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UPDATE: Romney is expected to announce his running mate any day now...Today, the Drudge Report reported that Mitt Romney is seriously considering selecting General David Petraeus to be his Running Mate.

What do YOU think about this? Who should Mitt Romney select? Please vote in our online poll posted below!


1) Would you support David Petraeus being selected to be Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Candidate?

2) Who Should Mitt Romney Select As His Vice Presidential Candidate?


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Thanks for that Grimm............

HA Ha see us Veterans are not as dumb as they think we are!

If Betrayus is the VP nominee I will not vote.  Betrayus falls into the same category as the rest of the low life senior leadership in the Pentagon like that dirt bag Dempsey Dumpster.  If he were not an Obama politically correct ass wipe he wouldn't have the job he has.  There is no way he would be head of the CIA if the White House did not consider him 150% reliable to toe the Obama line.  This guy isn't even good enough to shine West's boots.

I would however would much prefer Allan West.

It's my understand that Petereus clearly declined even the possibility. It seems he does NOT want to hold elected office.

Here's my take, although I have some associates who have told that DP is a registered Dem. , Its hard for me to believe
I prefer Col. Allen West for his VP selection .... the frankness, bold, blunt, intelligent style of this man's character will only pick up the pieces where perhaps Romney is somewhat struggling with right now....that maybe due to the intimidation factor and the campaigns management which to me has been some soft on the man, who has placed the US in the most UNCERTAIN future since RR made his speech in 1980 about "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago. The accountability factor of our current legislature is unknown to the General, although he deserves great praise for his accomplishments OCONUS their is the Col's experience in the Legislature and he is quite aware of who the stooges are .....

Victoria per Scientiam,


I would if it was the only alternative to Obama and Biden...

I would hold my nose and pull the switch...

BUT I TOO would much prefer Col West

By the way I would prefer Gen Petraus to VANILLA  VP candidates like Portman, TeePaw, or McDonald...

(Well McDonald would be a toss up with Petraus)



Agreed, and yes it angers us all deeply that we can't get true conservatives on the ballot. We have yet to figure out how to unite behind a conservative and spend to much time fighting among ourselves over who the perfect candidate is. Until we can unite we are lost.

Forget Petraeus...........he's a solid

LOL, Harry I had just posted that article under another discussion just prior to seeing this, deleted now. I got it completely wrong on him, I should stop and read a little more before coming to any conclusion in the future. To much information to keep up with it all for me I guess. Maybe the floating of his name was an intentional "red herring" by the o's gang of thieves, they have been known to do such things in the past a few times, like several times a day.



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