The nation's only professional group for active-duty gay military personnel is holding its first conference in Las Vegas this weekend, an event only made possible by the recent lifting of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that prohibited gay and lesbian troops from serving openly in the armed force...

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Great now what ?these people are sick  if you don't think so go to VEGAS and watch how they act it is not normal folks they even know it they are not normal  God has given them over to a reprobate mind
Why do perverts and hyphonated, lesser Americans need their own special conventions, caucuses, groups etc?  I thought their goal was to be part of the whole, to blend in, to fit with normal, patriotic people.  No, they don't they want to recognized as special for their deficiencies.  Why don't they call it by it's actual name,"apartheid"?
I want to be considered "normal" even though I am considered a minority group: disabled. I am a patriotic person too.
Here, here, msamericanpatriot. I'm also in that group, and another minority, natural redheads, although that one doesn't have official standing yet.  Your patriotism I don't doubt in the least; however, I don't hold that same level of confidence for the homosexual segment of the population.  Seems to me, their sole aim is to destroy this nation and everything that made it great, as their predecessors have done to every society that's ever allowed them a toehold in history.
If America knew about Islamic sex practices and why bestiality is in the process of being removed from the pyscharist bible then more people would become angry.
I saw that move coming as soon as homosexuality was pulled out of the DSM 4 as a behavioral disorder; and being a survivor of childhood incest, I wasn't and am still NOT thrilled with that because I know first hand the damage that does to a child. It's ANYTHING but "cool"!  My father started, near as I can figure, when I was about 15 months old.   Eventually the kids realize something is grossly WRONG and by then the damage is done.

And in the New Authorization bill, the prohibition of it is being removed from the Code of MIlitary Justice this week. Pray that God will deliver this nation from this evel.

You ARE considered normal by other normal people! Never let anyone else define who YOU are!


APART  - - - -HARR HARR HARR LOL - - -actually CRYING O.L.
Hopefully it aint at me buddy. I do NOT like being disabled. It isnt fun. I hate feeling like a third class citizen and that the Feds are out to get me because I am disabled.
TWANA Napam was Hyperbole -EXAGERATION- dark humor, Dang you gotta laugh to keep from crying!! But Do Note, How they are Singling themselves out - No, Heck NO  - - YES for FREEDOM of SPEECH, (in civillian life), but these people are undermining military discipline by BLARING OUT their Social Experiment.  Sorry - -I'm unusual - -I DO have Black and Jewish Cousins.  Have a Blessed Sunday - - -Bye
All I know is that when I was in the military I didn't ask and I didn't tell them NOTHING it was YES SGT  or YES SIR thats it



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