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We need them.

I watched a good bit of Mr. Assange's interview. He has done this country a great service with his wikileaks and has not, as the incumbents predicted, given out information which compromised our troops. That is Obozo's province to send in our troops on the wrong side of any issue. NOW that idiot-in-chief has sent forces to one of the Baltic states in a "bolstering action" facing off against Russia. Obozo wants a full scale war before he leaves office.

He needs a jail cell...

As for Mr. Trumps qualifications to be president; he has the same ones George Washington had...He is an American citizen who stepped up to the plate to guide his country through hard times.

Or hemp.

Biden’s Last Act: House, Senate Gather to Make Trump’s Election Final Under Veep’s Gavel

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. performs his last constitutional act by presiding over the joint session of Congress Friday in the House chamber for the official acceptance of the Electoral College results from the states.

The Constitution directs Biden to break the seal on the results from the Electoral College votes held Dec. 19 in the state capitals and then tally the results to determine if a candidate has a majority of the electors. If no candidate has an absolute majority of electors, then up-to-the top three candidates are put up for a new election by the House of Representatives.

For the vote in the House, each state delegation votes among themselves and the winner inside the delegation is awarded the state’s single vote.

Breitbart article;

Today is the day Congress will make it official, Whether they like it or not.

It's official; Congress has calculated the votes from the Electoral College and Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the U.S.A.



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