to an anti-Bibi group to sway Israel's election?"  Hypocrisy, writ large!!!

Shhhhh... don't say that so loud...

Great folks at Freedom Watch and great work they have been doing.

Thank you for posting this Col. Riley, learned a lot.

I was fortunate enough to see the full interview of Julian Assange by Sean Hannity on the Hannity show Tuesday evening.  I found it very informative as were the comments by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch USA.  I'm a US Navy veteran and 75 years old.  This ain't the same country I grew up in.  I no longer trust my government, including the judicial branch, many of whom are lackeys to those who appointed them.  Seems to me there is not much adherence to the Constitution for the past several years.  I'm hoping that President Trump will make good on his campaign promises to "Drain the Swamp" and make America great again.  Moreover, it seems to me that citizens and elected officials are more caught up in being loyal to one party or the other to further their own interests than in subscribing to the principles upon which this once great nation was founded.  God gave us the Ten Commandments to follow in our relationship to Him and to each other.  We have strayed very far from His instructions.  Here's hoping and praying that President Trump will be obedient to God and to the US Constitution.  I personally pray for President Trump to seek God's will in deciding on his appointments to his administration as well as all judicial appointments.  And may God bless Larry Klayman and his staff at Freedom Watch USA.  Ed Elkins

You absolutely are right on in what you are saying, as I feel the same way. Exactly the same way. I am marrie

This is just another Fraud Bar Attorney running his mouth who claims to represent the People and has accomplished nothing for the People !!

Mind providing evidence of your allegation?

Larry Klaymen is right, Electing Donald Trump is only the first step. Once Trump and the new administration take office the real work must begin. It's not only the Obama administration, although they have been the worst in US history, but it is 40-50-60 years of corruption in our Government that we now have to work at repealing. All these federal judges that have been appointed by crooked officials like Senator Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, George Bush (both of them). These people need to be removed and replaced. Some of them will be replaced by the Trump administration, but not all of them. This new FreedomWatch coalition is going to need help getting the others out of office. THAT is going to take a different type of convincing to get them to leave office.

Been saying this since DT had a chance. We won a battle in the war but there are MANY more to go.

Think we needed to educate and get people involved to reach this point?

Ramp that up 1000+ times.



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