The nation's only professional group for active-duty gay military personnel is holding its first conference in Las Vegas this weekend, an event only made possible by the recent lifting of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that prohibited gay and lesbian troops from serving openly in the armed force...

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 Sept. 20 marked another nail in the Military Coffin, first ,Women aboard Ship, then pregnant women allowed to stay in,


Affirmative action, political correctness and now womenon aboard Subs. When will it stop? Sad to say,I wish I could


say soon, but I am afraid it will get worse before it gets better. Women in combat. What is wrong when a nation will 


put our Mothers, Wives and Sisters in harms way. I retired after 30 yrs active duty in 1976. Thank God.


Harold Allen, SMCS, USN, RET.




I remember the attempt to unionize the US military, either during or shortly after the Jimmy Carter debacle...and while I generally think letting gays already serving 'come out' and and allowing gays to join and serve isn't as big a deal as many of us think; this 'convention' concerns me greatly...My position on homosexuals serving openly is premised on the notion that they will obey all the rules and not create a problem for commanders and their units...but if they start to mob-up, and demand special privileges or even to have some special recognition for their group then my position changes 100-percent...not so much because of their sexual deviancy but because they will have made themselves into a problem...

I know that over the 32 years I was in or with the Army that I supervised or led several gay persons...none of them ever caused a problem, although one who sticks out in my memory was always a source of entertainment because of his effeminate ways...but even then, he was a good troop, a great photojournalist, and a pleasant person...When he got out I wrote a letter of recommendation based on his performance to a prospective employer...the lad went on to have a brilliant journalism career...but he made the effort to fit in and not flaunt his 'issues.'

A convention such as was just held does not bode well for that group's future in the military.

Jim, that's where the problem is; they don't want to obey the same rules about things like "no public display of affection in uniform" and so on, and are demanding special protections, that are causing Chaplains to rethink and likely resign their commissions, and putting their victims of same sex sexual assault in the position of being penalized should they report such attacks, NOT the homosexuals who are doing the attacking.  Things like that hurt the unit and the military as a whole.The Pentagon has tried to keep the increasing incidence of such assaults quiet, but it started right after DADT and has gotten worse by the year.  And that doesn't even include the costs and down time due to STD's and other problems associated with active homosexual behaviors, which will also be rising, both during active duty and for the VA. If this was just about "wanting to serve their nation" as they claim, DADT afforded them the way to do that.  This is about open displays of their "sexuality", which has always been prohibited.  I had a gal in my OI class who was dropped because she just couldn't get the "wiggle" out of her walk and that wasn't acceptable, even for nurses.
For the left this issue provides a great opportunity to side track us and to divide us because we are going to weigh all nuances and differences quite profoundly on this matter.  I would rather suggest that another page be devoted to drawing up a  letter of Petition on this matter to be sent out later to the joint chiefs listing our common objections to this mess. How many complicated more critical issues are we facing right now that need to be addressed first before this. If this Reprobate laden administration were not holding sway in Washington this probably would not have come about.  Sex is always the Eye Grabbing Issue:  Weren't certain computers lost out of the Los Alamo Research laboratory and certain launch keys lost for the Navy's nuclear missle carrying subs when Slick Willy's cigar and the stain on Monica's blue dress grabbed the public eye ?  If our country comes under a BHO Caliphate there will be a Faggot Favoring Fatwa every Five minutes. . . And Mr and Mrs. America if you raise your voices objecting to that...they'll send us our our grandchildren to mine rare earth minerals somewhere in the Gobi or mining salt with the Twareg.  March on D.C 11-11-11 and let's follow up.

I am a proud homophobic. Not in the literal sense, but I do NOT like or condone their immoral behavior, so when one of them calls me homophobic I wear it like a badge of honor.

I said this on The Blaze recently and caught a lot of hate for it but I don't care. I don't care because I know I'm on the moral high-ground on this issue. They have the problem, not me!

This may be the dumbest move our military could have ever put in place. I will pray to God that this immoral rule gets the proper burial in the near future.

I was in NAM and I think some went MIA in some fire fights
That's very possible; some went MIA stateside during live fire training exercises too.  It's very woodsy around Quantico.
You're right, Stingray.  They do, and when they do with the "wrong" fellows or gals, it can be pretty ugly.  I saw several that Marines found in their ranks; and those were the ones that survived...  Also had one turn up in our hospital, and she hit on one of my civilian aides, ONCE; scared the hell out of that poor kid.  She never tried that again although she was on the ward several days that time and again later.  The Pentagon is sitting on the numbers of increased same sex sexual assaults in barracks and on ships now; and will in future penalize the vic if he/she tries to report it, no matter WHO the perp is.
I have to agree Stingray.  I saw a lot of the same things while in the service and homsexuals are preditors in nature.  You just have to look at the symbol they choose.  I am still pissed that the stole the childhood rainbow symbol to use.  They go after children ar a very early age, always pushing the Department of Education in every State to replace Dick and Jane books with Jane and Jane (I was going to say Dick and Dick but thought that would have been a little much) they target the thought process of children who are vulnerable to things.   All in the name of tolerence, just like Islam, all in the name of tolerence.  Where in the Constitution does a person have the right to demand tolerance from anyone, does anyone know where this great authority to demand tolerance from the rest of society.  if you aren't tolerant then you are hatefull uncarig and have no heart...sniff sniff...  Does anyone else get as pissed as I do over that???????
Well it was only matter of fricking time.  Next they will want gay day and gay parades, a vacation day on the calender to mark the grand occasion.  Then of course we have the cost of housing the military that just tripled since you will need a Barracks for hetosexual, one for bisexuals and another for homosexuals three different ones for men and women thats six total.  It would be long before one of the flames files against the U.S. government that housing him in the same quarters that have bisexuals and homosexuals makes him too uncomfortable.  Don't get me wrong I'm no damm homophob I just am sick of this Gay Revolution shit, have had enough.  Tired of this "movements" for fairness that turn out to be more rights then the rest of us have, it's always the same.  I say don't ask don't tell has to come back.  I wouldn't want to walk into my barracks room one night and have a roomate that's in bed with another guy would you? Thats really messed up, Obama's such a POS.



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