Patriots, Hear Ye ! Remember this today and forever more.

We, The Patriots, are the last line of defense against the Darkness !

We hold the Beacon of Freedom, the rest of the world looks to, in our hands !

We have only two choices !

We restore Our Constitution as the Rule of Law, or We have Government By Decree !

We Have the Light of Freedom, or, We have the Darkness of Slavery !

We have Liberty, Or, We have Tyranny !

We have Individual Rights, or, We have Mob Rule !

We have Government, By the People, For the People., and Responsible to, We the People, or, We have Government by Anarchy !

Our Constitution Can Not Defend itself ! We the People, Must Do So !

It is Our Constitution, to Keep or to Lose !

Patriots ! Will you stand with your fellow Countrymen ?

I Stand here in this Great Nations Capital, and I say This !

General Washington, Sir !

President Washington, Sir !

We Have Come !

We are Here !

We are the Patriots of this great Land !

We stand for Our Constitution !

For the Republic !

For Our Sacred Honor !

Can You Hear Me, Patriots ?

God Bless America !

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

I gave this speech today, Jan 20, 2014, at the Virginia Capital, for about 400 Virginia Civil Defense League members and media. And a few cops. I made only one slight change from the spoken word.

I hope it rings in your heart as it does mine.

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Absolutely amen....

Thank You for your reply and comment.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

Right ON !     " Our Constitution cannot defend itself."

It's merely an expression  of OUR WILL - which has  been the only true enforcement mechanism all along.

Great point. Thanks

Sic Semper Tyrannis !



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