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UPDATE: Romney is expected to announce his running mate any day now...Today, the Drudge Report reported that Mitt Romney is seriously considering selecting General David Petraeus to be his Running Mate.

What do YOU think about this? Who should Mitt Romney select? Please vote in our online poll posted below!


1) Would you support David Petraeus being selected to be Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Candidate?

2) Who Should Mitt Romney Select As His Vice Presidential Candidate?


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Hehe. Harry I heard this earlier on the radio on my way home from work. They said the information that Drudge was using came from.....wait for it.....the obama administration. 

That's not what I read on the Drudge Report.........someone told someone that someone heard Obama utter something to someone, sometime about Romney........which the White House Press Secretary denies Obama ever uttered anything about Petraeus and Romney.........

The question is, would Petraeus be an acceptable VP selection???

Hopefully you are right and it was an unintentional leak. I did the survey and yes I would certainly support him. I should have read the link instead of listening to the radio Harry, sorry, didn't mean to cast aspersions there.

Give Me A F--king Break!

Somebody told me that Petraeu's wife mentioned this to the checker at her supermarket and it was overheard by the clerk bagging her groceries who verified the whole thing.

I shudder at the thought of another CIA man in a powerful position in Government............

I would have to give that some thought.  I still would rather have Col. West.

A lot of folks would like Col. West but there is 0 chance as I'm sure Romney is not even thinking about him in his process. A lot of folks out here in "flyover country" are going to be disapointed  when the name comes out. Romney has been accused of not being conservative enough, and soon you will see that is indeed the case. Sarah Palin has not been invited as of yet to speak and I doubt she will be. Tea Party/conservatives will be left outside at the convention. Watch for it! Romney's actions regarding the recent Chick-Fil-A demonstration was a huge signal from the Romney camp as they did nothing to join ranks with a whole lot of people out here in "flyover country"

Shame on Romney! He will disapoint us all.

Well, if that's the case I will be praying for a majority in the Senate and keep the one in the House. In any event Romney's election would give us some time to regroup. He won't do the same steamrolling that Obama and Co has been doing.

Good point Gwen.......

General Betrayus is the appropriate spelling for a traitor who has violated his oath of office. He is nothing but a liberal shill and a water boy for the imposter in chief. As an Army vet, I have nothing but the utmost disdain for this sellout. Romney repeatedly violates the religion he claims to be an adherent of. Mormons are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, deeply religious and overtly patriotic. Romney is none of the above, he is in fact a sellout who has no principles, hence his refusal to support Chick Fill-a and other conservative patriotic positions. His dismissal of the tea party proves he is a poor choice. Romney is also spineless, we need a real man in the White House, with the vision and fortitude to bring America back from the precipice. A good example of this spineless Mormon is his failure to state what Donald Trump has stated publicly. You want more tax returns, then unseal all your records and make them public. Barry is hiding some very incriminating documentation about who and what he really is and being ineligible for the office he usurped is a biggie!

Just remember it was his own guys in the 101st who called him Betrayus first. People he is a politician and West is/was a better officer. "Men who mean,just what they say" does not apply to Betrayus.



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