Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Disintegration, And Programmed Societal Apathy

By Dane Wigington

My Note:

While Trump has now been manifested as the GOP "presumptive" nominee on his "Make America Great Again" campaign, quietly in the background there lies a very serious and overlooked danger that he has failed to ever mention even once. With the truthful facts so prominently available to anyone willing to search for them, (should they dare), it would be discovered that the first step towards "Making America Great Again" would be in vowing to put an end to what is and has been taking place on an ever expanding level that will soon be the end of America. When Obama made the comment that the single greatest threat to the world was global warming he was stating a half-truth in that the global warming is a result of what he and other world leaders have conspired to create through their continued assault on the planets normal climatic cycles  which is not only killing countless human beings but also killing the planet. If their agenda is to cause illness, death and overall population reduction they are well on their way to accomplishing their goal.

I have made this post to try and bring attention to perhaps the greatest threat we face as if this is allowed to continue we will not be able to restore our Republic as many of us will be either to sick, too weak or too dead. The global elite have their underground cities to where they will retreat and be safe from the toxicity being purposefully dispersed over all of we the people now on a 24/7 basis. May God Bless each of us and give us the strength to survive in the hopes we can bring forth an end to the destruction being perpetrated upon us and our earth, less we all succumb to the poison we are being made to breath, eat and drink.    


The forests are dyingthe oceans are dying, the Earth is dying, and even at this late hour the vast majority of first world societies remain completely immersed i... and apathy that is manifested in many forms. The ever growing list of extreme weather events and unfolding global die-offs are not discussed or disclosed by the power structure owned and controlled corporate media machine of mass distraction. Though climate engineering is aggressively denied by the criminal m..., it is real, ongoing, and lethal to all life.

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. -Malcolm X

Industrialized/militarized civilization is in its death throes, the pounding of the planet by the covert climate engineering assault is a testimony to the near total loss of sanity in modern society. Every breath we take is now toxic, air particulate pollution is taking an immense toll on human health. The largest source of this atmospheric pollution, climate engineering, is systematically denied by the central banker... whose paid for opinions societies blindly accept. Those who dare to even mention the truth often face draconian consequences from a societal system that has in so many ways abandoned any sense of reason or morality

While criminal leaders seek the expansion of empire, the point of no return for life on Earth has potentially already been p.... The primary objective of the facade global climate conferences is to covertly force countries to accept the ongoing and expanding climate engineering insanity. The long term goal to limit global average temperature rise to 2C (set only last year at the Paris climate conference, 2015), may possibly be officially exceeded only one year from the date of the conference, 2016. Rapidly worsening global droughts are decimating ecosystems and populations. In regard to the epic droughts, climate engineering is verifiably t... (also fueling forest fires like the catastrophic inferno currently burning in Canada), yet, again, this fact is completely ignored or blatantly denied by the corporate media, academia, and their paid for "experts".To control the water supply is to control populations

Read the entire article here:

Dane Wigington

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Patriot Vet.... I agree that the weather is being manipulated, that's a known fact. I just have one question, if the powers that be are poisoning us through Cemtrails, etc how are they escaping these chemicals which are said to being spread throughout the atmosphere. Since they and their families are exposed to the same air we breath, the water we drink ( we only drink bottled water) how are they somehow escaping?? Just a thought.

Hello! I fully agree with your conclusions, respected Patriot Vet. If you will not mind, I'd like to take a few excerpts from your article, and include them in the document on the disabled genocide. People with disabilities, old people, sick people, the first to die, and die from such actions of the world elite, including those aimed at climate change and weather. With regard to the question posed by the distinguished Michael M. Regan, it seems to me that all those involved in the conspiracy and poisoning air and drinking water, as well as the children and relatives of such persons, taking antidote and develop immunity to these types of toxins, they know exactly what they are doing. Thank you, Sincerely, Evgeniy.

Evgeniy. I agree with the the danger of our old, disabled and sick being the first casualties. My wife needs constant medical attention and ANY disruption in ANY of her services would surly mean her death. I see the possibilities of this happening also from martial law, social unrest, riots and financial collapse. And the sad thing is with my wife's condition and mine and countless others who need care and medicine if any of these things took place there's notca damn thing we can do about it. In that reguard we are totally helpless. All I can do is to thank God for each day He has given us and I tell Him I don't take it for granted. Looking at this honestly, with an objective, open mind I believe it's coming it's just a matter of when. So today I rejoice in the day He has given us and do what I can with the hope for a brighter tommorrow. Here's to the struggle....

Thank you Evgeniy. The article I posted was written by Dane Wigington of

You may use his material but must leave all links in tact and give credit where credit is due. Visit his website for more information on this very important topic. The global elite plan on the demise of 6 billion people from the earth and this is a big part of their agenda. They have their underground cities where they will all retreat to when the surface has been decimated beyond human habitation and yes, they have antidotes for themselves and their kin so they can withstand the poisons the rest of us will fall ill and die from. The heavy metals now in the soil, the water and coupled with the GMO's are already taking their tolls among the weak and elderly populations. Faith makes things possible, not easy and we must hold fast. May God Bless us all with the strength to overcome these assaults and bring the appropriate punishment to those who are responsible for the destruction of this His planet and its people. You are welcome.

Michael, I have watched many of Dane Wigington's video's on this topic, (Dane by the way resides in northern California and is a devoted activist against this form on tyranny), and in his presentations he gets asked tht question a lot. I have sent him an email asking him to explain just how that is that those who allow, condone, permit, and perpetrate this new age genocide are also exposing themselves to the harmful toxicity that is being heavily dispersed into our atmosphere 24/7 are not at risk of eliminating themselves. I will share his reply or you can go to his site, and watch his video presentations. Dane is an undisputed expert in this field and has done more than anyone in bringing this out into the open in hopes that enough people will become informed, alarmed and intolerant and pissed off enough to demand it be stopped immediately. Unfortunately the damage that has already been inflicted is irreversible but to stop any further damage is to prolong the existence of mankind on a dying planet. Thank you for your reply.    

Patriot Vet. Thanks I'll check it out. Talk about weather manipulation... People reported seeing cloud seeding going on here in the Las Vegas area a day or so ago and today it's raining and thunder and lightning. I have done some research on these subjects so I look forward to watching the video.
Patriot Vet. Just starting to go through the plethora of information on the website you posted. It seems so far that it's being stated that were at the point of no return n in the destruction of the planet. I'm confused what do they hope to gain by destroying the very planet on which they live?? Seems like their destroying themselves in the process. Don't know if you can answer the question or if I just need to go completely through the website to find the answers to my questions.
I will tell you another sinister thing taking place behind the scenes that most people are unaware of. The eliete have a plan and have been working on it for some time:"The privitazation of water" those in the know are investing in companies like Coca Cola that are purchasing water rights. People can live withou oil, it would be hard but there are alternatives but you can only go 3 days or so without water. They are seeking to control the very essence of all life on the planet "Water". Believe me water wars are coming.
Just when you thought you had enough to worry about !!



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