Constitutional Emergency

Freedom, What is it? And how do Americans define it?

While Americans enjoy their freedoms and liberty precious few can even tell you what that actually is.
We have enjoyed our freedoms in the country for so long that most people now simply take it for granted. They really don’t have any idea what constitutes that freedom, They (we) don’t even know how to describe what it means to be free, free from government tyranny, oppression, slavery despotism, and vicious corruptions and overburdening controls.

Well lets take just a few small simple examples and see if these relate to our freedoms in any way.

First of all if you’re reading this article, then you are obviously reading it from some place on the Internet. It has either been posted to some web site someplace or perhaps you received it in an email some one sent you.

That is part of our freedom of speech and the freedom to even have access to the Internet. Now that sounds pretty simple enough. But many people around the world do not even have this much freedom.
Some one someplace also has the freedom to post this article on some Internet web site so that people like us have the freedom to read it.

Ok, So now you decide to go take a look at some news channel, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Drudge report, or OAN, it doesn’t matter, if you’re watching or reading one of the news channel reports then that again is part of our freedoms here in America.

Now lets go over and take a browse around the gun dealers web sites. Cabella’s Sporting goods, Cheeper-Than-Dirt, The Sportsman's guide, Stag, Again it doesn’t matter which web site you choose to browse. If you’re reading any of those thousands of web sites then you are excising your freedoms, and those people who own those web sites are excising their freedoms and liberties to post their businesses on-line. If you decide to buy something and use a credit card then that is at least two more freedoms that most people in this world can not do, they don’t have those freedoms. They don’t have freedom to access those web sites, they don’t have the freedoms to buy anything from any of them, and they don’t have the freedom to use a simple credit card, much less buy something from an on-line gun dealer.

Ok, so let’s lighten up a little bit, you’ve gotten tired of reading and browsing the Internet. So you decide it’s time to go to the grocery store or the gas station, go get some beer and maybe some steak for supper. So you head out to the driveway, jump in the truck or car and head out.
Guess what, There’s at least a few more freedoms you’ve been taking for granted for a few years. First off you’ve got a car or a truck, secondly you’ve obviously got a few bucks in your pocket to buy that beer and steak. Then there’s the grocery store or gas station that sells the beer and steak.

My point in all this is that here in America we have so many freedoms that we don’t even recognize them any longer. We don’t recognize the small daily activities that we do as being critical to our freedoms and liberty.

Today we live in a world where hundreds of people don’t like the idea that you and I have all these freedoms. Especially that one about the freedom to keep and bear arms. These people hate that Second Amendment. They hate the very concept and idea that you might someday decide we’re not going to tolerate their oppression's and then you (we) may decide enough is enough.

Our Freedoms and rights are all at stake now. These people who fear that Second Amendment the most are the people who would enslave us all into a system of absolute despotism and total absolute control.
So the next time you hear one of these politicians say they are going to remove that Second Amendment, or that they intend to remove all those nasty looking military assault weapons, Know this, they are the enemies that our Founding Fathers warned us about when they wrote our Oath’s of office, That part which reads “Against all enemies – foreign OR Domestic”

Now let exercise one more of those freedoms these people hate;
Time to go to the range.

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